Saucy Revenge

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13- Her Reasons

Nandini pov,

Seeing Rick in my villa I lost my self-esteem and ran out of my place aimless.

How can he reach me so soon? Means really Manik told him that!

I ran faster and collided with Aman.

"Mam, " he held me from falling.

"A... Amannn... M.. Manikkk" I panted sweating.

"Sir left to his villa a few minutes ago. But what happened to you? Why you're running?" He asked making me sit. I checked on my directions and found none chasing me.

"Nothing, I was scared of this dark night." I muttered holding my heartbeat.

"Oh, at this hour! You shouldn't roam out. Come I will drop you at your place" he said getting up.

"No... C...can you drop me to villa 32" I asked for which he passed a disbelief look.

"Please" I requested halting his questions.

"Ok, you're just behaving like he said" Aman muttered walking with me.

"What he said?"

"He said you love him forever and will come running to him. See now!"

"I'm going to scold him not to do Romance" I muttered irritated.

"Fine do anything. My life is more precious than your fight" he whispered little audible to me for which I didn't respond and we reached his place.

Aman stood until Manik opened his door with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Water was still flowing down his abs. I felt to hug him tight but avoiding my feelings I sighed Aman to leave.

"Hey, wifey!' He chuckled taking me by my waist wetting my dress as well.

"Good night Mam!" He smiled bidding bye and run away in seconds.

I pushed him away in anger and punched on his abs but soon I realised I shouldn't blame him before confirmation.

"How much time you take to open the door?" I shouted in anger and he gasped in pain.

"I just came now busy in shower" he laughed taking me into a hug.

"Where are you till now?" I asked to know whether it was true or not.

"I'm with Aman. I had a surprise see" he smiled showing me his arm tattoo. He added my name covering up the letter R. His hand was swollen red.

"What the need to do this and your having shower just after tattoo!" I scolded getting a soft wipe to dry his hand.

"It's just an inch darling. I didn't complete my shower yet" he smiled. My eyes fell on the cotton plaster that covered his heart.

"What was that!"

"Nothing, I will return after changing" he said ignoring my question and strolling to the changing room.

Taking the chance I took his phone and checked his call history.

I was beyond horror seeing his call with Rick evening for forty seconds. He walked out of the changing room and hugged me from behind.

"How cheap of you, Manik? You disgusting!" I cried smashing his phone on the bed.

"What happened?" He asked in his calm tone raising my anger to the extreme.

"You really called Rick and told him that all! How can you tell that! I'm your wife, right! How can you just!" I cried unable to accept the situation? I never expected him to be so worst!

"Oh, wife? When you realised it? Anyway, what was wrong with that?"

"Sharing your wife is right for you?" I shouted frustrated grabbing his tee.

"That's what you teach me, love." He chuckled.

"I'm not disgusting like you" I scoffed out.

"Hey, when you're ready to share your husband with another girl why not I share my wife with my best friend? I will have an affair with you and you can have it with my best friend. That sounds great baby. Even he Lily has many affairs. She will even love swapping" my hand gave up on his tee listening his statement. He smirked settling back his tee.

"Any more arguments!" He grinned looking at me lost. He was right? I don't know but I don't have an answer. Atleast I could lie something cooking up, but I was lost my words. I silently walked out of his villa making my way to the coast edge.

This night resembles my dark life. I closed all the doors and broke the lights of my life, but it was turning darker breaking me much more.

Is there any solution to sort my life? I shouldn't have used those anti-depression pills. I grabbed all the scattered pieces of mine to stand back in my life. I dreamed many more things with him. I have seen my sixty years of life with him, but I ruined it all.

I just left him, but at cost of my happiness. I lost my dad. He couldn't handle my decision and passed out by a heart stroke. I killed him.

It looks not a reason but his parents. They have the right to have their own legal heir. When I had my test it's clearly stated me that I can never give them one and I felt devastated.

Before 2 years,

One day in office, I was working in both light automobiles and Johnson group to deal with all the activities of translations with foreign delegates.

Manik dad invited me to his cabin.

"The deal was finalized" I smiled.


"He just went on lunch with the delegates" I replied.

"Great, I want to talk to you about something personal." He asked hesitated.

"Yes, sure sir"

"It's personal" he added making me look calm.

"Ok, dad" I replied.

"Is there any problem between you and Manik?" He asked surprising me.

"No, but why? " I uttered confused.

"Then why I was not hearing any good news? Tell me straight what's the matter?" He asked shaking me.

Even I felt this question but didn't take it much seriously. He got out a file placed it in my hand. The file of a hospital.


"In our previous family checkup. I got you both tested in detail and this states that you're Nulliparous! Do you atleast feel up know the reason?" I'm speechless knowing the truth. I know my anti-depression pills and contraception pills messed up my fertility. I can't be a mother ever!

"Don't cry, it's not your fault. Everything happened because of my useless son. Every time I make hundred options to give him the best, but he ends up choosing scrap like he rejected Harvard and did his graduation from 2- tier university. Rejected Lily and married you. I never minded your financial status. Did I ever raise an issue? But today don't have any heir for my empire. What is the future of Johnson pride? Everything ruined up, just because of your incapability. Do I have any choice? You got everything you loved, but us? We just asked for a baby and your love for him can't make him father. Everyone is laughing on my face telling me that I don't have any heir after Manik. We are a big family from almost twenty decades, but you kept a full stop. You know I dreamed my retirement goes fantastic playing with my grandchildren but the reality was I can never take my grandson in my arms all because of your incapability." He cried.

"I'm sorry, dad"

"You don't feel sorry because you know this prior me because the doctor told me about your medical history. What you thought Rich family got a chance and life will be settled, overnight billionaire. You won, but We all lost while making you win. Thanks enjoy your queen chair. I'm sorry, I don't have any hate but it's just my pain. Even I have a daughter you're my daughter too but my pain was untreatable. Don't know what sin we did? We always helped everyone, but we still got bad fate."

I failed as his wife and daughter in law. I couldn't be as they wanted. I got everything beyond what I wished for, but I couldn't return it. They saved my father and offered me a job, later they made me their daughter, but I couldn't even fulfil their single wish. He was loving me so much, but I can't let him feel the bless of fatherhood.

From that day till today I'm paying back with my tears running away from him and giving them a chance to settle back. Lily is not just rich but a capable girl unlike me who can't give him a baby. I felt to die the very next second as death will be less painful than staying away from my love, but thinking about this society I stopped. I deserve all the ill words from this cruel society, but they don't! They should live happy forever. I want him to have a happy family marrying lily. Once he starts it he will evenly forget my memories.

I cried out aloud looking at the ocean with high tides washing my feet. I was tired of running and I don't feel to live anymore. I thought I paid enough by walking out of his house signing the divorce. I felt I had broken his heart and he hates me but seeing his immense love breaking my heart much more. He deserves to marry Lily, but do I deserve this much of pain?

Why can't he move on?

Why is he taunting me and hunting me?

When will I get my happiness?

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