Blood of Hearts

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In which the ghost of Romanian soldier Nero Rivera haunts the modern student Indigo Volt

Thriller / Mystery
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Indigo Volt stared with a pout up to the house. His new home. He has showed any form of resistance to his parents so they wouldn't move houses but just like always, his father ignored his wishes and his mother followed his lead.

The head of the Volt family has decided that their current location didn't suit his taste anymore, ever since he got the position of CEO. It wasn't suiting for such a high position, the house was too small and the neighbors too intrusive.

No, they of course had to move to a better neighborhood, also meaning new neighbors, new house and new school. Indigo hated new schools.

It wasn't the first time he moved, of course not, his father always being on the go and never satisfied with what he had, always in the wish to hoard more fortune. He collected houses like others would collect stamps.

"C'mon Indigo! You're in the way of the helpers!", his mother already shouted from the inside of the house and Indigo sighed before picking his backpack up and slowly making his way up over the front yard.

The house was beautiful, it truly was but all Indigo could see was his new prison and new reason to be ignored by his parents. It wasn't like he had another sibling to fret over, he was a single child but the constant house moving did their deed with busying his parents.

They even forgot him once at an old home.

Indigo smiled shyly at the many men helping them move, heavy boxes in their fingers and the small male moved out of the way quickly when two of them carried a large box shelf, one of many, inside the house.

Indigo knew he couldn't be much of a help with his noodle arms, but would it be too much to ask? His parents simply overlooked him when he walked up to help them so Indigo's only task was to carry his bag with his most precious belongings.

Useless. That's what he was. As long as his grades stayed perfect and as long as he made no commotion, his parents wouldn't even notice him. Of course not.

The great Flavius Volt and his wife Ida would be damned to give attention to something unimportant like him. Their son, hello?

It was a fact they often forgot. Indigo huffed annoyed, once more moving out of the way of some helpers.

One guy, large, tall and everything Indigo was not, halted with a box in his hands and looked down to the smaller. He was at least 6'2'' while Indigo sat at confident 5'4''. Note the sarcasm.

He was average height in Asia, as his best friend told him to calm him down, but not in England. In England, he was considered small. Or so, many of his female friends said so.

Indigo preferred to be friends with girls, they were less going to be make fun of him for being small, lanky and short. They accepted him, instead. None of them made fun of his height unlike the guys.

"Careful, shortie, shouldn't lift that heavy, right?", the guy now said before pointing at Indigo's bag with a teasing smile. Indigo narrowed his eyes, clearly not in the mood for any bullshit.

"Careful or you'll have my leg in your way and my father wouldn't pleased to see you dropping his whiskey glasses", Indigo hissed at him before pointing at the brown box. The mover himself narrowed his eyes before storming off.

Indigo sighed before wiping some strands of blond hair out of his eyes. Thanks to his heritage, he was 'gifted' with blond hair and dark blue eyes. Blond hair from his skandinavian mother, again cliché and the dark eyes from his Italian father. Or whatever, Indigo honestly didn't care where what was from.

But he knew that his name was based on the color of his eyes, Indigo. He still cursed his mother for that stupid idea. Thanks to her, the guys always had something to make fun of, no matter what.

He just hoped that the new school was going to be different but knowing from experience, it wasn't going to be.

"Indigo, there you are", the call of his mother caused Indigo to sigh before moving into her sight. "Go upstairs and choose a room for yourself while the helpers unload the stuff for the first floor, will you" Ada Volt said in her usual rushed voice.

She was a Scandinavian model, catching the attention of Flavius Volt and falling head over heels for the businessman. Sadly, Indigo only inherited her face features instead of her long legs but he was too old now to complain about that.

It wasn't like an eighteen-years-old would suddenly get a height boost.

"Yes, Mum", so Indigo gave in to his fate and obediently walked up to the stairs, sighing heavily as his steps carried him up to his temporary home.

Nero Rivera was staring in distaste at the new owners of the house, his home. He debated whether to scare them now or wait for the night. Both of the decisions sounded pretty suggestive.

But his attention was drawn to the small figure of a boy slipping inside the house, head bowed so that his long pale hair covered his eyes. What a color, Nero decided.

It was a golden shimmer like the one of his favorite statues or the jewelry adoring his hair. Jewelry hair was a rare sight to see. Nero wondered if he could add that hair to his collection.

The golden hair curled into waves around the boy's face, Nero now being intrigued in seeing the boy's face. He was a simple boy, he couldn't be more, not from his weak stature. Small shoulders, thin arms, no that was no man.

Nero decided to follow the boy, interested in the new owner. He looked weak, easily to frighten. The weak ones were always the most fun to rile up. And Nero was sure the parents in the next room would be horrified to see the boy's blood splattered on the carpet.

This horrible carpet they dared to drag into Nero's home!

It was just fair he was giving them something in return.

Like the boy's head.

"You are such a weakling", Nero scoffed when the boy panted after walking up the stairs. The boy of course didn't hear him. How could he?

Nero was dead. He was a ghost. No one could hear him.

The boy turned, approaching a room to the left and Nero followed him, interested what the boy was doing. He wanted to see his face. So Nero approached the boy, his hand meeting the boy's forehead and right on command, the boy trembled and moved his hair out of his eyes.

"Oh", Nero was surprised to be met with delicate yet beautiful face features and the prettiest eyes he has ever seen. "Now, that is indeed a surprise", he mumbled, watching how the boy, no, a man, he must be an adolescence by now judging from the slight beard shadow on his chin, turned.

But there of course wasn't anything to look at.

So Nero followed the male into the room, a room he was familiar with and a smile tugged onto his mouth. "What was your name again? What did that pale woman call you... oh right! Indigo", Nero chuckled once he remembered the boy's name.

"Indigo Indigo Indigo, it's going to be amusing", he laughed silently but halted. "No way", he whispered stunned, watching how Indigo walked through the room until something sparkling caught his attention.

"Oh? What's this?", Indigo released a sound of surprise and Nero inched closer, watching how the petit male bent forward to pick the item up.

Nero was no saint, his eyes flew to the boy's ass and he whistled. The single sound turned Indigo around, pale brows furrowed over these heavenly eyes.

"Weird, I could've sworn I heard something", he mumbled. Nero gasped in joy. Joy turned into greedy desire once he realized what Indigo has picked up before his stomach twisted into dark anticipation.

Nero smiled widely, but it wasn't a kind smile. More like the smile of a demon. The ghost of an ancient Romanian Army leader finding its new victim as he felt his presence drawn to the boy once Indigo picked up the item.

"What is that? A pretty little human, finding my Amulet..."

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