Saucy Revenge

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20- Betrayal?

Warning : Get a tissue box and stay away from costly things in anger you may break few...

Author pov,

"Even you're in Maldives last month?" his mom uttered in shock.

Mom no, she is taking advantage of my trip. See dad she dumped me and still spying on me. She found I was visiting Maldives and using everything to trap me."

"Why are you lying, Manik? Aren't we together in Maldives?" She asked cupping his face with tears.

"I was seeing you for the first time after one year. Until you tell me now I don't know that you're in Maldives. Mom if you doubt me can see my stay details and everything. I'm with my best friend Rick all these lockdown days. If you don't trust me ask him. This girl is a big liar. She is trapping us!" Manik said wicked manipulating everything according to him which made Nandini realise the fact that he was intentionally portraiting her dark.

"What do I get by trapping you?"

"Maybe my wealth. You refused for alimony, but you eyed my entire money. Your illicit baby will be my heir and he gets everything of mine. Is this what you planned baby?" He grinned making her stumble back. The love of her life is calling her a gold digger.

"This baby is not illicit!" She whimpered in tears.


"Why are you doing this? Why? Our baby, Manik! I thought this will make you happy and we can restart our life."

"Everyone leave!" Johnson shouted all the servants left.

"Dad and mom you too please" Manik smiled, as his parents left. He stepped closer to her with a grin.

"Manikk" she stammered with tears.

"Yes, that's my baby. So what! It's the fucking thing you wanted. For this baby you ditched me. How much I begged you to return but did you hear it? Did you melted? You stepped on my heart and broken it into pieces now it's my turn. I made you pregnant and dumped you and your baby on the roads. This society tagged me and my family as abusers. But today this world will see that you're a cheap whore who got pregnant by a random man and taking advantage of my status."

"What are you talking about, Manik! See me, I'm your Nandini. I accept my mistakes. It's not a joke. Our baby Manik. It's ok even you don't forgive me, but our baby is innocent. Why you want to punish an innocent? Please Manik. Don't talk like this" she cried begging him.

"Oh, then what about my broken heart? Who will heal it? How much I begged you to return, did you have any concern then!" He shouted out.

"I... I'm sorry hubby" she cried.

"You're not sorry, you did everything intentionally well-planned way and today you returned not with love it's just need."

"No, I'm really sorry. I'm very sorry. Please " she cried falling on his feet.

"I'm loving it, once upon a time, I begged you and today again you. As I promised I'm getting married to Lily and tomorrow is my engagement. You will get out of my life forever and ever. It's goodbye sweetheart! I gave you what you wanted and now I got what I wanted. Your life under my feet. Now I will see how this so-called society will embrace you!" He scoffed yanking away his leg from her.

"Guards!! Drag her out and never let her inside my mansion" Manik ordered his guards leaving her scattered. She couldn't believe that her love of life just betrayed her to satisfy his ego.

"Manik, please" she shouted as guards walked to her. His parents walked out hearing her screaming.

"Manik! It's not right. Whatever, you can't insult her. Let's talk" his mom explained calming him.

"Mom, please let me handle this" he objected showing his hand.

"But, she"

"It's the issue between me and my ex wife. You have nothing to do with her or that illicit baby of hers! Leave!" He roared making his mom scared of his anger. She walked to her room being helpless.

He glared at Nandini who is lost crying on her knees.

"Get out, even I don't want to insult you. Just get out of my sight before I push you out" Manik said in his loud tone. Feeling broken she just walked out aimlessly forgetting her bag and her happiness at his doorstep.

Johnson took Manik aside.

"Tell me the truth. Is she pregnant by you?" His dad asked straight looking into his eyes.

"I said right" he muttered rolling his eyes away.

"It's not funny as you think. If you did any crime it should to plucked out from roots. Tell me the truth by that I will save you before it destroys our fame." His dad growled.

"Hmm, ok but please don't ask me to get her back."

"In Maldives, you're with her? Tell me what happened?" His dad repeated.

"I found her working there and emotionally blackmailing her I held her as my captive for that two weeks and took out my anger in that way. I got angry knowing that she only cares about society, but not me. It has broken my heart. So I decided to take revenge on her by making her pregnant and ditch her." Manik confessed.

"Do you both have any intimate pictures together? Any proof that you're with her!" Johnson inquired.

"She has nothing to prove my presence. As planned I had my booking just for two days. So no chance!"

"But Nandini will tell this to Maya or Lily. Tomorrow your engagement what if they ruin it. If she is ordinary its not a issue, but her unborn baby will definitely trouble us"

"She may not because I have broken her totally. Let her cry and die on roads"

"Shut up, this world knows about her and you. It's dangerous for us. The DNA test can ruin our image" His dad added.

"Hmm, shall I ask my man to kill her?" He smiled evilly.

"Seriously? You love her!"

"Ex love. I don't want to kill her because I promised Rick to gift her alive. I want her to cry forever"

"Do anything after you marry Lily"

"Oh, I understand. Means I have to kidnap my ex-love and lock her safe till my marriage."

"It's not easy as you think"

"Of course easy because she is emotionally weak and I'm more powerful because I hold her dignity forever. I know how to control her dad. Enjoy the show!" he smiled taking his car keys he was about to leave when his dad said.

"Where you gonna keep her?" His dad asked with a grin making him think.

"In my car!"

"This is what I'm telling. Use brain, Lock her in our basement. It's a secret location and none knows its presence."

"Oh, even I don't know how?"

"Haha, what? you expect me to be good for everyone. It's a secret torture room to make my rivals obey my command and now I accept I got my heir and you deserve to know everything. Go fast, she might still be walking in our street." His dad said proudly encouraging him to kidnap his wife.

Manik drove his Mercedes and stepped on the brak blocking her route.

"M... Manik" she smiled in tears with hope looking at him in the driving seat.

"Get in, baby" he smiled with hidden evilness. She blindly trusted him and got in his car.

"I know Manik you will come for me. I love you so much." She kept on blabbering when he drove silently to his mansion from the back gate and parked the car in the garage.

A/n- I understand it's serious twist unexpected but I'm like this I love thrill and so my books has.... Drop a line about the update and in return I will publish next chapter tomorrow
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