Saucy Revenge

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10- Outbreak

Manik pov,

I can feel her love and something preventing her from it. I don't feel her reasoning was relevant. I know she loves kids and is more into social service. She herself told me multiple times that adoption will help the world grow better with love. And love is universal it is not required to be from the same blood then why today talking weird. These words are just spoken from her mouth. I know her heart.

We spent our evening staring at the ocean lying on the shore. She was so calm lying in my embrace with pin drop silence yet the sounds of waves wetting our feet. She smiled feeling the waves tickling her feet. I miss this beautiful smile of her. I miss everything about her and I want to live with her forever.

Her love was pure bliss whereas her hate was like acid rain which burns me alive. I can't imagine my life without her.

"Shall we leave, it's about to rain" She whispered getting me out of my thoughts.

"Ok" I mumbled getting up from the sand dusting my back.

We walked to the wooden warpath and I started walking ahead as she followed me. My mind turned blank with the thought of losing her again.

"You feel upset, is everything alright?" She mumbled behind wrapping her arm around my elbow.

"Hmm, you go to villa. I will be in a while" I told removing her hand from mine.

"Where you're going?" She inquired looking at my face.

"Don't know, I feel to stay alone."

"Can I.."

"You can't leave, I know you hate me and no need to remain it every second. Please now" I scoffed in my upset tone. She just left away not turning back. I sat on the wooden bridge hanging my legs.

After an hour of crying under the rain. I walked to my villa. She don't hate me maybe, but I was unsure why everything is wrong.

As I entered the room was just closed not lock it's empty. The shower sound confirmed her presence.

My phone started vibrating in my pocket it's Maya. I forgot that she wanted to tell me something important.

I picked up the call and responded hiding my pain.

"My sister-in-law!" She added to confirm.

"Under shower, tell me " I asked in my cold tone.

"Ok, just listen and respond like office matter. Don't get angry, please" she requested pouting.

"Ok tell me, first" I insisted.

" I'm sorry it's Jack who helped her. It's not even his fault. He was trying to tell me indirectly, but I couldn't understand it. When I was in Germany, Nandini left our house and you started searching for her, so she asked Jack's help and took a vow to keep everything a secret. The director of Jays resorts is Jack's old friend and he arranged her job and kept it a secret. Recently I found the truth and don't want her to run away. So I arranged a meeting and told dad that it can change your mood, but I want you to change her and win her back." Maya confessed shocking me.

"But why?" I uttered in disbelief.

"Jack will not tell. Only your wife can tell us or you should find it yourself" she stated.

"Do dad knows it?"

"No, he won't believe that she will return. You make it true and get her" she smiled.

"But how?" I muttered stressed up.

"I don't know, but don't you dare to hurt her and remember a 'No' is a 'No' even it's your wife. If any wrong happens this time I will kill you myself." She warned, but little did she knows that much more was happening here.

"Thanks, sis" I smiled hanging up the call and turned in surprise hearing Nandini's voice from behind.

"Is everything alright?" She asked in her low concerned tone. Messing my life asking like nothing happened.

"Nothing is alright, just like my fate! I'm officially a loser!" I growled frustrated with multiple questions.

"Hey, what happened? Just tell me " she begged running behind me. Seems my tears work better than anger. Let's try this way too.

"You don't need to waste your time for me and this fake concern. Just leave and let me live." I snapped before shutting the bathroom door on her face.

I walked out putting on my shorts and tee. She was still standing in her robe confused thinking about something.

"You didn't leave. Oh, for your dress?" I walked to the wardrobe and returned her dress and placed it on her bed. She was still looking at me blank.

Making my way to the freezer I grabbed ice cubes and a whiskey bottle along with a glass.

"Why your drinking now?" She yelled walking to me.

"To set my mood. I gave you the freedom you want and you can dump me this second" I shouted, she jumped away a little scared.

But don't know suddenly I felt crying remembering all the days I lived without her, searching for her on roads visiting every city. My pain flowed out in form of tears making me drop into the world of depression.

"You know what! You ruined my life. My everything! I accept my flaws. When I was a spoiled brat I faked love and played with your dignity and I paid for everything. I gave you chance to live as you wish, but you... You returned and married me. We are in too much love and I felt everything is best. At that point, you left me scattered. You loved me Nah, then why you left me? Or you did everything to take revenge of past? Everyone are laughing at me! All are laughing at me telling my wife left me and eloped with some another. My dad is killing me every day to marry that Lily, but my silly heart was still struck with you!! Why!!

Why you wounded my heart too much like it's not healing nor dying? Every second of life is hell for me. All because of you! Instead of divorce and this hide & seek, why not you ask me directly that I was worthless. I would've died jumping off the cliff, that would look like an accident for the world. You could've lived happily. Just tell me once, I will die this second jumping in this ocean. Please don't leave me in the middle of this pain. Please!" I cried collapsing on the floor broken.

"Manikkk" She shattered getting on her knees.

"I'm your Manik still, but a loser and unwanted." I cried out vigorously accepting my defeat.

"Please, don't tell this. I know you're.."

"I truly love you, it's not lusting and I don't want this world or any child. Just you and me together. Or my death" she placed her finger on my lips pausing my words. I whimpered holding my pain. She took me in her embrace giving me her shoulder to cry on. I cried out harder spilling out my pain which I stored from the past year.

Nandini pov,

I know the baby inside him. If the problem is with him I might not have any problem staying with him. He is my child that innocence and love only I saw. My heart started crying seeing his pain which was directly gifted by me.

He is right, I ruined his happy life. I shouldn't have married him.

Ignoring my health condition I married him. After two irreversible year's I realised that I can't be a mother. Now it's my responsibility to get back his happiness. He don't deserve this pain only I deserve his pain.

"Don't cry, please" I cried hugging him tightly. I know the anger he expressed to me was his pain. He is good at coating his pain with anger. Let this pain get over.

I waited for a while letting him cry his heart out and after a while, he broke the hug.

"Sorry" he whispered getting up leaving me. I held his wrist preventing him from walking away from me. It hurts to see him broken.

"We need to talk" I mumbled standing up.

"Sorry, my state of mind was messed up. We will talk tomorrow."

"Look, I love you. I left you for a reason and I feel that's correct, but now I accept wholeheartedly to give you a second chance. We will work on this." I confess my feeling.

"If not worked!"

"Marry Lily. Although you're not happy, atleast your family will be happy" I whimpered holding my pain.

"What if she complaints the same like you, then my family, society!"

"A marriage between two equal is always appreciated by world unlike ours. They accept Lily is open-minded and she will even agree for another mean too." I supported my argument.

"Then you? Can you move on?" He asked straight looking into my eyes.

"I was determined to leave alone, but you shouldn't apply the same because you have a family who is crying along with you. We will try as you felt, but we should accept any type of result. Sometimes family will be more important than ourselves." I expressed which seems went off the board by feeling his wrist tightening in anger. He just walked out poolside yanking away my hand.

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