Saucy Revenge

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11- Mysterious

Author pov,

Manik walked out to the poolside holding his anger. She followed him to hurried.

"What's your problem, can't you accept the reality?" She scoffed frustrated.

"Reality? Killing my happiness is the reality for you! Is it! That Lily is a selfish lady just like all. They want this marriage to get commercial profits, but what I want doesn't matter!" He cried pouring out his pain.

"Things will settle one by one. She will love you" she tried to convince.

"Oh really, let's get to some conclusion. Are you ready to move on!" He asked straight grabbing her arms making her look into his eyes under the cyclonic waves hitting the wooden pillars of the villa.

"I may" she exclaimed.

"Ok, if this fails we will get married at a time. Show me your partner soon. We will move on together" he declared shaking her.

"What! Look it's not I was fed up with relations and loved this single life and I'm an orphan"

"Why your changing words?"

"No, I told may. I was not sure and it's none of your concern." She snapped shifting her gaze and the clouds started melting. It started a heavy rain due to the cyclone.

"It's raining. Let's go inside" she shouted grabbing his hand.

"Then what about my happiness?" He asked standing like a statue. The heavy downpour wetted them in seconds.

"You can be happy too. Just understand... This rain is not good for us... Just move" she tried to make him understand.

"You don't care, just leave" He cried pushing her to the tent.

"Manik, please! We will discuss later."

"Let me die, atleast! I can't wait till that later comes!! Get out!"

"What you expect now? You should marry another for your family and soon you start living happily. If marriage is unhappy you find happiness in another just like I'm seeing in my job. Have a deviation to live happy. Not everyone gets everything. Adjustment and compromise is part of our life."

"Oh really, such a great idea. Ok, I will marry Lily, but I need one thing for my happiness." He whimpered looking at her eyes.

"You get everything you needed" she assured.

"I need you. I want to sleep in your embrace forever. only you can give me happiness" he confessed shaking her.

"You get your wife"

"Yeah, my wife officially. Will you be my mistress then? Lily has an open mind she will accept that. I can't leave you nor see you with another man. And you don't have problem with anything. Search your happiness in your job and make me feel happy by pleasing me" he declared making her stumble.

"Nooo" she mumbled stepping back from him.

"Why no? You just told me I can do anything that makes me happy. I have only two options. One to love you and last to forget this world drinking. Tell me which suits me well? I will choose the one you gift me. I don't name that relation. Whatever I want you forever"

"You're not in sense. Just come inside." She shouted diverting the topic.

"No!! Answer me now. Will you follow me or shall I die like this?" He roared under the thunderstorm.

"Your just sick. Do anything!" She snapped strolling inside frustrated.

Hoping him follow her she removed the heavy bathrobe and dipped in his shirt drying herself.

After waiting thirty minutes with no sign of him she peeped from the glass door to check in him. To the horror, he was not in the poolside corridor.

She ran out in fear of him jumping in the disturbed ocean, she rushed to the right-wing. And was shocked seeing him sitting on the last step. Half of his body was dipping in the high tides pulling him into the ocean and the other half was filled with heavy rain.

"Manikkkk...get up" she yelled trying to drag him up, but she failed miserably.

"Manik, please... This was not safe" she cried grabbing his tee.

"You left me" he cried like a stubborn kid yanking away her hand from him.

"Please, I beg you" she cried scared seeing the wavelength increasing.

"No" he argued ready to jump in the high waves of the ocean.

"I will be with you" she cried jumping before him while forgetting the fact that she don't know swimming, she jumped into the ocean caging him from the tide. He held her licking his hand with the heavy railing of the wooden stairs.

"Tell me again!" he demanded as she was drowning in the water.

"I will do anything to keep you happy. Please... Don't do this" she cried holding his shirt drowning in the ocean. He picked her up from the water climbed up the stairs and walked under the roof.

"I love you" he cried hugging her little panting firm. She felt his weight heavy suddenly he fell unconscious on the floor.

"Manik? Manikk?" She cried patting his cheeks. She opened his eyes to check on him. Pressed his tummy to get out the saltwater and tried all first aid tricks. She got scared seeing him not responding. She rubbed his plam and feet but nothing worked.

"Manik, please wake up" she cried touching his face.

She leaned to provide oxygen mouth to mouth. Suddenly she felt a strong vacuum sealing her lips and his hair reached her wet hair pulling her into a kiss.

"You, such a physco" she muttered exhausted breaking the kiss forcibly.

"Of course, your love turns me so" he smiled kissing her cheeks.

"Stupid, I hate you for this" she snapped getting away as he got up along.

"But, I love you" he whispered pulling her towards looking her eyes as she lost in his chocolatey dark eyes her lips parted welcoming him in a sweet kiss to

"First get in and change this salty outfit." She told getting up. He just followed her when she stopped him.

"Press out your excess water orelse it will mess the room. No housekeeping till afternoon"

He removed his tee and shorts and stood naked in seconds as she turned to the poolside shelf to get the towel.

The towel slipped out of her hand seeing him in his birth suit yet a bigger version. She gulped in seeing his hardon pointed out.

"Ahem..." Manik coughed getting her to the live grabbing the towel from her.

"Shameless!" She snapped clearing her throat and walked out from that awkward mess. He wrapped the towel around his waist.

"Then you?" He shouted grabbing her hand.

"I... I will do it in bathroom" she mumbled blushing.

"Nah, want to do right here. The same rule applies for you too" he gritted.

"Hmm, but...."

"I have seen you're in and out in every way. I can help you" he smirked taking the towel from the shelf.

She turned away as her back was facing him.

"Remove that shirt" he grinned moving the towel on her legs. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it away not facing him.

He deliberately pushed the towel rubbing her mould. She gasped feeling the fabric on her bud.

"I can help myself" she whispered pulling out the towel when he turned her to him pulling on the two corners of the towel to crush her on him.

"You're just perfect, elegant! I can't take my eyes from you" he whispered rubbing her lips with his thumb.

Not able to take his sensual touch with smoothing words, she hugged him hiding her blushing face in his chest.

"Love you" he wrapped the towel and carried her to the room. She shivered in cold as he walked away from her.

He turned on the heater and lay beside her pulling on the quilt taking her in his embrace.

As he cuddled her she felt his tool poking her back making it more difficult to focus getting her messy wet.

"I think you don't need this" he smirked pulling out her towel in one go shocking her.

"What to say no?" He asked looking at her nervous expression.

"No, I remembered something" she blushed closing her eyes by the thunder sounds.

"What was that baby?" He whispered kissing her palm with love.

"Our romantic night when we struck in rain. Our long drive, hut! Hmm... Will you be likely sweet boyfriend for one night?" She asked looking into his eyes cupping his face.

"Why not? Tell me what you want me to do sweetly?" He smiled brushing her hair.

"Will you love me like that? Slow and gentle making me forget this world in your love. Can you do it, Manik? Can you make me forget this world?" She implored in her emotional tone which made him feel happy.

She remembered their happy past and wants to refurbish them.

Kissing her forehead he started smoothing her every inch. As his lips danced on her body tickling her with his love she felt the moment magnified. he tasted her until he heard her moans of pleasure fisting his hair. As he ambushed on her twins sucking all her she pulled him more on her in pleasure

Taking his time worshipping her. They made love with passion forgetting their painful past and marked with love. Sealing their relation with love.

The ocean seems calm after the storm but there was a storm ready to attack these happy souls and she was sure which prickled out as a tear from her eyes as she lying kissing his hair as he slept on her like a baby wrapping his hands around her.

Who is mysterious? Any guess?

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