Saucy Revenge

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12- Fight?

Author pov,

As the night passed she decided not to ruin their moments and he was happy seeing her normal. Settling everything she left to work and he just went to the same cafe to have his breakfast.

Aman was lost seeing the news on the tv. "Mam seems there was another new virus" Aman shouted getting everyone attention.

Reporter: we found an unidentified dead boy surfing on the coast of paradise island, Maldives. The body was half-eaten and damaged only 30% of the flesh is recovered and the tattoo on his arm is the only way to identify.

The cause of death seems traceable as per the doctor guess his lungs were damaged like all c virus patients and his internal organs are paralysed. There are unable to reckon the time of death. Maybe beyond two weeks as the body was decomposed.

This case was an open example stating the crulality of the c virus towards humans. we all tell loud wear your mask and maintain social distance.

Nandini was beyond shock seeing the masked body.

"Chill Aman" Manik smiled placing his hand on Aman who screamed out in panic...

"Distance!... God!! I need to leave... I don't need any money or food. I will not come out of my room." He shouted running away scared.

"Then job!" Manik laughed.

"If I'm alive can get a driver job. Bye, mam." He shouted running out of the cafe.

"Amannnn!" Nandini ran behind him and blocked his way.

"If we follow precautions that virus will run away" she assured confidently.

"But if I die before? My girlfriend? I promised her to marry next year. If I die now then she can't even see my funeral" he cried like a coward.

"We crossed two waves it's just last waves. Have faith man. You will get married to her and I will attend it too."

"But... "

"Shut up, we are equal to soldiers. They are protecting the nation and we should protect the people here. They came to our resort trusting us. It's our responsibility to protect them and sent them to their places safe! We should motivate them and instead your behaving like a coward. Trust me nothing will happen" she assured. Aman nodded and walked to his work.

As she made her way back to the cafe. She remembered the flashes of half arm of the dead person and rushed to Manik.

"Show me your arm!" She asked taking his hand lifting his shelve.

"What happened?" He asked surprised as she caressed his tattoo.

"It's the same tattoo! Means... Sam bro!" She yelled in horror.

"No, Sam is in London" he said holding her.

"Then Rick! You!' She paused to accept the truth before she conclude he yelled out.

"It's a universal tattoo anyone can get it like us three. And Rick is enjoying in Bangkok. If you don't believe see his social media status today's" he justified showing his phone.

"Do you want any video call? He is desperate" he asked with a grin.

"No, I'm fine. Let's him die there"

"Yeah, let him die who cares" he laughed nuzzling her neck. She remembered Rick bad touch and pushed him back in anger.

"What type of man you're! Your best friend molested your wife and you making fun of that! How shamelessly asking me that he is desperate to see me!!" She scoffed in anger getting the unwanted attention of few guests and Aman along with the staff.

"Chill, babe. He was my childhood best friend. It's just drunk and ride. I saved right!" He smiled cupping her face clearing her tears. She pushed away his hands and slapped him hard on his face shocking everyone around. She forgot the reality in her anger.

"Dare you touch me! That rouge is much more important to you than your wives self-respect. And telling came on right time. Wonderful! Came to stop!! At first, why should it start? You gave him that freedom to touch your wife with his lusty hands. I was right, you never leave a chance humiliating me in front of him. Before marriage, you showed him our intimate pictures and now gave him freedom to touch me. And soon you will get him on my bed! I think this was the right reason to divorce you!" She scowled with tears breaking down.

"It's not as you think" he tried to calm her.

"It was the reality which I never realised with my blind trust and love towards you. I hate you!" She shouted running away in tears.

"Babyyyy pleaseee" Manik shouted but didn't follow her even a step ahead.

"I hate you too sir" Aman shouted surprising everyone and ran behind Nandini.

Manik looked around the people who are staring at him. "Drama is over for today, Can disburse!" he said in his sarcastic tone settling on his chair.

"Hey, youuu get me a strong cup of coffee" he ordered the waitress while relaxing on the chair stretching his body.

Instead of the waitress, Maya walked with his coffee.

