Saucy Revenge

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25- Re-entry

It's been a week since Manik's mom cooked any food for both father and son. Although a rich family they never opted for a chef and were fully dependent on her mother's tasty food served with love.

When the love of a housewife turned into anger every person's tummy in the family burns with either hunger or spicy. In addition, a silent treatment that ignorance from the mom hits on the nose every second reminding the mistakes we made.

Manik started living on Pizzas and burgers whereas his father was badly starving and repeatedly pampering anf begging his wife to stop the evil and feet him. Just like every ordinary person hunger makes people lose their sense and fall into silly traps. Johnson lost his peace and gave up his office responsibilities to Maya which gave an adverse effect on her search for Nandini and taking care of her little Zane. Yet she welcomed everything by handovering her baby to her Mom.

And suddenly one day his mom prepared a wonderful breakfast with multiple dishes the yummy smell of the dishes made the home like heaven.

"Mom, finally aww... Tasty cakes and these fries and chicken... Oh, mom Your just wonderful!" Manik yelled excited serving every item on his plate.

"Yes happy, I made them for a special person. Soon she will be here." His mom smiled.

"Who is coming mom, Lily?" Manik asked excited stuffed a spoon full in his mouth.

"You know right, Lily went to Dubai. Maybe your mom's brother is visiting us, orelse why will she cook this lot" his dad said enjoying the meal.

"No, my daughter is coming home. so I prepared all her favourite"

"Maya, but Maya don't like chicken" Manik muttered biting the fried chicken.

"But I like it Nah hubby" A soft voice from behind uttered.

Manik and Johnson turned their eyes to see the person near the door.

"Nandini!" Johnson uttered in disbelief seeing her stepping inside the house. The marble floor under their feet was shaken seeing the dead person alive.

"Papaaaa, Ghost" Manik screamed running to his dad hiding behind him.

"I'm not dead yet, hubby" she smiled walking to them.

"Once touch her mom" Manik asked frightened. For which his mom hugged Nandini kissing her forehead.

"I'm sorry. You have gone through a lot because of my blind trust. I'm so sorry" His mom apologised burning Johnson.

"Why the hell you came back? How can this atleast possible?" Johnson shouted in anger stepping towards Nandini ready to drag her.

"Hubby, please... Don't do this our baby... Hubby please" she ran to Manik who was lost staring at her in shock.

She fell on his feet begging him.

"Tell her to leave Manik" his dad shouted getting him to reality.

"Yes, yes... Get out of my house" Manik scowled yanking away his feet from her.

"Manik please, I love you truly... Don't ruin my life." Nandini cried which went over his head.

"Just leave" Manik shouted at her. For which she got up with a thud shocking him.

"She didn't have any tears on her face and she suddenly burst out laughing.

"It's just drama" She giggled before he process her change she slapped him hard making him yelp in pain and shock.

"You... Such a bitch.... How dare you!" Johnson roared for which he got a slap from his wife making him numb.

"How can you use these words on your daughter-in-law? Why you lost your respect in supporting his wrong deeds?" Mrs Johnson scolded muting him.

"She is not, she divorced my son and she has nothing here. This my home and I decide everything." Johnson shouted in anger holding his sore cheek.

"She owns everything dad. At present, she is the owner of everything including this Mansion" Maya announced stepping in the centre of the argument.


"Sorry dad, she didn't accepted to return here and took the step to meet the commissioner. To stop her and assure her security. I named our shares and mansion in her name. I just did everything to save our family reputation."

"How can you do this Maya? But it's all my name I never signed any!"

"Indeed you're the first one to sign before me" Maya chuckled dropping him to a blue hole.

"It's cheating"

"Uncle we are just beginners, but your headmaster of this skill. Whatever we do, we can never cross your benchmark" Nandini chuckled playfully burning them.

"And hubby let's talk about something important" She smiled sitting on the chair.

"Sit everyone we will have a family breakfast" Nandini smiled and made Manik sit beside her. He sat in a corner of his chair ready to run away. Her confidence level made him think her as a ghost.

"Now tell them hubby whose baby is this?" She asked having yummy chicken lollipop.

"I don't know" as the sentence reached her ear. Her hand left the lollipop and soon it touched his cheek with a hard stroke like the spicy masala of the chicken coated on his cheek.

"Mummyyy" Manik cried holding his double slapped cheek.

"What!!" Johnson shouted getting up.

"Hush, uncle your elder to me and Aunty don't like to hit you. Kindly shut your useless mouth" Nandini glanced in a cold tone.

"Shut up and sit orelse you want another from me!" Mrs Johnson scolded pulling his wrist making him sit.

"Now fast tell me who is the father of my baby?" She asked dropping the empty bone taking another.

"I suggest you, bro, think and answer orelse you will lose your teeth." Maya warned having her happy breakfast.

"Me only" he mumbled rubbing his cheek. She slapped him once more with her left hand making him yelp out.

"I told truth only Nah" he cried like a kid cupping his cheeks.

"Tell louder, a few days ago you shouted a lie then why not you scream the truth?" Nandini shouted in anger for which Maya giggled. Manik glanced at her in anger yet controlled looking at his devil wife.

"Hmm, tell louder now"

"That baby is mine" Manik declared which burned Johnson to an extent.

"Good, now listen everybody. Whatever happened is past. I don't want to marry this useless man. I divorced him it's final, but because of trusting this rouge, I got an extra gift that's my baby. I want my baby to see his father after my delivery. Once my baby and this world see his father. I will rewrite your property and leave my way. I want every one of you to cooperate with this and Manik will play the role of my husband and take care of me well throughout. If in this gap any of you show your smartness he will be behind bars and property will be to the government as per my will. If anything happens to me or my baby... You both will be on Roads begging. This low-class girl got angry so I made you low class too. I lose nothing, but you will lose everything!" She dropped cold warning, dropping her spoon she washed her hand and made her way to her room.

"Five minutes, you should be in our bedroom. Orelse... I will pluck out your both wisdom teeth. After all, you don't have any" Nandini scoffed climbing the stairs leaving Manik in shock.

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