Saucy Revenge

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22- Broken

Nandini pov,

I lost, I lost my everything. The love of my life hates me. I left him without an explanation and today he left me with an explanation. I deserve some pain for hurting him but not this type of betrayal. I trusted his dad. I trusted him equal to my father but this man just ruined my happy married life. I feel he is the one who manipulated me and separated me from my love. Today my love turned as a stone heartbreaking my heart. I will take any pain for my mistakes, but my baby! What did my baby do to get this all? I don't want to kill my baby at any cost. I should save my baby and myself and escape from this dirty place. My baby is my life.

I still can't understand the fact his dad is a status minded person.


After the day we had a conversation about my medical test reports. I couldn't fake to be normal in my life. I had multiple fights with Manik and he was upset but didn't even speak a wrong phrase at any of those arguments and was silent that broken me more. He went on a business trip to France. The guilt started consuming my peace and my loneliness started taking me down.

Divorce was never my option. I was under treatment to conceive naturally which is unknown to manik. Suddenly my dad's health got upset. With a heavy heart stroke, he collapsed and we were rushed to hospital.

The doctor suggested an emergency surgery to save his life. I just have my salary mountain my savings account. I know his family helped me once and again they gonna help me. His dad came forward I felt so happy, but he kept a condition.

"Today your dad have you and you have us, but what about Manik in future? Do he have any to stay with him after you?" His dad asked making me think.

"We are trying, soon you will get good news. Nowadays it turned easy" I assured hoping.

"Two years? Isn't it enough! The same reports still." He added.


"I'm tired dear. Although im selfish today im doing it for my son well being. I will name 1/4th of my wealth on your name, Divorce my son!" His expected request shook me.

"Please, we love each other."

"Even lily love my son even now. They dated for a while and you destroyed everything. I accepted everything for my son's happiness, but I can't anymore. I want you out of my son's life. You don't deserve to be someone's wife. You cheated us by not disclosing your mental state and today whatever is happening is because of you. You are the reason for everything. Let me make it clear. Divorce my son and save your dad. Or else I will not give a pie to save your dad. Already you failed like a wife and daughter-in-law. Want to win like a daughter or kill your dad?"

"Manik loves me to uncle. He can't accept any girl" I argued.

"You said you love him even. What did he get by this marriage?"

"He got nothing and will never get also. If you truly love him. Divorce him! He deserves a girl who can give him a baby. And lily can love him better than you and within a year she can also give us an heir"

I was broken and I didn't have much chance. His words felt right and accepting my incapabilities I signed the divorce papers and save my dad, but my sacrifice didn't worth so I lost my dad as well. I left his house signing the documents before he returns. With help of Jack, I relocated to Maldives.

I lost everything and today im about to lose my baby. He shouldn't get my fate. My baby deserves all happiness and love unlike me.

I cried in the corner balling myself to protect my baby.

I woke up with a jerk when a glass of water smashed on my face.

I trembled to see Manik and his dad standing in front of me with a smirk.

"Wake up dear it's a time for send-off" my hubby said with a grin scaring me.

"What?" His dad questioned looking at him.

"I spoke with the doctor and as it's just five weeks a pill can abort the baby. Taking her to hospital and drama. It's all shit! I don't want to waste my time or yours. I will give this pill and everything ends. The baby will die and come out within 12hours." I got up grabbing my strength and slapped hard

"If you don't need a baby why the hell you made me pregnant? Atleast you should tell me that you don't need any baby. I may not come to you. My baby can grow happy without a jerk father like you. You don't deserve my love or my baby." I cried holding his shirt.

"I just tried as you raised a question on my capability" he muttered with a grin taking off my hands from him.

"Ok, Manik we will end this. You hate me and you don't want me. I'm fine, but this baby didn't do anything right? Please... Let me have this baby after that you keep the baby. I will die! I swear I will die right the second after keeping our baby in your hands." I begged.

"She is doing drama, Manik. And that baby is not my sons" his dad growled. He is the man I trusted for almost 20years of my life. A black sheep!

"Hubby, please trust me. I promise on our love I will die and you can live happy with lily. I just want my baby happy. Please I beg you don't harm my baby. He is innocent and I will take anything to save my baby." I begged falling on his feet.

"Oh, anything?"

"Hmm, can you stay with my best friend while enjoying this phase?" He dropped his dirty idea shaking me.

"H... How can you?" I stammered in horror looking at his red toxic eyes. I still can't believe that I love such a man.

"Tell me?" He demanded dashing his leg from my grip.

"Ok, if you wish that I will. Just promise me that you will not harm my baby."

He looked at his dad for a reply.

"So you will be his house and do everything he asks for... Everything! So for the next 8months and your baby will be mine. I can do only that much. Is this ok? Dad"

"Ok" I whimpered accepting my defeat. My love got me to a point to give my dignity too. I deserve everything of this for loving you.

"But Manik" his dad argued.

"Dad, let me deal it. We talk later! Tell me Nandini, will you accept my conditions. A single no can harm your baby."

"I will do anything for my baby"

"Sweet girl, I love this obedience. Get the car ready." He said his guards softly tabbing my head as I looked into his eyes to find my husband. This is not the man I loved.

"Hmm, dad can you please give me privacy. I shouldn't do something in front of you" he smiled gazing me lustfully. I just rolled away hearing him out.

"Ok" his dad and guards left. He pulled me closer to him putting his knee between my thighs he hugged me. Kissing my neck. I couldn't do anything except crying at my life. His right hand entered my top caressing my bare skin making me feel disgust.

"I love you, wifey. You and my baby both are mine. Only mine!" He whispered in my ear coating my neck with his kisses. I wish what I heard was real, but no his next sentence ruined my previous second.

"Get ready you gonna leave to heaven" he chuckled and left me in tears kissing my lips.

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