"S...sir!" Maya uttered feared. He lifted his eyes and surprised to see the room service person whom he asked to help is serving him coffee.

"Hey, multitasking" he chuckled taking the cup.

"No sir, I came to the atm and heard this... They are scared to come near" she whispered shivering.

"Why that much fear, I'm not any murder?" He laughed.

"No sir, but our director informed us that you're a special guest, any case of your complaint can get us fired" she informed.

"I never complaint. Anyways do you know any tattoo artist who can reach us?" He asked slipping his coffee.

"We have one, but I don't think he can do it now"

"We can pay dear. Any amount for this service"

"He may not because he is also scared of you" she replied not raising her eyes.




"Yes, sir. Aman is a tattoo artist by profession, but his girlfriend family don't like that job. So he joined in job to impress them and his love for art stayed alive and he started giving free service for the tourists."

"Wonderful. I will request him. You can leave" he smiled.

"S... Sir, can I ask you something " she muttered in fear.

"Shoot it"

"Whatever Madam said was true? You respect her a lot and then why did you let that happen? Is your friend that important than your wife?" She asked for which he let a chuckle.

"Of course not, few diseases have medicine and few don't. My friend has an incurable disease so I left him. Couldn't do anything so I left on time. About her? I can convince her." He smiled for which she nodded.

"I know her respect is my pride. I will protect it and win her back in my life" he assured her.

"All the best, sir" she smiled.

After his coffee, he left to his villa to focus on his business and meet Nandini on the shore where she was sitting alone evening after the storm.

"Baby! Work over" he chuckled sitting beside her wrapping his hand around her waist.

"Don't!" She snapped pushing his hand.

"Baby, you don't like fights. So I didn't break his bone. You know right, how much possessive I was? Don't you! Please don't let others destroy us" he said kissing her hand.

"Shut up! I'm done with your nonsense. This was not the first time you always encourage him. First, he tried on your sister and now me. I hate you!"

"Yeah, I encourage him. I should have slept that night. Ok, I'm going you enjoy here. I will tell him that we got divorced and your alone can try " he told getting up from the sand.

"Go tell. I know how to protect myself" she muttered confidently.

"Oh, really?" He grabbed his phone and dialled Rick's number.

"Bro, you just asked about some nightstand with my ex. Just this second we are separated. You can have your way" he said in one go hanging up the call shocking her to the core.

"Seriously!" She mumbled with tears.

"Yeah. This is what you wanted. Go protect as much as you want. I'm done with this begging business. You have nothing with you not even love, but showing so much attitude towards me. I'm a billionaire, a self-made billionaire now and turned as a beggar for your love. I kicked him out of my life and your still behind that mess. I'm going, if you still hate me don't need to follow me. You're free to leave" he scoffed walking away from her.

"I hate you, man. Let him come I will chop his head and gift you." She screamed throwing sand toward him. He just laughed at her curse and walked away wishing her luck.

"Useless fellow, I wonder how I loved this dirt. How can he just call his friend and ask him to have a nightstand! Ridiculous! Such a sick man I married! Vulture! Rhino! Whale! Seal!" She cursed him sitting on the beach till the sea turned dark. She got scared finding it as a no moon day and it turned out dark. She got up hurried and made her way to the south zone of her villa not to look at Manik zone. As she stepped up the wooden bridge. She felt the place totally isolated. Opening her resort app she realised that it was zero occupied and suddenly she hurt a thud sound from her back.

"M... Manik!" She shouted scared trying to look for any trace, but no sound reached her.

"That Rick can't fly here so soon. It's all my hallucination. Chill my heart! This was your kingdom" she cheered herself and walked to her villa and stepped in.

Closing the door she walked to the bathroom before she step in that direction she heard a sound from her poolside.

A man in a black hoodie was sitting facing the ocean.

"Welcome back, my hot chick!" He chuckled making her stumble realising the voice.

"Rickkk!" She mumbled crawling away to the door as he chuckled stepping to the glass door.

Screen frozen on her frightened face running on the wooden bridge

Any guesses stars?
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