Saucy Revenge

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23- Murder

Author pov,

"What the hell you're doing Manik? It's not right to keep that baby. What will Lily feel? How can you trust her again?" Closing his laptop Mr Johnson spoke in anger seeing Manik entering the living area.

"We can't keep her here, dad" he muttered putting his hands in his pockets.

"Why can't we, it's our secret den?"

"Dad, think. She is not a stranger, any person around us can be grateful for her soft nature. Now she is our enemy but once upon she is this house pride, my wife and she helped many of our staff with her charity of her salary. If Maya finds this mess she will ruin our plan as well. So before she knows this we should send Nandini away from the trace. It's possible only by Rick" Manik explained.

"Why Rick was not attending my call?" His dad asked frustrated.

"Oh, your calling Rick?" Manik asked suspiciously.

"Yes, recently"

"He will not pick your calls " Manik recounted with a grin.


"Because I said him not too. You have a weak heart dad. Already you helped her twice and I don't want you to be fooled again. Sorry, I can't risk. She should suffer for everything she did with me" His dad got a smile hearing it.

"What's your next plan?" His evil dad grinned.

"We will serve her Mango juice" Manik smiled pouring juice in a glass.


"Yes of course, with this pill" he growled dropping the pill in the juice mixing it to dilute.

"I can't wait so long. Goodbye for this shit from my side and Rick will tell her Goodbye forever. We are safe and nothing comes out." He announced raising the glass with a devilish grin.

Manik walked into the secret chamber with the juice glass. She was crying in the same corner.

"Baby, how long you will cry?" He chuckled stepping closer to her making her flinch in fear.

"I will not hurt you more just have this juice you can leave" he smiled giving her juice. Not to argue. She silently gulped the juice in one go and gave him the empty glass.

He took the glass and was about to walk away when he heard her words.

"Can you do a promise for me? It's my last wish!" She sobbed holding his leg.


"I'm going... no your sending me off! I will be someone else slave. I'm no more yours. I will be ruined. I will be dirt but trust me this baby is ours. I never cheated on us even after divorce. I swear on my baby. This baby is ours! I will never show my face to you. As I promised on any condition I will die the next second after our babies birth. You don't need to get scared of it. I will never be your baggage. I always wished you happiness. I truly wished you to marry Lily. But my baby brought me here. Or else I may never return. All your hate should be only mine. Please don't show it on our baby. If it's a girl tell her not to trust love because every love may not return. If it's a boy teach him not to hurt girls. My son should be a gentleman. A man who can take things positively and can love his girl. Atleast teach him to respect girls. Do help this. If you feel my baby is a burden then just give our baby to Maya. She will definitely raise a pure soul. Please Manik, I'm doing everything according to you. You will hear no complaint from me. Take our baby with love. That's my only wish" she uttered in tears and slowly dozen off on his laps due to the drug. A tear flipped out of his eyes reaching her cheek.

"Manik!" His dad called out getting him out of his trance.

Wiping away his cheek he growled " done, James, get her in your car. As planned drive to my office cellular and there you find my friends car. As I forwarded vehicle number shift her to that car and leave." He instructed his team under his dad's supervision.

"Rick will do our job. Your sweet daughter in law will die within a week" Manik laughed evilly.

"Your marriage and her funeral at a time" Johnson laughed evilly.

As per plan they blindfolded her and shifted her to a different location out of the state in a customised truck container.

Manik and his dad are sitting in their private bar drinking wine celebrating the day.

"Why did you give her to Rick?" His dad asked sipping his drink.

"He wanted to have her so I gave her. Both will die together now" he laughed drinking.


"She is only mine. Only I should touch her or hate her or use her! He desired to take what's mine, so he deserves to die with her."

"What do you mean?"

"Rick and Nandini will die in a road accident. It's an accident for the world, but a preplanned murder. Both will die together and the blame goes on Rick for drunken drive. So sad, How you thought that I will forgive Rick easily. If Nandini broken me he also broken me by joining his hands with Noah. He deserves to die. So I merged our plan in this way. After the accident, his car will burn like even bodies can't be identified. We lose nothing and win everything." Manik expressed his secret plan getting a wow from his dad.

"Unbelievable" He muttered in disbelief refilling his glass.

"Yeah, you not seen the real me dad. I'm a living devil. I changed myself for her, but she again made me a monster"

"What do you mean by change?" His dad asked with so much innocence.

"I raped her drunk and I harassed her so much. That is the reason she resigned her job. Seeing her crying I changed myself and we got married. I never complained about having a baby or not, but that girl just left me for babies. My love meant nothing to her and so she is nothing to me. I don't like to share my things with anyone then how can I share her and I may take a turn seeing her tears again. So to welcome my new life I want to end my old one. She cried for four days and last night when I asked her to live with Rick. She accepted but it killed her soul. She died that second. The fear and anxiety she got from the past four days gave me so much satisfaction of my pain from last year. My revenge was complete, and Rick he betrayed me so he deserves to die. I used him to complete my revenge. His job is over so it's a send-off to heaven. And dad I want a fab bachelor party and I want a yacht to celebrate my life. I'm tired of working and I badly need a break post marriage. I want to enjoy my life" Manik said joyfully.

"Sure my son. Everything is yours and you can enjoy as you wish. Till then I will take care of work. Even Maya will return from her short trip. Enjoy!" Johnson cheered slamming their glasses celebrating their joy.

His phone popped out a video message.

"Our work is done see" Manik jumped, Clicking on the video he seen the truck container and Ricks car burning in fire. The car blasted and fell from the cliff along with the container.

"I got doubt how I got a emotional fool as my son, but today you proved me. My blood is evil even it's shadow can't guess our evil intentions." Johnson thought glueing his drink with so much joy.

"I'm so happy, dad!" He jumped in touch Joy got a chuckle from his dad.

Is this happiness for celebrating his revenge?

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