Saucy Revenge

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With a virus attack, the world was shaken and every country imposed a lockdown to control the spread. Behind the closed door, few people started struggling for food and feel people started fighting after having the food. Just like that, a couple in our story has a did. Signing the divorce papers she walked out of his life gifting him a heartbreak. She left him in a lot of pain and walked out of his home. But little did she know that her ex-husband would be her new client. She expected him to hate her more but to her surprise, he was still madly in love crying for her. She was working as a manager in a top resort in Maldives and he entered as a visitor to attend his business meeting. What happened when they collided? At a peek stage when world was struggling to rebuild from disastrous virus attack the third wave slapped the economy again and the world declared emergency lockdown to control the spread of that contagious virus. What happens when they get quarantine in the resort together? Can he convince her? One the other hand a mysterious death happens leading to lot more disturbance and mystery.. She planned to run away but he vowed to get her back, who will win? Or will they end with divorce or death? To get the answer for every question this romantic thriller Saucy Revenge. ----- Had mature, revenge, murder much more... Consensual scenes yet hard plot.

Thriller / Romance
Megan Skyle
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Chapter 1- Heart break

Manik pov,

Standing in front of the mirror looking at my reflection my whole life revolved in my eyes taking me to the ride in my bitter past. Everything seems perfect until it turns out as a memory. I felt my life was perfect and happy but suddenly it started melting into an ocean of pain. First, we started arguing, she started turning silent but suddenly one day she demanded a divorce. I tried to negotiate and nd save my relationship. I even offered to move out of my mansion.

I didn't signed the divorce, but she left me easily. I was devastated! I cried and cried and still crying but she would never return.

I wiped my tears and walked out of my room collecting my bag.

"Did you collected the documents for this meeting?" My dad asked for which I just nodded.

"Did you decide anything about Lily?" He asked raising his eyebrows. I don't know why but he is literally pushing me to marry his client's daughter. My broken heart is not ready to accept another woman.

"We will talk some other time" I mumbled walking out.

"Enjoy your trip to Maldives. I made special arrangement for you. Forget your past and move on. She don't deserve you. You should tell me yes by the time you return." He implored.

"Ok, goodbye" I said waving my hands to my mom and left to the airport.

I lost my happiness and life, I was just alive with a hope of her comeback.

Today I was attending this trip on behalf of my dad to discuss about our upcoming merger with my foreign delegates with costs us millions. I just wish this deal be finalized and my dad feels happy. When im a loser and unlucky I should find happiness in others.

As I landed we left to water resorts on the private island. Visiting this place was heart switching as all the memories I have with my wife are here. Maldives is her favourite place and this resort sea villa of 33 is the villa we booked twice to celebrate our honeymoon and wedding anniversary and next week is my third anniversary, but I was left lonely.

Every location of this resort is much familiar to me remaining me lots of endless talks we had.

I logged in the same sea view villa discharging my luggage I rested on the bed seeing the sea. The night passed out with my depressing thought and morning I got ready to attend my first day of conference.

It's a friendly collision so they fixed our meeting in the restaurant beachside. As I walked in I was collided by some girl.

"I'm sorry, Mrs" my words are frozen seeing the lady standing in front of me with a face mask. Her eyes made me realise it!

"N...nandini!" I mumbled in shock. She glared at me and was about to run from there. Yes, she is my wife orelse why will she run!

"Nandini, He is Manik our new partner" the kart group CEO introduced her.

"And Mr Manik. She is the manager of Jas resorts. She will coordinate us with our plans, meetings and any other requirements in this resorts." So she dumped me and settled here. Wonderful, My Sister's secretary later my Secretary and later my wife and now a manager in this resort. I was ready to make her board member in light automobiles but she!!

"Nice to meet you, Sir" she forced a smile in her tone.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again" I chuckled squeezing her palm, giving her signal that I found her identity behind the mask.

"Again?" Mr Robert asked confused.

"Yes, she is my life... " she interpreted me with her raised tone.

"Previously, I worked as his outsourcing partner to manage his schedules" she coated up.

"Yes, best performed but suddenly she resigned." I muttered glaring at her.

"I got a better offer and better chance, Sir" She smiled.

"Aman, you please take care of events here. I will be back" she made an excuse leaving me

"Hey, can I get your number?" I shouted from behind.

"What!" She growled turning to me.

"Just if any trouble I want to contact you right?"

She sighed her secretary and he gave me her office card.

"Dial to it. Aman can also help you out. Thank you" she replied politely before leaving me. After two long year's I saw her. I felt to take her in a bone-crushing hug and tell her how much I miss her, but she didn't even feel a bit happy seeing me.

