Saucy Revenge

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19- Twist

Although you want to hit me for this update.. It's a fact you have to embrace everything we get on the path whether it's love or betrayal.

Author pov,

Nandini health turned worst with every passing day and daily activities to turned hard. Suddenly the ocean-atmosphere gave her dehydration frequently and nausea.

She decided to pay a visit to a doctor to know she turned out so sick from the past two weeks.

Meeting the doctor she explained her health condition and her past medical history. Checking on her pulse doctor requested her for a personal examination to conclude something.

"Is everything alright?" She asked the doctor who is still thinking something.

"Are you Married?" The lady doctor asked confusing her a little.

"Yes, but we parted away recently. Why?" she mumbled.

"Sorry, I don't know whether it's good news or not. But you're pregnant" Thr doctor declared making her jump.

"Are you sure?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, if you want we can do an ultrasound."

"Now?" Nandini asked excitedly.

"Sure." The doctor asked her nurse to arrange the scan.

"That's your baby five weeks old" The doctor said showing the screen which has dots.

"Can I give birth to this baby?" She asked with tears excited.

"Of course yes, if you want to." The doctor smiled helping her to sit.


"I guessed with your pulse, but your past medical history everything made me do a personal checkup and this scan. Everything states that you are weak both mentally and physically. I think you're not taking any self-care which is harmful to your baby growth. Your walls are thin so extra care is needed and I prescribe you a healthy diet plan and medicines. You can have this baby only if you are free from all mental stress. Your happiness helps the baby grow well" the doctor explained.

"This is my only dream in my life. I got my baby then why will I stress. My hubby loves me so much. Once he finds this news he will jump in happiness. You know doctor he always loves me like he never let me do any single work. Thank you so much. My baby!" She cried in joy holding her womb.

Coming back from the clinic she went to her room and collected her passport visa and cards she left to the airport directly.

After checking in she got a call from Aman.

"Mam, where are you? I need to talk about work."

"Sorry, Aman. I'm resigning " she said shocking him.

"When this happened and why did you resign?" He asked in utmost shock.

"Don't get sad it's good news only. I'm going to be mother"

"Whose mother?"

"You idiot first learn to listen. Why do you just hear everything! I'm going to be mother of my baby." She whispered blushing.

"Oh, lockdown worked for you both in this way! Wonderful enjoy! But don't forget me ok" he smiled mocking her.

"Shut up! Take care of Riya I will meet you soon. Bye" she said hanging up the call.

She took the flight when Aman called Manik to inform the same.

"Sir, your love story was successful. Where is the treat?" Aman chuckled confusing him?

"What is successful?" Manik asked confused.

"Don't need to fake innocence. Mam said me the truth that you're going to be father" Aman spelt out shaking Manik.

"I'm going to be father! Who said that?" Manik repeated in disbelief.

"Nandini Mam said and she resigned job and left for you. Look as you said she is coming back to you"

"Where is she now?"

"In flight, by morning she will be in front of you" Aman said.

"Why the hell she is coming here? Can't you just stop her!" Manik yelled frustrated.

"Why any problem sir?"

"Yeah problem for me. I'm getting engaged and I don't want my ex to ruin it and one more if anyone asks about me or your madam. You should tell it as professional. We don't have any intimacy. Dare you add anything else!" Manik shouted in anger and hung up the call.

"But sir... Sir " Aman uttered in shock hearing his rude words.

Grabbing his phone he dialled Nandini repeatedly by her phone is on flight mode and no call connected.


Nandini happily entered the mansion and all the guards are surprised to see her again happy.

"Manik!" She called out looking at him who is sitting on the couch reading newspaper along with his dad.

Johnson got up with a jerk seeing her again.

"Hubby! I got good news" she smiled stepping to him with joy. He just stood up looking at her.

"What is left after divorce?" He uttered in his serious tone.

"Forget about it, the good news is you going to be father" she smiled taking his hand.

"How is that possible? Oh, you came to wish me for my marriage. Thanks" he smiled.


"I'm getting married to Lily Samson in two weeks" he dropped a missile shaking her feet.

"But hubby I'm pregnant with our baby!" She confessed taking his hand placing it on her tummy.

"Haha, our baby!" Manik laughed which confused everyone around.

"It's not joke" she snapped.

"You declared me as incapable and eloped with someone else and how after one year you returned and telling me I'm the father of your nameless baby"

"Shut up, what the hell you're talking about? That's not any baby this is our baby" she yelled by which his mom walked out of the kitchen.

"Acha, how can you be so sure that this baby is mine?" He smirked.

"What do you mean?" She uttered in disbelief.

"I mean that as I'm incapable you got this baby from another man and there is no chance of me being the father of your illicit child." Before he could complete the sentence she slapped him.

"Dare you name my baby as illicit. We both know how we got our baby" she growled holding his shirt.

"What is happening here?" Johnson asked looking at their arguments.

"Even I don't know dad, what she is talking about. Maybe she came to the wrong address" he sneered putting his hands in his pocket.

"You don't know really?"

"Wait, Nandini what is this and Manik what she is telling is true or not?" His mom asked stepping towards them.

"Why will I lie mom, you trust me right. She left me. She ditched me, but now how can I be father of her baby. She is trapping me. That baby is not mine." Hearing out Manik words made her more furious.

"Then whose baby is this? Yes, your are right I left you a year ago, but my baby is five weeks old. Tell me with whom I slept in Maldives. Tell me!" She cried grabbing his shirt. His parents frozen hearing out about Maldives which made them understand.

"Even you're in Maldives last month?" his mom uttered in shock.

"Mom no, she is taking advantage of my trip. See dad she dumped me and still spying on me. She found I was visiting Maldives and using everything to trap me."

"Why are you lying, Manik? Aren't we together in Maldives?" She asked cupping his face with tears.

"I was seeing you for the first time after one year. Until you tell me now I don't know that you're in Maldives. Mom if you doubt me can see my stay details and everything. I'm with my best friend Rick all these lockdown days. If you don't trust me ask him. This girl is a big liar. She is trapping us!" Manik said wicked manipulating everything according to him which made Nandini realise the fact that he was intentionally portraiting her dark.

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