Saucy Revenge

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16- Fantasy violence

Warning: contains mature, violence +18...
It's serious I never wrote such violent content ever before.... If you are uncomfortable just skip this chapter... Story remains connected even you skip this chapter.

Author pov,

The room was dark but lit with dozens of candles burning everywhere. Small candles flooded the room with light, and towering above them all was one long tapered candle lit by the bed. She saw her reflection in the candlelight through the mirror paralleled to the door. She jumped as suddenly his hands grabbed her arms, his face above her looking at her with a dangerous glare in his eyes.

Her body tensed up, and she gasped seeing him angry. He gripped her tighter and pressed himself hard up against her. He reached down and bit her neck hard. She let out a small yelp. He sank his teeth into her harder, and her knees buckled under the pain, trying to bend low enough to make him let go.

He let go of her and pushed her down onto the bed. She scrambled up toward the headboard.

"Don't you want this?" He asked climbing on top of her, grabbing the back of her head and kissing her fiercely. Her body relaxed as she moaned a little into his mouth. His kisses were always so intense, so passionate. She reached her hand up to run her fingers through his hair when she felt cold metal lock tightly around her wrist.

Nandini tried to pull away from his kiss to have some breath, but he pushed her back into him. She felt her arm being pulled above her and soon her other arm was grabbed, thrown above her head and locked into his cold metal handcuffs which was got by her but with too much dominance. She pulled with her wrists, discovering she had her trapped and defenceless under his mercy.

He looked down at her, sprawled out on the bed before him. He grabbed her neck with his hands ripped the lingering straight down the front and tossed it aside, landing on some of the candles making the glow in the room dimmer.

She gasped as the force left marks on her body. He started to kiss her juicy flesh, nibbling her skin.

She began to moan in pleasure as his kisses fell lower on her body. She spread her legs wide for him expecting his lips on her. She screamed and she felt him thrust himself dry into her. But after a couple of thrusts, she began to drown in her juices.

"Not so soon" he chuckled pulling out making her gasp in surprise. Today we gonna try something extreme. What about waxing?" Before she responds. He reached over to the bedside table and pulled the long candle out of its holder. He looked at her face, eyes wide and full of terror in anticipation of the pain he was about to inflict upon her.

"Want to use safe word?" He asked one last time for which she gulped in her fear and watched, trembling, as he held the candle above her stomach and slowly began to tip it. A drop of wax hit her stomach and she jumped in pain causing his body to tilt and another drop to follow. Her breath got tattered and heavy as he began to drip wax onto her abs, her chest. By the time the wax had reached her neck tears had begun to stream down her face and she bit her trembling lip trying to keep from letting out any whimpers of pain. She suffered yet welcomed the pain. But by the time the wax had begun to make their scattered patterns on her chest which he rubbed hearing her moan.

He threw the candle on the floor relieving her tension. Soon it vanished as he grabbed the candle on the side table which had at this point melted all of its wax, and threw it across her body without any warning. She screamed and tensed in pain. The handcuffs clanked against the headboard as her whole body jumped. She began to cry heavily through her screams of pain.

"Louder!" He ordered smacking on the wax making her scream much worst. Her eyes tinted red crying out and the pain was incredible. Her every inch was red by the hot wax and his smacking turned it worst.

"You want me to stop?" He asked on last time for which she held back her tears faking courage to face more pain which made him smirk. Settling between her thighs he began to thrust inside of her again. He pounded like a beast taking her over and over.

The pain of the burning wax and the pleasure of his hard thrusts inside of her sent her mind into a blur. The pain and pleasure washed out her mind. He looked at her face. Tears streamed down her face and her mouth was partly open breathing and moaning in pleasure. Her big, pleading eyes begged him to stop the pain.

She felt so trapped, so used. Her mind was racing with thoughts of pleasure and thoughts of pain. The metal of the handcuffs were cutting into her wrists as she kept stretching her arms forward in pain. He kept thrusting into her body moving her back and forth on the bed.

His thrusts suddenly become harder and rough. She could hear him start to breathe harder, rougher after long laps with one fin brutal thrust he planted his seed deep inside her. As he moved out his tool and lied beside uncuffing her she felt it all over for the night.

To her surprise, he rolled her on the bed making her lie on her stomach and cuffed her again.

His hand was on her, his palm sliding down on her back, the ridges of his rough fingertips catching slightly against her skin, and his smell was suddenly just beside her face as the mattress shifted beneath his weight. "I want you red in sense, complete red front and back as well." He whispered in her ear making her shiver at his devilish warning. His hand wandered lower, possessively caressing the rise of her butts, his index finger gently stroking along. He bent his face to her shoulder, close enough that she could feel the heat of his breath, and then his tongue traced delicately along.
Before the burning heat of the first connection between palm and bottom washed through her body, Somewhere in her throat, she made a mewling sound, but she knew not to cry out. It disturbs him and she vowed not to stop him tonight.

Slowly, gently, he caressed her skin with a touch lighter than the air that had chilled her. He kissed the side of her neck, sucking at the skin, nibbling slightly with his teeth. Suddenly, like the attack of a cobra, he has bitten her nape giving her a blaze of pain that spread. She squeezed her eyes tighter shut biting her lip.

His right hand was playing with her globe roughly kneading them giving her pleasure and pain at a time.

Like a storm attacked the shore, he spanked her harder, the pace increasing to a steady. Hitting top of her thighs, driving her body against the mattress grinding roughly against her until her sensitive flesh beneath was shoved hard into the sheets. She rocked her hips forward with each impact, heightening the sensation, struggling against her restraints.

He knelt on the mattress beside her by this point holding her neck to look at him.

"I won't stop until you use the safe word" he whispered mentally forcing her to accept her defeat. She gave smiled gulping the tears making him more frustrated.

Getting up he moved behind her, lifting her to her knees, his hands on her hips, thumbs pressed deep into the stinging flesh of her cheeks. She hung there, hands still tied to the headboard, dangling on her knees, off the balance and unsure, still tremblingly close to the flood of pleasure. She shook her head trying to welcome his force.

In a moment, he was inside her with no time to adjust he started thrusting deeper and taking outstretching her. She tried her best to stop her from screaming which was merely impossible, but the forced pleasure. He growled, deep in his throat, pounding into her again and again, and then he burst, flooding her with his violent heat, and that was it, she embraced the moment, let it overtake her, and she came, sobbing gratefully, sweat dripping from the tips of her hair. Her vision blurred as her body washed out in pleasure and pain overwhelming in love.

Seeing her passing out he removed her handcuffs and turned her making her lie on her back for which she winched unconscious.

"I was so lucky to be loved by you and you are so unlucky for loving a devil like me. You started the game and I'm gonna end this game. You are just a player in it, but ultimate I will be the winner. You got punished for everything, but my sweet wife it's just a start for my revenge. I'm gonna ruin everything! You have many more shocks to come. I will make sure you never forget me even for a second." Manik murmured looking at her teary face and marked skin.

Clicked a few pictures of her he left to the bathroom to have a shower while fixing his phone to charge.

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