Saucy Revenge

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2- Caught

Author pov,

The night was vulnerable for Nandini about whatever happened and she can't deny her feelings for her husband. No paper can erase the true feelings although we name it divorce. When she was drinking her tears held her tummy remembering her past how society targeted her in multiple aspects. That marriage gave her love but the same marriage marked her as a gold digger for marrying a rich man. All the taunts from every sick minded person dig deep in her heart killing her every hope day by day until she give up.

On another side,

Unknown location

"Did you find her?" A caller asked the person standing in darkness.

"I was never" he smirked gulping wine.

"Last one week. I want her dead body. Orelse I will send my man to kill you." The caller warned dropping the call in anger.

"Yeah sure, you want her dead and I want her on my bed crying and screaming for mercy. We both desire the same person with different expectations. I can feel it she is somewhere in this Maldives. She can't escape from my slight" he muttered glaring at his phone screen evilly.

"Your death will be brutal that none can even guess that it's you" he chuckled locking his phone turning towards the girl lying on his bed.

He slapped the girl on her face to wake her up.

"Ahhh" she screamed as he harshly yanked her hair in his fist.

"Bit*h, I paid you for something and here your sleeping" he growled hitting her once more.

"Stop it you ass!" She spat in anger pushing him away.

"You! Just wait!" He harshly pushed her on the bed and tired her up with the rope of bathrobe and took out his frustration. Her screams satisfied his beast.

Next morning,

Manik pov,

Waking up the next morning I flinched holding my heavy head.

Opening my eyes the flashes of the previous night rolled in my heavy brain, but the surroundings confused me.

Where is that girl? I did something mess?" He snapped getting out of his sheet. Check on my self I found my jeans free to drop and my arms are scattered by nail. Shit!! In my hangover did I molest anyone? where is that girl? I hardly remembered anything, I felt it my Nandini orelse it's my hallucination and ruined someone's life. Oh, God! I cried holding his heavy head.

Soon I heard a knock on my door.

"Sir!" Aman called me knocked once more.

Putting on my shirt I opened the door.

"A bad news sir" Aman uttered stressed. Already I was messed up what happened now?

"Where is Nandini?" I shouted in panic thinking that I might hurt her again.

"Why you are so much into my boss? It's your bad news, one more shut down due to the high spread of the C virus. All the international flights are cancelled and roads too sealed. Even chartered flights are closed. We all are locked in this island." He declared.

"Nandini?" I uttered.

"Even she is locked up here along with all staff and guests. Sir, please. I don't feel you right. Something is weird with you so my mam is not comfortable helping you. I can help you with all arrangements for the stay for the next two weeks. Consider this pandemic and maintain manners and social distance." Aman told freaking me up. This bastard is warning me to behave. She is my wife dammit!

"I want to see cc footage of last night" I stated with a cold glare.

"Why?" I felt to stamp his nose for constant questions, but I gulped on my anger and forced a smile.

"Someone has stolen my precious thing from me last night when I was drunk and sleeping. I want to know who it is orelse I will call cope" I gave a warm warning.

"Copes are busy none will come" Aman growled.

"Fine, I can get my things done from your boss's boss. Remember Manik Wilson I make rules and break them too" I snapped walking back to my room to collect my phone.

"Sir, please. I will get it please join me to the surveillance room" He requested shivering.

"Good for you" I smiled keeping my phone in I ran with him.

"Turn that sideman. I can check myself" I ordered.

"Even I want to see who stolen our guests. It's our responsibility to protect you and your things" Aman argued.

"I don't like to repeat" I growled, he stood facing away.

Putting on time from last night 8 pm Nandini came on rounds crossed my villa and at around 8.30 pm she knocked on my door and after few minutes she peeped inside my villa and around 10 pm she walked out in my shirt tucked in her skirt. She walked out talking her heels and a pile of fabric pieces that might be her shirt.

"It's her!" A smile captured my face seeing her normal. She is not crying about the night thing means it's consensual she loves me still. I copied the clip to my phone and deleted it from the database.

"What you did?" Aman screamed seeing me clicking the delete button.

"I caught the person and want to discuss it with your boss. Tell her to meet me in my villa within an hour. Orelse tell her that I will talk with her boss" I smirked. I was beyond happy knowing this. It Means night we are intimate and she came to see me secretly.

As I guessed she still loves me the same, but something is disturbing her. I should confront and should sort my life in these two weeks.

