Saucy Revenge

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15- rejoicing

Nandini pov,

His face was red embarrassed giving me more satisfaction as I completed my breakfast.

"Done I'm leaving" I smiled getting up. He pulled me down.

"You can't go leaving me like this" he growled holding my wrist.

"Your shouting?" I smirked.

"No, please" he requested like a good boy.

"I just want to hear you begging me to help while adding a please with Ms Nandini" I giggled enjoying his expressions. His eyes rolled on his partial messy pant and me.

"Ok, fine. Please Mrs...."


"Ms Nandini please save me from this situation." He begged.

"Will you again tease me in public?" I asked holding the glass of water.


"Good boy" I smiled pouring the glass of water on his pant wetting it totally.

"What the hell!" He snapped in anger getting up in shock.

"Ouch, I'm so sorry Mr Manik. It's just by mistake" I faked an apology getting the attention of everyone around.

"I will help you please" I smiled forwarding him a bundle of tissues and accomplished him to the restroom.

In the time Aman came to us.

"Aman, get navy-blue jeans of size 38 from our shopping counter" I instructed forwarding my card.

"Why?" he asked suspiciously glaring at me.

"Not for me for him" I growled.

"Why?" he asked again.

"Useless, get out and get me jeans" Manik shouted frustrated, for which Aman ran in seconds.

Closing the door, I laughed aloud looking at his situation. His one glare sealed my smile. Oh god, I entered his den. How foolish I came alone here?

"Getting so much laughter!" he growled twisting my hand to my back and pressing himself on me.

"I'm kidding hubby!" I giggled showing my teeth with an innocent pout.

"No, you're not! If are so, you may not mess in this way" he growled leaning on my ear. His free hand crawled on my back to my butts resting on me.

"Not here, it's my workplace" I added not looking up.

"But you started" he whispered kissing my neck.

"Ok fine, at least gentle. No hickeys!" I said in my husky tone. Ignoring my request, he gave a love bite on my sweet spot making me scream. He covered my mouth with his palm whispering to be quiet.

I bit his shirt to hold my scream as he pulled down my shirt biting my shoulder along with a few soothing kisses.

His hands worked on unbuttoning my blouse hurried. I helped him not to rip them. He kissed my gems taking them in his warm mouth teasing them.

As we lost in our world a knock on the door got us back to reality.

"Mam!" Aman called out and I pulled away just getting my gem hurt by his sharp teeth.

"sorry" he muttered worried seeing the skin turned swollen red with his teeth marks.

"it's ok, don't touch it's hurting" I whimpered in pain.

"such a stupid I'm, So sorry! It may bleed. Wait!" he walked to the door scaring me before I scold him. He opened it partially and peeped out his head and I heard him telling Aman to get an ice cube"

Before Aman tell him anything he closed the door and walked to me. He unbuttoned his trousers and started removing them in front of me.

"Wait let me turn atleast" I shouted stopping him buttoning my blouse. He paused removing his zip and lifted me to the slab beside the hand dryer.

"I'm shameless wifey and I want you not to button it." He said.


"Can't you obey without a punishment or argument" he growled in his dominating tone.

He stood in front of me undoing his jeans along with his boxer. Unintentionally my eyes started enjoying the view of my handsome husband naked from the bottom. Oh God, he was far big I never took time to admire him from this distance.

"Ahem.. " he cleared hid thort pulling up new jeans hiding his throbbing monster inside.

"Seems someone is enjoying free show" He smirked putting on his belt.

"Even you watched a lot" I chuckled boldly.

He smiled whispering " stay here, I will be back" he whispered for which I nodded he went out and returned with ice cream and a bunch of tissues.

"You eat ice cream in restroom" I laughed.

"No, it's my precious bud which I bit harsh accidentally" he applied the melted cream on my gem making me moan with a shiver.

"It's messing my shirt" I moaned with the new sensation. He pressed the cone on me as it started melting he licked it on my breast giving me so much pleasure.

"Hubbyyy!" I moaned moving my hands into his hair pulling his face more into me. He enjoyed his ice cream making my skin numb in his desserty love. It made me feel hot and I so badly want him.

"Hey, I think we should get back to villa!" I mumbled breathing heavy.

"Oh, then work?" He teased with a grin.

"Maybe off for today." I laughed. He loved my idea and settling my dress. We walked out to enjoy the day diving in our Sassy ocean washing in the tides of love.

This turned into our daily routine and even I wanted his love and make lot more memories to complete my life here. I started seeing my life in these two weeks and at the last, I want to fulfil his fantasy.

First time in my life I felt upset seeing the positive news that the gates were open and my happy days ended. I felt the news will disturb him, but he was so happy and got confirmed his tickets to travel to his place.

Everything is happening as I wanted but I'm so unhappy. I felt like giving up my life again. Hiding my pain I cheered the last two days and at last, the day arrived.

Tomorrow will be the day he leaves me forever. We got divorced and he was no more mine.

He went out to send a fax. As he wanted I got cuffs. Turning off the bright lights I lighted candles in my room.

Putting on his favourite lingering I sat on the bed waiting for him.

My hands turned cool by the sweat. I heard the door swing open his legs sticker looking at the room. I lowered my eyes not meeting him as he walked future to me raising my heartbeat.

"Oh, send off treat, my ex wifey" he chuckled blowing the candle beside him. His words dug deep in my heart like a taunt.

"You can name it anything"

"So what from tomorrow? With whom you gonna sleep?" He asked sitting beside me.

"You get your new wife and I'm comfortable alone" I smiled.

"You're just like my dad. He never asks what I want and you never ask what I want either, but both of you feel your decisions are perfect for me. So weird he ruined my twenty years and you're ruining my next forty. But wonder is both of you think Lily is my best match. How accurate you both are? Anyways you decide tonight in this way. Maybe you're sure to see my extreme are you?" He asked rubbing his plam on my cheeks as his thumb lied on my lower lip.

"Y... Yes"

"You may not like getting tired?" He asked looking into my eyes.

"I will adjust"

"What if it is painful?"

"I will bear it" I mumbled.

"What if you scream and hate me later?"

"I gave permission myself. I will take anything you wish for"

"What if you stop me in middle?"

"I promise, you won't hear any complain from me. " I assured.

"So confident. Let's see for tonight call forget that im your sweet husband. I'm gonna take the hell out of you and remember it's not love. It's my anxiety with your silly attitude towards me. You will regret this decision in an hour. Your safe word is pink" he growled taking the cuffs in his hand. I just nodded.

"Great, I will be after a good shower."

He had a shower and walked out in his shorts. Don't know why but I was feeling him so different today. His eyes are expressing anger, but why he is angry?

"H... Hubby" I whispered.

"I'm not your husband anymore and no food for tonight. I want you flexible. Lie down!" He said in his dominating tone making me shiver.

I did as he asked and he climbed on the bed and cuffed my wrists to the bedpost.

"What is your safe word?"

"P.. Pink" I whispered.

"If you tell the safe word. I will free you that second and everything ends." He told in his cold tone.

"I will never use it," I said confidently. I have seen his love and I deserve to see his anger too. If this makes him happy then I'm ready to take much more. I have only one night to live with him... One last night!

A/n- this was the last chapter of love...if anyone are uncomfortable with him extreme skip chapter 16... And mark this... He is hero yet villain sometimes and she is heroin but foolish too.
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