Saucy Revenge

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17- Send off

A few minutes later,

She was lying semi-conscious on the bed. He softly tabbed her cheeks to wake her up from dozing off.

"How was the night?" He asked with a grin seeing her lying tired. Words we're hard to come out of. Her lips curved to smile.

"Such a liar?" Her smile vanished hearing him out.

"I always loved you and trusted you, but you always lied to me and cheated me. I trusted you over my family and friends, but you left me on the roads. Not even once you feel sorry for me. Even now you want to get rid of me. So all this. You deserve this pain and you only deserve this not my love. As you wished I'm leaving you and I don't want to see you again. You shouldn't come to the airport as well so I messed up your state. You had your painkillers on this table and your clothes on that couch and food, it may not be needed I think still I kept fruits for you and none will disturb you here for two days only Aman will come for you. Take rest and enjoy your life. Goodbye, my Ex!" He said one last time getting up to leave, but she held his wrist stopping him.

"C...can you sleep with meee" she stammered with tears.

"No, I can't. It's over!" He said in his cold tone breaking her heart.

"I... Will take much more pain, please"

"Ok, tell me that you hate me, louder and it should reach my heart." He demanded looking into her dark eyes.


"Because I should know that I'm incapable for your love. You already proved me with papers that I'm incapable to give you a child not even adopting a baby. Means I'm incapable to love you. Tell me the same looking into my eyes."

"Can't we part away in good terms" she cried in too much pain her burning heart was giving more pain beyond her physical state.

"Obviously no, you know what you just fit to be used, but nothing else. I hate you!" He barked in anger and left her broken totally.

She fell unconscious crying on the bed like a corpse.

Manik stepped inside the room after she dozen off.

Pulling off the sheet he applied the smoothing gel on her every marked layer of l skin with flowing tears.

"You have broken me, but breaking you is giving me more pain. Things were ruined already. I know you will come back running to me soon. I will make sure you never dare to leave me" He whispered kissing her forehead wiping her dry tears.

He lied beside her taking her head on his lap not to hurt her sore skin and passed the time staring at the clock counting his last few hours with her.

In morning he reapplied the gel and left to his home town leaving his heart in villa no 32 of Maldives.


Aman came to give sent off to Manik.

"Sir, Mam not came" Aman asked remaining him.

"Your Mam loves this. I'm just going as she wanted and your gift" Manik smiled getting out villa keys.

"What was this?" Keys Man. In that villa, you had an amazing gift. Collect that gift and keep it safe forever."

"What is that gift?" Aman asked surprised.

"Something precious, bro. You will love it. But remember never be a loser like me."

"Are you both separating forever?"

"Yes, I failed as her husband. I couldn't give her comfort to share her words or feelings. I lost her. She loves me, but don't want me. I took so long to accept the fact that she dumped me"

"But Mam cares for you"

"Yeah, only cares about society. My pain doesn't matters to her. Don't worry I got some which can make her come running to me soon. You stay happy and don't forget about your gift" he smiled biding a bye to him.

Aman went to the villa as Manik said and opened the keys to know about his gift.

"Surprise baby!" A girl jumped hugging him.

"Riya!" Aman shouted in joy dipping her face in his kisses.

"Aww... Love you baby and happy birthday" Riya smiled in joy.

"You here and this?" He asked all his questions at a time.

"Manik sir, he convinced my parents about us on call and he also gave me a job in this resort. Guess what my parents gave a green signal and we gonna get married here. Next month when things get fine." Riya said kissing his neck.

"Unbelievable! It's like dream baby" Aman muttered in surprise riffling his hair on his forehead.

"Yeah, I didn't believe it true until I got in flight. Manik sir arranged a special flight for me and he also said your so lovely and I should keep you happy forever with my love. I love you so much! Now, none can separate us!" Riya smiled.

"I thought he is a monster, but he helped us! I just wish he get his love too" Aman whispered in thoughts.


"Nothing, baby. You just get ready I will take you on a tour around" he smiled. She went to change when aman got a message.

"Happy Birthday. Hope you liked my gift and this villa is yours. Not for free, you should maintain it perfectly. Once you feel bored of that place tell me. I had another luxurious hotel in city"

"I promise you to save your love and return the favour" he vowed in his mind.

At afternoon, she woke up and was surprised to see her body creamy as normal and there were no marks or burns. All the candles were melted just like her hope.

The reality he left her forever now made her cry bitterly at her fate. Pulling the sheet to her chest she sobbed.

Her swollen eyes fell on the stick note on the mirror which made her awake from the pain. Putting on the robe beside she stepped towards the mirror and read the note.

"Thanks for the amazing night! Hope you remember every bit of that. I hate you love! But don't think it's an end. If possible this destiny will give me many more chances ;-) "

She got laugh reading his note. She laughed like mad re-reading it twice and thrice ended up crying louder.

"I hate myself more!" She cried breaking the things in the room falling on the floor.

She didn't have any food or shower the day went on and the next morning she heard a knock on her door as Manik said it was Aman.

"Mam," She didn't sleep at all and was totally awake and in sense.

"I will join in a while" she whispered to him.

Collecting all her broken pieces of heart she got ready to see the day.

Aman rushed to her worried seeing her dull pale face.

"You alright?"

"No, will you make it right? Just get back to work. How about our meeting with all the department managers?" She asked in her bossy tone.

"Yes, Mam they will be in our conference hall" Aman said. He just couldn't digest her eyes were expressing pain whereas her tone is like fire.

They just walked to the conference hall.

"Good Morning" All the staff wished her.
Without raising her eyes she whispered good morning as response for them.

"So guys, gates are open and our guesses started vacating and it's time to focus on marketing and managing our budget on all aspects. Tell me your ideas we can work together" she cheered making them part of every decision.

"How about assuring a chorus free environment showing them the measures we are taking?" A voice said which got her attention.

"That's a good idea" Nandini smiled raising her eyes to meet the person.


"Yes, boss" Riya smiled.

"Boss? You here!" She glared at Aman who was standing shyly.

"My first day of work, im part of this jay's resorts" she smiled.

"Wow! Guys congratulate our new team member Riya Sharma" She cheered clapping for her.

"Thank you so much"

After the meeting concluded she hugged Riya and they had a good conversation like sisters and discussed a lot more things about their wedding, but as Manik said she didn't tell her about Manik's hand in making their lives successful. Nandini was beyond happy seeing Aman and Riya together as only she has seen the struggle of them with separation. Unlike her life she wanted them to complete.

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