Saucy Revenge

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14- Perfect Revenge

Author pov,

As she lost crying sitting on the wooden bridge facing the ocean. He walked closer to her and wrapped his jacket around her from back.

She wiped away her tears which was clearly noticed by him.

"I know my words hurts you, but you should also feel my pain right?" He whispered sitting beside her.

"Hmm, I never wanted to be someone toy or mistress! I have chosen my life. My worst mistake is loving you and one more mistake is marrying you. You're emotionally blackmailing me! Not just once, every time! Why? What do you want to gain by hurting me and hunting me?" She cried looking at the dark ocean waves.

"Oh, emotional blackmail works only if the person loves us. So you admit that you still love me?" He asked with a smile looking at her. She paused for a while locking her eyes with his.

"I love you but I love myself more. This world thinks I was barren. I know the reason, but this world blames me until you prove them. You can tell Lily everything and marry her. Your family will be happy. I will be happy loving you, but now loving you giving me pain. What was my mistake to take every pain? How much you made me do? Did you forget our past were you broken me? And today you crossed every line by pushing that Rick. He just came to my villa. How can you just let him? You just sold me!" She cried out broken covering her face in her hands.

"I didn't do any. That just acting. later I told him it's just a joke, but you left, so I asked him to scare you" he explained calming her. She sobbed more he yanked away from her hands and took her in his embrace smoothing her tears with kisses.

"I'm more possessive wifey. How you thought that I can share you? You're exclusively mine, even this air should ask my permission before touching you" He whispered kissing her cheeks.

"Please, go away from me. I can't be with you." She whispered softly pushing him away from her face.

"Is this your final decision?" He asked in a calm tone.


"Ok, anything for my love. Please be normal for this lockdown period. Once gates are open I will leave and never come back" he smiled.


"Yes, I promise. I will go after this lockdown" he promised placing his hand in hers.

"Thanks and your friend?"

"He will never look after you. You can live happy in your resort" he smiled.


"Can you love me atleast this period of one week?" He asked with a pout for which she nodded her head.

"Shall we to my villa or yours? It's getting cold" he asked taking her hand. She thought for a while and trembled remembering Rick's presence in her villa.

"Your place will be fine" she mumbled. He took her in her arms and carried her to his place joyfully.

Walking into the room she was surprised to see the room well decorated with flowers and a cake in its centre and colourful poolside.

"What was this?" She uttered in surprise.

"Happy Anniversary! Although paper and this society separate us. I strongly believe God made us one and it's inseparable. Here was the gift for what you asked for!" He smiled giving her a bunch of papers.

"Divorce papers!"

"Yeah, I signed them because I understood your need. Let's celebrate my anniversary with your of divorce. I irritated you alot. That chain is my gift for our divorce" He smiled. She softly caressed her neck on the platinum chain he gifted.

"I know you're crying silently, but faking smiles. Everything im doing for your and your family happiness. Once you get married and get a baby then everything will be fine. You deserve all happiness!" She thought in her mind lost in him.

"Cut the cake!" He chuckled getting her to the reality. They celebrated the evening and she felt the same solace lying in his embrace and slept peacefully.

Next morning,

She left to work and Manik was busy on a call when Aman ran to him holding a black hoodie.

Manik ended the call seeing Aman with the hoodie.

"Sir, your hoodie?" He inquired showing it.

"It's not mine!" He said not looking up.

"No, sir. I remembered yesterday evening after tattoo you woren this. I admire this brand a lot as it's my favourite. We normal people can't afford this" Aman said confidently.

"Then you can have this. I don't have any issue!" Manik said causally.

"No, I like it but not from you" Aman said making Manik frown.

"Although you get angry. I don't accept gifts from sick minded people. You act good but not good. You did much worst with Nandini!" He snapped in anger.

"Oh, you heard ah?" Manik smirked.

"So disgust! If it's my girlfriend she would have chopped off my head"

"I had my reasons to do everything."

"You can't justify your disgusting behaviour" Aman said walking away. Manik let a chuckle confusing him.

"Before seeing my best friend your madam ran away from me. Like gave me pills and ran away but now his presence scared her. She is coming ruling to me and everything got a full stop. Even yesterday your madam came running to me in the same fear." Manik smiled.

"What that implies?" Aman asked confused.

