Saucy Revenge

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21- kill the baby

Manik drove silently to his mansion from the back gate and parked the car in the garage. Nandini was surprised as he walked in a different direction.

"Manik!" She called out seeing him walking to the wall. He held her wrist and slided the dummy wall. Typing the pin he opened the secret door and dragged her inside.

"What place is this?" She asked scared seeing the dark walls and shelves with iron rode a and ropes, sticks. Freezer... A chair and bed.

"This is your place until I get married to Lily" he declared shaking her.

"Why you're doing this? Please Manik this is our baby. Don't do this? I did wrong and I can explain everything please" she cried begging him.

"It's just your baby. I don't need any baby. It's just an experiment output. I just proved you my capacity. Stop this drama and stay quiet. Just two weeks baby. After that, you will be free. Orelse you want me to tie you with the ropes on this chair?" He growled taking her hands. She yanked away in fear.

"Take rest on the bed. you get everything on time. Enjoy" he chuckled

"If you don't want me why you got me here again? I don't want to live here." She cried in anger. He gave her a slap making her fall on the bed with a thud. She held her sore cheek remembering the man whom she loved once upon a time. Who loved her beyond everything turned out as a jerk.

"Shut your mouth orelse I will shut in another way. Let me clear it. I can't risk my marriage for you. Just sit here and wait orelse remember you and your baby won't even have place even on roads." Grabbing his phone he showed her the pictures he took on the day when she passed out exhausted in too much pain and burns.

"I will make this into posters and you know rest all" he groaned tapping her cheeks.

Her mind gave up accepting the fact that he just used her to satisfy his ego. He is no more her hubby. He is a jerk and a demon! He just walked out leaving her shattered and everything was watched and enjoyed by his dad from the secret cam.

Manik walked out to his dad's room to inform him the news.

"Welcome, any better plans for tomorrow" his dad asked smiling.

"Nothing much engagement and enjoyment"

"May not now but definitely that baby will trouble us. You convince her to abort that baby and later we can pay her some and tell their goodbye" his dad advised making him think.

"It's not easy dad, she will not accept it"

"Pamper her first if not, scare her. Although you had her weakness"

"Will try my best" Manik smiled walking to his room.

He hurriedly walked into his room and banged the door frustrated "why the hell you returned to me!!" He screamed in the bathroom pouring all his anger under the shower.

Evening he paid a visit with dinner and teddy in his hand.

"Hi, had a great day" he smirked placing the plate in front of her. She just looked blank sitting on the floor leaning on the bed sobbing. Her glowing face turned pale with tears. Her swollen eyes and her face was pinkish exhausted by crying and his finger marks are still on her cheek.

"Got you dinner" he smiled pushing the plate to her. She didn't respond to him.

"You may not be angry, but your baby?" He asked with a grin. By which she took the plate and had her dinner with tears. She was unable to notice any love in his eyes that scared her a lot.

After dinner he made her lie on the bed and softly caressed her hair putting the teddy beside her.

"Want to return to Maldives?" Hs asked wiping her tears for which she nodded.

"Sure, I will send you tomorrow but you should do something to go"

"W.. What?"

"Abort the baby!" He said in his calm tone shaking her. She crawled away from him scared.

"I will not harm you, baby. Just abort! In return I will gift you millions" he said moving closer.

She cried balling in a corner scared of him.

"I'm sorry, it's all my mistake. This baby is not yours. This is only my baby. I will not tell this to anyone and I will not even come infront of you or your family. Please, leave me. I will go away." She sobbed hugging her knees.

"Then who is the father of this baby" manik growled stepping closer.

"Someone else I didn't remember with whom I slept. We both got divorced then how can you be father. It's a big lie. I'm a liar, cheater, gold digger. I will tell your parents too that's it's all my fault. I beg you please leave me. I can't kill my baby. Please leave me " she begged joining her hands. His eyes turned foggy seeing her broken and shattered.

Not able to cop up he walked out of the chamber locking the door.

Next Day,

As per everything he got engaged to Lily and enjoying the event when Johnson paid a visit with his very personal guards.

As the door was opened seeing Johnson her hope rosed high thinking the torture ended.

"Uncleee" she cried seeing him. He just walked in smiling.

"Uncle, please tell him. It's his baby uncle. You asked for this only na. Today you got your heir. Please stop this marriage" she cried.


"Why it's impossible we got divorced for this reason right? I did everything you said to me today I want my love, please." She argued.

"No, we had a deal. Remember when your dad got admitted in hospital that costed 10million and you promised me to get out of his life as your incapable to be his wife. You sold your place to save your dad. Like I promised I paid the expenses, but he died it's god's decision. You promised to get out then why did you return? How can you break the promise you made on your love? Only this much you love Manik? He will be happy by marrying lily and you can be happy by abortion. Think"

"Uncle this baby is your!'

"I don't want my heir to grow in a low-class woman. Lily will do that, you just abort and get out orelse" he warned in anger. She took aback seeing his true colour. All the time she trusted him as a God-man but today she found that he is a masked person.

"I will not abort my baby" she shouted with rag which poked him much.

"Hold your tone. I'm giving you time till morning. Abort the baby in hospital"

"Take it as no" she snapped by which she got a slap.

"You will orelse by afternoon my guards will perform your abortion! Look at them. They will be more cruel than my son" he snapped walking out of the chamber leaving her in a crying mess behind the closed doors of her life.

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