Why does she hate me so much? What happened to our love!

Brushing out my thoughts I attended my conference and phase one was completed and three more with different schedules. I have seven days to convince her.

I searched every corner of the resort to find her. At last, I stopped in front of the employee's apartment.

I grabbed the business card from my pocket and dialled the number hoping it be my sweet wife.

"Hello" A male voice responded.

"This is Manik. Can I talk with Nandini?" I asked desperately.

"Sorry, sir she is on leave" Aman responded.

"What! Where she left?" I growled irritated.

"Suddenly she fell sick. so she is on leave. If any problem please tell me sir" he replied.

"Where does she lives?" I asked.

"Sorry sir, it's unprofessional"

"Aman do something, please I want to meet her once. It's really crucial for me. Please help me" I requested holding my broken state.

"I shouldn't disclose as per safety, but if she gets fine I will inform her," he said hanging up my call.

I headed to my villa cursing my faith. Again I lost her. She left me again! I was vulnerable.

I have seen a Scotch bottle on my table, inviting me to drink it. Although she left me I never got drunk but losing her twice broken my heart. Dropping off my coat and I marched out to my balcony. If this ocean is my heart the volcanoes inside it is my pain. Only I can feel the pain because I was alone in this world.

Nandini pov,

How can he see me? Even in the mask, he recognised me easily. I ran away from him and living with his memories but he again reached me and he is still loving me. Why he didn't move on even after I blamed him abused him and divorcing him? Why he is not hating me?

I shouldn't return back to this I shouldn't face him again. It's better I take leave and leave this resort.

Packing my bags I decided to leav this place.

"Where are you going, mam?" Aman asked as I walked out of my room.

"As I'm on leave I'm going to meet my friends and stay with them for a while" I lied.

"Ok, but did you seen news?" He asked confusing me.

"Is there any tsunami coming again?" I asked surprise.

"No third wave came and all the flights are locked including ours. This two weeks none can go out nor enter in." He concluded shaking me up.

"You mean guests?"

"Of course, even they can't leave our resorts. Whole world was shutdown" he told. God! Ahh... Why the hell this virus came again? How many more variety of dishes it has! Already I was messed up with this and one more. Why even destiny got planned revenge on me?

Clearing the mess I rejoined my duty to assure the guests that everything is alright and no need of panic. I should be strong to help everyone. I took my bicycle and went on a round checking on the guests on sea view resorts wing. Seems quiet only few are staying due to this pandemic.

My heart provoked my mind to pull my bike aside in front of his villa. The person whom I loved beyond anything is waiting for me behind these closed doors.

I can see his love still for me, but I failed like his wife. I can't keep him happy ever.

Brushing out my thoughts I peeped into the opened maindoor to check on him. To my surprise it's empty.

"Where did he go? Did he jumped into ocean or what!" I ran inside quickly and took a breath seeing him fallen drunk on the pool chair. I softly tabbed on his cheeks to make him awake but seems he had full bottle.

"You lefttt meee why!! Baby I lovee you" he whispered drunk. It made me sad but I ignored my heart and helped him to get on bed.

Why he turned so mad? Can't he accept the fact and move on! I settled him on bed and about to walk away when he dragged my wrist with a force by which I fell on his chest.

"Why you left me? How much I love you" he muttered still with closed eyes. I tried to get out of his grip but my heart telling me to sleep for a while, but no it's getting difficult.

I tried to free myself but in seconds I was been flipped under him and he landed on my top. His eyes blinked a little. He was too much drunk.

"I won't let you leave meee" he murmured kissing my lips passionately. I do feel everything to do but. I forcibly pushed his away but he again dragged me back and ripped out my dress.

Oh God! He is seriously taking me being drunk. I tried to stop him but his mind was filled with possession and love and my feeling dominated everything around and gave it in for him to love me one last time after separation of one year.

He was little rough biting my soft skin making me moan in pain full pleasure. Being drunk he took it high with rough penetration I screamed aloud breaking in after long gap in sex life. I enjoyed every bit of his love, but he slept sucking on my cherry like a little baby. I softly pushed him on his back and got up to leave the place before he wake up and find me.

Oh no! My dress!! I looked at my torn blouse and it can't be used anyway. My skirt is little better. I took his shirt and dressed up. Although it's uneasy and painful. I collected all the evidence and traces of mind and left his villa holding in my love for him.

I just pray he shouldn't find this ever and I should stay out if him forever.

Love is enough for everything once upon a time, but family is needed after love. He deserve love along with a family which I can never give him. What can I do rather than walking away from him? But my heart was weeping seeing his love for me which is giving him pain. He stopped drinking for me but today he turned drunker because of me.

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