Saucy Revenge

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18- Wedding plans

Author pov,

One month later,

Johnson Mansion Manik was getting ready for his office when he heard a scream from his dad Johnson.

"Yes, dad" he shouted running downstairs while pinning his watch metal strip.

"Lily returned from her trip and her dad called me about engagement," his dad said sitting on the couch.

Manik face turned pale hearing the question.

"Again, Just know your worth Manik. Nandini is a middle-class girl and orphan. She just doesn't care about anything except her happiness so she just left you for no reason, but Lily although she is a billionaire even your married she is ready to embrace you. Why you're unable to see her love? Think we all are telling for you happy life" Johnson said caressing his head with love.

Manik glanced at his mom who is looking at him for a response atleast a smile.

"Ok, dad as you feel."

"Should I take it as yes?" His dad asked with joy.

"Yes, I will marry Lily."

"That's my boy. Right now I will inform Richard" His dad shouted in happiness walking out. He drove to Richards office.

"Are you sure, Manik? You can't get a second chance every time. I should've asked you this when you were marrying Nandini, but I was blind seeing you both so happy. I felt staying closer increases love but your love vanished. I still don't know why Nandini left you" His mom mumbled in a distressed tone.

"But I know. I never repeat my mistakes" he let out sounding confident.

"I never repeat my blunders because I do new every time" he murmured in his mind with a smirk.


"I can't be a father so she divorced me. As everyone wants her to give us an heir. She took society over my love. It's all over. I signed divorce and it's already in process." He mumbled with tears.

"Who said this? It's can't be possible. You can have medication"

"Mom, please no more questions. It's past and now your new daughter-in-law is Lily." He smiled kissing her forehead.


"Nothing now... I'm have office see you" he chuckled running out grabbing his keys. Putting on his earpod he drove to his office.

On another side,


Aman and Riya are getting married. Everything was organised by Nandini and the celebrations are on full-on fire. But looking at the arrangement her memories of her wedding day squeezed her.

She sat in a corner watching their wedding looking her love in their faces.

After the ceremony, Everyone started wishing them and elders were blessing them.

"Didi! You to bless us" Riya asked falling on her feet. She flinched away with tears.

"What happened?" Aman asked surprised.

"I don't deserve to bless. I always wish you a happy life" she smiled cupping her face with sisterly love.

"Marital status never decides a person's heart. We both know that your heart is as beautiful as this ocean. Please bless us" Aman requested and Riya pleaded with her eyes.

"I wish you all happiness and live together forever" she smiled with tears.

After a happy lunch session, all left to their place. she sat on the chair tired. Her vision started fading and her head started rolling making her hold for a second. She looked at her surroundings to get some help.

When her lips trembled to utter a word. She raised her hand towards the waiters cleaning the area.

They got some water and made her drink and she felt better a little.

"Is everything alright mam? Doctor?"

"I'm fine maybe dehydration. I forgot to take water from morning" she mumbled holding her head. They helped her to reach her villa and she rested due to her sickness.


Johnson's office,

Maya rushed to Manik's cabin after knowing the news of his engagement with Lily from her father.

"What was that bro? How can you?" Maya shouted disappointed?


"Are you serious about Marriage?" She snapped frustrated.

"Yes, of course. Even I don't want to die single like this" he chuckled playfully looking at his laptop screen.

"But Nandini?"

"Ex-wife, she don't have any part here" he smiled casually.

"But you promised to get her back"

"Haha, in childhood. I promised to be a superhero, am I a hero. No Nah... It's just a word. Few dreams and words never come true. I was little busy you join Lily and select my engagement suit" He said again focusing on his work.

"Are you serious?" She sneered frustrated.

"Yes, you might forget before Nandini I had a crush on Lily from my school days. Now my crush is going to be my wife. Feel happy that you are getting a beautiful rich Sister-in-law." He cheered pulling her cheek. Maya walked out stressed up seeing him so causal and happy.

Next day,

Manik and lily's family United and discussed the engagement and wedding dates and venues.

"Next week engagement followed by a grand wedding on 15th next month" Johnson declared celebrating the even. Even one clapped expressing their happiness.

They all settled around the dining table pulling the chairs. Manik occupied the chair beside Lily.

"I'm so happy to get you, baby" Lily smiled kissing his cheek.

"I'm not a kid that you're kissing me on cheek" he laughed sensually rubbing her thigh under the table.

"Even I'm not so good to stop with childish kiss. Hold it baby. Once our parents are out will give you a tight kiss." She whispered in his ear.

"I would love to taste it then" he giggled making her blush.

Maya was burning seeing them closer whereas Johnson was beyond happy seeing his son flirting.

Once when all left out of the home. Lily pulled Manik aside secretly but that was noticed by Johnson and Maya.

"That's great, I know this. Finally, my plan worked perfectly." Johnson smiled innerly.

"Someone will see us" Manik whispered as she pinned him to the wall.

"Let them baby. Although we are getting married" she smiled grabbing his collar and kissing his neck.

Closing his eyes he just remember Nandini her native smile that can seduce him every time. He opened his eyes and found Lily kissing him. He wrapped his hair in her hair and harshly pulled her pinning her to the wall and kissed her neck gifting her a love bite.

"Ahh... Manik" She moaned as he nuzzled his nose on her cheeks to kiss her lips.

"Bro!" Maya shouted for which they both parted away embarrassed. Manik just walked away not looking at Maya.

Lily walked out to her car when Maya's eyes fell on her bleeding neck as a sign telling her that her brother moved on.

"Happy, dear?" Johnson asked seeing her blushing and suddenly he also noticed his sons naughty bite.

"This will be helpful" Johnson smiled giving her his handkerchief for which Lily got the point and pulled her hair forward to cover the hickey.

Maya rushed upstairs and stormed to his room with a thud where he is happily playing with his nephew Zane tickling him.

"Do you know what you're doing? You love Nandini right!" She scoffed ignoring her child presence.

The three year kid got scared seeing her anger for the first time.

"Lower your tone. My champ doesn't like it" Manik yelled taking Zane in his embrace.

"Zane go to grandma" Maya shouted for which Zane held Manik tight.

"Tell him, orelse I will freak out more" she shouted frustrated. Manik whispered something in Zane's ear he ran out instantly.

"You love Nandini right?" Maya asked holding back her anger.

"What's your problem, Maya? Yes, I love her, but it's just past now. She dumped me and we are happy apart." Manik smiled climbing out of his bed.

"Just a month ago you're with Nandini and today your kissing Lily. How should I take this?" She asked folding her hands up her chest.

"So what my ex didn't even let me touch her used clothes. I'm straving for a girl to satisfy me and finally, I got Lily" He grinned.

"Only that matters you?"

"Hmm, stay away from Jack for a year then you will find what matters much!" He laughed making her furious.

"Seriously, if Nandini thinks like you?"

"Already she is on the same thing" he smirked. Maya grabbed his jacket in anger.

"You're just! Awful" she snapped in disgust unable to believe her brother disgusting thinking.

"I'm so what! Let me enjoy my life" he smiled tabbing her cheeks. Meanwhile, Zane walked in with his baby steps holding a glass of ice water. Manik took the glass and gave it to Maya whispering "cool sister, just enjoy the show" Frustrated Maya smashed the ice water on his face and strolled out.

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