Saucy Revenge

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26- Reunion

After completing his breakfast he was about to walk upstairs.

"Where are you going? We have important meetings." His dad scowled from behind. He just glared at his mom and sister who are waiting for his reply.

"Ask mom, dad. If you can convince her then I will take risk of convincing my wife."

"You're not a puppet!" Johnson shouted by which nandini glanced from the corridor of her room.

"Any problem, should I come?" She yelled making him jump.

"Nothing, we are just discussing about toys" Manik lied purposely.

"You still have time to buy toys. First, come up and arrange my wardrobe" she taunted, he just rolled his eyes.

"I think dad, we both can handle office. If we are here she may ask us to wash dishes and clean her room." Maya let out fusing her dad more.

"Why the hell you did this Maya?" Johnson roared in stepping to her. In fear maya yelled out louder "Bhabhiiii"

Manik jumped on hearing her scream and Johnson was too surprised.

Nandini rushed out downstairs hearing it.

"What happened Maya?"

"I just got scared" Maya mumbled getting away from her dad which made Manik laugh which he has hidden instantly.

"Oh uncle, can I have a minute in private?" she uttered glaring at everyone.

Johnson walked along with Nandini to the adjoint guest room.

"Why the hell you returned? Don't you have any shame? Want to die or what?" Johnson roared frustrated at her presence.

"Just chill, uncle. Even when I escaped from car crash I felt to run away from you all, but on my way, I just remembered about my baby. What if this world questions him about his parents. Even being the father of my baby your dirty son named him as illicit then what about this stupid world? I don't want my baby to grow like that. Me or my baby never needs your dirty money. We both need respect. I can earn bread for us. I don't need any revenge for the things you did with either. I just need respect. About Your son, it's useless and I had no hope in my relationship as well. I'm just living here for my baby. And your property is just for my life security. What if you father and son again try to kill me or my baby? By luck, I saved my baby that day. It can't happen again. So I will never disclose your reality to your wife or daughter in return you stop hunting me. I need peace now get out." Nandini confessed in on go.

"It's good for you. Remember, Lily, is his wife!" Johnson added.

"Yeah, after all, I don't take used things even I'm poor. I'm just like a lioness I eat fresh by hunting alone, but you and that Lily are like a fox who always wait for the lioness and full your tummy will my left aways. Enjoy... Your son is one of my left away past. It's all over when the day he ditched me and my baby." She growled.

Johnson walked out frustrated with one glance at his wife he left to his office.

"Bye, darling" Maya smiled hugging Nandini kissing her cheeks.

"Bye," Nandini smiled. Maya left and her mom went upstairs to look after Zane.

"Drama over, come now" Nandini snapped climbing the stairs.

Manik slowly followed her glancing at his surroundings.

She sat on the bed holding her small tummy tired of climbing the stairs.

Manik opened the door and closed it from behind locking it secure by which she trembled a little in fear.

"Outside you showed so much dare, what happened that inside. Scared that I will eat your or like that night wax fun?" he chuckled making her sweat in fear. She just gulped all and crawled aside on the bed collecting her shivering knees.

"Maintain same" Manik chuckled removing his shirt and sanitising his hands.

Turning on the Tv on loud. He stepped inside the bathroom and left the door open. Nandini just looked at him.

Feeling her glance on his back he turned to face her. Opening his arms he invited her to reach his secured embrace. She just took a few seconds with mixed emotions. She jumped out of the bed and run to him with flowing tears.

She hugged him tight crying out on his shoulder gushing out her pain which she went through years.

Before wrapping his hands around her he closed the bathroom door. As the magnetic strip of the door sealed the vacuum prohibited the sound from disturbing them inside and their conversation passes outside.

"Why hubby?" She sobbed. He softly broken the hug and kissed her face pouring out his love.

"I'm so sorry, everything because of me. Why you returned? Why the hell you returned? I said goodbye in Maldives only right. Luckily I had plan B orelse...." He cried cupping her face kissing her tears.

"I felt to tell this good news"

"Only this you felt. Why didn't you felt to tell me about my dads demand on day one? I told you we will move out to your apartment, but you trusted on family. He is not family baby, he will kill you and our baby. How badly I planned and made him believe you are dead? I arranged everything for you to live happily in Maldives again. Then why the hell you returned?" Manik cried worried.

"Because I want you. My baby wants his father too. I don't want my love to miss such a beautiful phase in life. I want you to feel our baby growing in me. It's our love right?" She whimpered cupping his face with love.

"Yes, our love. I'm so sorry for talking so ill. I deserve to get million more slaps from you. I'm so sorry!" He cried in guilt taking her plam slapping himself.

"Enough! I returned morning right! Got so much fun" she giggled pulling his cheeks.

"No, you didn't hit well, my sister did so horribly like my jaws broken. She loves you beyond anything. I'm so proud of my Sister" Manik smiled admiring.

"How stupid you're did I really look like Ghost?"

"Yeah of course. I just made fun. I mentally fixed my dad that your no more and suddenly you returned. I told that useless fellow to sent you to Maldives after your treatment, but again. He will definitely die in my hands" Manik scolded.

"Shut up, dare to scold my Bro. He is best and obeyed my request like a good boy unlike you who always tried to push me" she taunted hitting his chest.

"Oh, brother is good boy and husband is bad." Manik mocked.

"Yeah, You should've said me everything prior" Nandini pouted making him smile.

"Come sit it's a long story, I will tell in detail" manik smiled making her sit on the slab.

"Tell fast, I'm dying in suspense. By the way, can I remove this chip?" She asked rolling her eyes.

"Not so soon we just meet silver Jubilee wait till we touch golden" he laughed joining his forehead with hers downing in her lovely eyes.

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