"Few people melt for money whereas few for love and stubborn devils for fear. I was dying to see her crying and pushing me away. So I gifted her fear that made her run towards me. Last night we came on a understanding it's sorted and thanks for the cake and tattoo. I will pay back thrice in-kind" Manik smiled.

"Will she resign?" Amazon asked curiously.

"Not sure. Anything as she wish for, I don't want to force her. I may leave alone so Keep this hoodie with you but don't tell your Mam." Manik said in upset tone.

"I thought rich people live so happy, but seeing you Im feeling it's more complicated."

"Yes, because we have huge walls of status around our heart. Few people look flawless, but inside it's filled with poison and spill out venom on love. My life was destroyed by a snake which made me his puppet with a mask of love. All my fault and fate!" Manik mumbled in pain.

Suddenly Aman seen nandini walking to them.

"Sir, your wife" Aman smiled. Manik looked his back and turned back and grabbed the hoodie from Aman's hand and stuffed it in his jacket completely hiding it.

"Hey, what's so serious discussion? Breakfast?" She asked Aman who is lost of words by her sudden entry.

"Yeah, we are talking the same about dishes" Manik smiled lightning the moment.

"Yess... Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican Japanese, Antarctican many more" Aman blabbered.

"What dish you have from here Antarctica?" Nandini asked folding her hands jovially.

"Anything he cooks" Manik laughed cheering the moment.

"Let's go then," She said walking.

"Take this jacket keep them in your room and never get them out until I leave" Manik whispered passing the jacket to Aman.

"Jacket also" Aman asked excited.

"Take anything, but your madam shouldn't see that hoodie" he warned in a silent tone. Aman took the jacket and walked to the another director.

"Hey, Aman where are you going?" She shouted confused seeing him. "Darling, he forgot his phone darling what if his girlfriend calls, so he is running to save his life." Manik lied wrapping his hands around her waist.

"Ok, let's go, but no PDA" she smirked slapping his hand playfully.

"Acha, but we are married and I love to express my love to public" He smiled kissing her neck nippling her skin.

"Hmm, on duty. Don't tease me now" she pouted.

"If off duty?" He whispered pecking her lips.

"I will talk about it off the duty, as of now you're my guest and I'm the manager Sir" she smiled.

"Ahh, this Sir was sounding something else for me" He grinned with a wink.


"Haan dominant daisies, although you can't be good submissive, but I can be perfect dominant" he whispered in her ear turning her red.

"You read fantasies a lot. It's not good for your brain" she smiled hiding her blushing face.

"When we can't fulfill every desire only books can fill them wifey. The second satisfaction give pleasure and hope taking us to another level.

"So you wanted to tell me that you like a submissive type of girl?" She asked pulling his chair for him and occupying beside his getting his smirk.

"No, what the fun in getting a Cat, I get fun by embracing lioness. Just like I did with you that morning and the session in your restroom. I had much more like...." He paused seeing her looking at him surprised.

"Like?" She added.

"No, I'm fine. I don't want you to slam me" he whispered rolling his eyes.

"It's ok, I will not. Tell me!" She insisted.

"Keep your word. I'm just telling you, not wanna try also. Like cuffed or tied" he whispered scared of her reactions.

"Only that?"

"It starts with that and many more things rough"

"What are they?" She asked looking into his chocolatey eyes.

"Hey, don't look like that, it's getting difficult for me" he blushed.

"Haha, but you're a dominant and want to try all stuff then why shy? Tell me?" She teased pulling his leg.

"Shut up, my monster woke up taking all that stuff. Now, who will calm him?" He groaned frustrated.

"Shall I?" She whispered moving her hand to his throbbing pants and gave his monster a soft squeeze.

"Ohhh" he groaned in pleasure.

"Do you have extra jeans?" She asked stroking him.

"No, why?"

"Because you have go to your resorts after this sweet session. Can you walk out safely after messing up your pant?" She smirked getting him to reality.

"Oh shit! Stop it!" He whispered trying to stop her hand.

"Why should I? Even you did same right? I'm just messing your pant, but you ruined my whole day" she teased rubbing on his pant and with a one soft touch he messed up his grey pant.

"Perfect revenge! No go" she smirked devilish wiping her hands with tissue and had her breakfast happily as was tensed up about his messy pant.

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