Saucy Revenge

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24- Alarm

Author pov

A week later,

Everything started getting normal for him and he was enjoying his life full-on fun and also brought a yacht on his name.

Maya returned from her business trip and from her mom she found that Nandini is pregnant and she is the one very sure about the baby.

She also heard the words Manik used on her and how he pushed her out of the home which made her fuse in anger.

She rushed out to Manik who is busy listening to music sitting in the living room. Dragging out his headset smashing in on the floor. she slapped her big brother in anger.

Everyone walked out hearing the cracking sound followed by a slap.

"What the hell is this Maya, don't you have manners. He is your brother" Johnson shouted at her.

"Stop! Enough of your lessons. Why do you have all lessons exclusively for me? Why only girls get shit everywhere? Even in stories, only girls should face disgrace, hurt, pain everything and male like him roam on roads freely." Maya scoffed dragging Manik's collar in anger.

"Leave him, Maya!" Her mom tried to convince her.

"Tell me, Manik. With whom my sister in law slept in Maldives? Tell me!" She screamed holding his collar shaking him. Johnson was shocked hearing her confront.

"I don't know, ask her" Manik muttered not looking up which rewarded him one more slap from his sister.

"You such a disgusting Man! You slept with her. You ditched her! Like an idiot, I felt you love her truly and I arranged your trip to Maldives by that you will get back your love, but she gave you love but you ditched her again!" She cried in anger. Johnson gulped hearing out her daughter.

"What are you telling Maya?" Her mom mumbled in shock.

"It's true mom. You always loved him like your own son. But this disgusting man has always seen me as his stepsister and your stepmom. He never values love. First, he betrayed Nandini and later he raped her, but suddenly he changed and proposed her. After doing everything she didn't even uttered a word to us. She took all his harassment and left. She left broken, depressed and her mental health was seriously affected. I helped him then to sort and get married. She left him after marriage it's her choice. I still gave him chance to convince her and win her back, but this disgusting son of yours again ruined her life. I felt he loves her, but in reality, he used me to take revenge on Nandini. He is a cheater, rouge, criminal.../what not everything!!" Maya cried spelling out the entire truth.

Johnson fisted his hand in anger hearing out Maya whereas his mom was shocked.

"Is this true, Manik?" His mom asked in a serious tone.

"Mom, she is just!"

"Is this all true?" He gulped on hearing her serious question.

"He will never answer mom because his life is a big lie. He is a liar, cheater!" Maya scoffed.

His mom gave him a tight slap making his cheek red with burning pain.

"How can you do this, Manik? I never expected you so dirt. I failed in raising you. I did a very big mistake. How much she begged you about her baby? But you are just worthless. I hate myself for trusting you." His mom cried.

"Where is she? Where the hell she went?" Maya asked grabbing his shirt.

"He pushed her out of the house. She cried so much and she told truth, but he manipulated us by telling lies. Poor soul! Don't know where she went in such a state" Mrs Johnson mumbled with guilt for trusting Manik.

"Why you did this Manik? She is loving you so badly Manik orelse why will she let you touch her? Haven't you seen her pain for the separation? She may had some big reason to divorce you. That baby is yours. How you disown your own blood?" Maya cried shaking him.

"Maya, just stop it. It's too late to think about his past. We promised Lily and everything is finalized. He should get married anyhow. Just forget about his past and let him get married" Johnson advised in a calm tone getting a serious glance from his wife and daughter.

"It's never too late. Your son should think of it before making babies with my sister in law. I won't let this marriage happen and if you still try any. I will complain to cops that you cheated on Nandini and also will file all charges of harassment and domestic violence. Then not just Lily no girl will marry you and all your business will be on roads. Dad, it's a serious warning, Only Nandini has right to be his wife. I will get her anyhow" Maya warned leaving the Mansion.

"I'm so sorry Mom, I did a very big mistake. Dad, tell Lily that I can't marry her. I want my Nandini back. I want my baby too. She did a lot for me. But I made a big mistake. Will she ever forgive me, mom! I'm so sorry mom" Manik cried falling on his mother's feet.

"You made it and now see me only after getting her back" his mom scowled walking away with tears.

"Mom, please mom don't do this... I did a mistake" Manik cried which was ignored by his mom as she went upstairs to her room.

"Manik?" His dad muttered confused. Suddenly his tears turned as laughter he got up settling his mess hair on his forehead waving it higher with a grin.

"Offo, your daughter up to mess our life. See I told you! If we didn't kill her we used to get caught." Manik muttered exhausted sitting on the couch. His dad glanced in surprise at his different attitude.

"Relax dad. She can't even get Ash!" He laughed carefreely.

"What is all this? Just now"

"Lady's love tears that clam their heart from war. So I used it on your wife. She went in silently orelse my sore cheeks will get burns. Look how much your daughter slapped me. She loves that nasty girl over me. All this your lenience." Manik winched pressing his jaws.

"What we will do now?" Johnson asked stressed.

"Shall we kill Maya too?" Manik chuckled shaking up his dad in horror.

"Shut up, she is our princess"

"That's what I'm thinking. Let us be quiet now. We will postpone this wedding and focus on business. Once Maya learns that she can never find Nandini. Then she will calm down and we can move with our collab. Till then I will date Lily. "

"Will this be fine? If she finds truth then?"

"Haha, even you know nothing until I said you. She is your daughter. After a month or two she will realise that Nandini ran away from everyone. Just chill, our plan was over. I can marry lily anytime." Manik smiled confidently.

"Are you sure?" Johnson asked doubtfully.

"300%, can you please get me a ice pack and a beer. Its pains awful" he groaned in pain softening his cheek. His dad nodded walking away.

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