The Mentor

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Chapter 23

‘Without further ado…’ the female Celebrant announced. ‘It is with the greatest of pleasure that I am able to declare you to be…Husband and Wife. Please kiss your bride…’ She instructed.

Just under three years had passed since Luke had his inexplicable supernatural encounter with Kelly’s grandfather, Brian Murphy. It was something he would never forget.

Since meeting Murph and his beautiful granddaughter Kelly, and gaining his well-earned promotion, Luke’s life was once again on track. It was undoubtedly because of the old man in the bar.

After eighteen months of serious dating, Kelly and Luke decided to move in together. They chose Kelly’s larger apartment as their new home.

Life together was great. Kelly’s business had been so successful she was about to open a second coffee shop down in Southern Brooklyn, while Luke continued to excel as an outstanding criminal investigator.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon around twelve months ago Luke took Kelly out for a romantic row in a hired row boat on Prospect Lake. They had never tried it before, but had always wanted to share the experience. It was so peaceful. With the ripples gently lapping against the boat, they glided around on the lake without an apparent care in the world.

But Luke had an ulterior motive. Just as they were about to return their boat to the dock, Luke let go of the oars. He slid forward and knelt down in front of Kelly. He reached out and took hold of her left hand.

Kelly’s confused brow furrowed until she realized what he was doing. Her hand shot up to her mouth. She watched Luke on bended knee, in a shaky row boat on Prospect Lake propose to her, just like her grandfather did to her grandmother over fifty years ago; only Luke didn’t drop the ring. It was a special and memorable occasion for both of them in so many ways.

Twelve months later Brooklyn’s picturesque Botanic Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for their long awaited wedding ceremony.

Rows upon rows of white outdoor chairs, each with an oversized peach colored bow hanging decoratively on the back, lined either side of the long red carpet scattered with rose petals.

At the end of the carpet, while standing under a stunning floral arch of white and peach flowers, wrapped in rich green leaves and white drapes, Luke and Kelly were finally declared to be husband and wife.

It was a proud Luke who slowly lifted the veil from his new bride to reveal her beautiful smiling face and sparkling green eyes. They kissed for the first time as Mr and Mrs Fox to the heartfelt applause of their gathered family and friends.

Thanks to his encounter with the old man in Barnaby’s all those years ago—Luke’s mystical mentor—Luke and Kelly’s lives together had a new direction and purpose.

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