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The CEO's Possession (Book I)

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Xander, 38 is one of the most eligible bachelors of New York. He is CEO of pharmaceuticals, manufacture of weapons, and banks. He has it all, except love. Xander feels he can't trust any women for they seemed more interested in his success. That all changes when he meets, Madelyn, 26, a graduate student. He would do anything for her and anything to have her. Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Thriller / Drama
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Xander Maximillian

Night occurred in the state of New York; lights lit within the darkness. In Manhattan, the city was bustling with people enjoying the nightlife. However, in a particularly tall building, there was a lavish party that only the wealthy were invited to.

Within the building, there were massive chandeliers and many tables that held different kinds of foods and drinks. Waiters and waitresses walked around giving cups of champagne. Men and women wore their finest clothing to impress and show off their status. The lavish was made by none other than CEO Xander Maximillian.

He was considered one of the wealthiest men in the United States. Xander was within the festivities, greeting his guests. Many wanted to be before him; men tried to convince him to partner with them in their businesses, while women tried to impress him with their looks and body.

Xander gave his charming smile to all his guests, but his smile was nothing more but a façade. Deep down, he hated many of the people he invited. However, if he wanted to keep his status and wealth, he befriended those he despised.

In his world, the wealthy had no true friends. They would only help one another unless they had something to gain. It is how many survived and kept their livelihood, cruel but common.

Xander grew up in a very wealthy family; he went to the best private schools ever since he was a child and to the ivy league of Columbia University. However, he did not have a happy childhood. He was an only child. His parents did not pay too much attention to him. They gave him all he wanted so he wouldn’t be too much of a bother to them. Both his parents had their affairs and cared more for themselves.

He did not have friends, his nanny convinced his father to hire parents so their children could play with Xander, but even though he was a child, he knew that children did not have an interest in being his friend. They were forced by their parents, who were paid. As Xander grew older, his mother died of cancer, and his father died because of an accident. He was left with his family’s fortune when he was twenty-two.

Xander never knew what love was. He slept with the most beautiful women: actresses, models, or other socialites, yet he felt nothing. Yet, deep inside, he wanted to know love; that much was for sure.

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