I was so desperately waiting for her and she appeared wearing a mask in a white tank top and loose blue mini skirt with white floral patterns along with a grey blazer on it. She wore black-coloured heels. She didn't even change a bit but a little lean yet same figure.

My eyes rolled on her beautiful feet, which are just out of her heels as she stepped inside my villa. I just can’t take off my eyes her legs were shivering.

"What can I do for you, Mr Manik?"

"Can you please remove your mask Mrs Manik" I smirked.

"Excuse me, It's Nandini! And As per our regulations, masks are mandatory and I request you to follow same to be safe" she said in her soft tone.

"Wonderful, we both are alone and I tested before check-in too. I'm free from any virus and I don't care about you. We are in distance. Remove that mask and once show me your beautiful face my wifey!" I smiled folding my hands.

"Sir, your mistaken. I'm not your wife" she argued.

"Oh really then why not once confirm me showing your face dear" I chuckled stepping forward. She moved away holding her skirt.

"Why this hide and seek? I have already seen your cc footage" I smiled standing in front. She glared at me one last time.

"Now, orelse I will complain your boss that you have stolen from me"

"Hey! What did I steal? You can't lie" she implored.

"Don't you know what you took from me last night?" I grinned pulling out her mask.

"Nothing!" She snapped.

"Then who made this with me" I smirked removing my shirt showing her nail scratches on my back.

"How will I know?" She snapped. I lost my patience and pulled her in my embrace and pulled out her blazer.

"Then this" I questioned unbuttoning her shirt.

"I know you love me still and forever. Why you're doing this?"

"Hush! It's you who forced me drunk and ripped off my clothes." She yelled in anger.

"Oh, I forced you then why you run away night? You can wait and scold me morning or at that moment you could've called help from anyone else in your team. Why did you give in and enjoyed?" I shot looking into her eyes. She lowered her eyes avoiding eye contact. That it her answer will definitely be a lie.

"I don't want to make a scene here. You ruined me long ago. What more I can expect than this!" She growled stepping away.

"I'm talking!" I yelled holding her wrist.

"Manik, please! I needed peace and divorced you. It's done. What all this now!" She muttered yanking away her wrist.

"I didn't divorce you yet and will never do it!"

"Yeah, so I walked out of that country and made my life here. But you again came to ruin it. I was tired and fed up with your nonsense." She snapped walking away.

"But I love you" I whimpered hurt.

"I don't, it's my decision"

"You divorced me, but I was still waiting for you!" I whispered with my teary eyes begging her.

"I'm done with your nonsense, why your hunting me? You might be wasting time, but I moved on" she scoffed turning away.

"Please, don't do this. I will do anything to get you back" I cried hopelessly.

"Shut up, man! You don't have it. I was bored of you. Even I return I will again dump you for another handsome" she smiled. I was frozen hearing her.

"You ditched me as I was boring?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes, of course. I don't want such mechanical life. I want fun. This place was fun I get lot of handsome rich men over here and spending my nights amazing with high pay. What do I get in your home? Just responsibilities and your sick parents are behind me like I'm some machine to give them babies" She snapped.

"This can't be true!" I muttered in disbelief.

"Whatever! You're incapable to please me the way I want and you can't get me back. Better complete your meeting and leave enjoying these two weeks. And yeah one of your business clients latched eyes on me. He was handsome too! If you want we can also enjoy one night although it's useless, I will offer you free" she grinned with a seducing smirk biting her lip. My eyes turned red in anger hearing out her dirty statements.

"Here I'm dying loving you and your behaving like a flirty who*e." I spat in anger pulling her hair.

"So what!" She growled struggling to remove my grip.

"Then why not we try how far I will please your thirst!" I growled pushing her harshly on the bed. She gasped seeing me locking the door ripping away my shirt.

"Why that fear, when you actually starving for this? Even I don't like to be soft in bed, but all those days I took you wrong with my stupid love. But now, I will treat you the way you wanted" I growled ripping out her blouse along with her skirt.

"Stop there! I don't let you touch me." She shouted kicking me with her leg.

"I know you better, then tell me why you are lying? I know well you can't do it" I shouted pinning her on the bed.

"When you can't make me a mother. I should've left you long long ago, but I made delay. I don't deserve to live with an incapable man like you" She spat with hate making me furious.

A/n- Clam down your heart 😉 things go consensual yet in nonconsensual at a point...
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