Saucy Revenge

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27- Flashback


That morning Nandini woke up in new premises on a soft mattress in a well-furnished glossy room.

She got up hearing the sounds of the door unlocked.

Grabbing the sheet she crawled up touching the bed dashboard scared.

A muscular man wearing a face mask walked in with a tray of food. she shivered looking at the tattoo on his arm making her remains Rick.

"Please, leave me" she cried looking at him.

"I can't, have your breakfast and rest," he said in a cold tone yet noisy.

"Please, leave me I will pay any amount in return. Please let me go..."

"No amount can justify your worth dear. Just rest. Everything will be fine" he smiled closing the door.

"This shouldn't happen. I can't trust them anymore. I should do something to save myself and my baby. I don't want my baby to live between such heartless people." She thought herself. Getting out of the bed she started searching for any stick or rode and she found a broom in the corner of the cupboard.

By the time the person open the door, she targetted to hit him on his head and run out if the room locking the door.

As planned he opened the door. He screamed in pain as she started hitting him on his head with the handle of the broom.

"Ahh, Nandiniiii..." He screamed in pain and snatched away the broom. Throwing it aside he held her wrist from running away.

She bitten his hand and tried to run away.

"Ahhhh, Nandiniii! It's me" he screamed pulling out his face mask.

"Sam bro" She cried looking at his face.

"Yes, That stupid only. My bloody life" He cursed himself rubbing his bleeding hand by her bite.

"You are also doing this with me" She cried unable to believe her eyes.

"You're taking me wrong" Sam tried to explain moving closer to get her up.

"Please leave me" she cried joining her hands.

"Saraaa" he screamed out and a girl came up running to them.

"What happened? Nandini!" She called out worried.

"Look, she is my sister. Your friend! Will I do anything bad with my sisters?" Sam whispered stressed up.

"First get up, it's not good for you to take stress. Baby should be healthy, right?" Sara smiled.

"Please let me go" she sobbed in fear.

"Nandu, it's me Sara. We will not harm you darling" Sara whispered wiping her tears.

"Bro, please get a glass of water" Sara said to her brother while wiping tears off Nandini.

"I swear, we will never harm you. We are just trying to protect you and your baby. Manik bro said me to take care of you." Hearing his name she jumped in fear crawling away.

"No, he is very bad. he will kill my baby. I don't want any protection. I want to go please" She begged crying vigorously and got up to run away. Sam lost his calm and took her in his arms and tied her hands and legs forcibly.

"Bro, already she was shattered" Sara tried to stop him.

"Shut up, you useless doctor! In her fear, she will kill me. For God sake sit quiet and let me handle" Sam growled at his sister frustrated.

"Please leave me" Nandini cried more struggling.

"Shut up, stay quiet. orelse I will chop your tongue. You girls have big tongue only you use for stupid things. Atleast use brain a little" Sam scolded making her crawl in fear. She got numb seeing his anger and sobbed silently.

Sam felt bad seeing her crying. He just sat on the floor beside the bed holding his paining head.

"I'm sorry, Manik just acted to save you from his dad. He wants you and the baby save. He portrayed your death. Whatever happened is just a drama to his dad. We will never hurt you" Sam confessed. Nandini just looked on with disbelief. She remembered the way how he ill-treated her humiliated her love.

"I can't trust anyone. If you are seriously helping me please let me go"

"Look where ever you go Manik can track you. If you really want to go I will let you go, but the chip on your skin will be planted inside your skin." Sara muttered in a serious tone.

"What chip I have?"

"On your back there is a chip which Manik attached before sending you out" Nandini remembered Manik kissing her neck whispering in her ear "you and my baby both are mine, only mine" his words echoed in her mind.

"I can't believe it, Why?" She shattered.

"Even we don't know the reason, but trust us. We are here to protect you. As you know Sara is a successful gynaecologist. She will help you with the process. This is her home and your safe here none will find you. You and your baby can live happily."

"Where is Manik then? Your lying right! He cheated me" she cried in broken tone.

"Offo, Manik can't come to us. If he seriously don't love you why will he plan this all. Atleast why will he get a tattoo of your name? He loves you yar. It's just a matter of days. There is something serious reason behind this mess. He was so worried about your health." Sam explained.

"Sam is right, your stress is dangerous for your baby and you need complete bed rest. Manik will come soon and he will tell you everything." Sara tried to comfort her.

"I want Manik" She cried.

"It's not possible now, please take rest" Sam said leaving. Sara untied her free and tried to calm her, but Nandini cried badly. Being helpless Sam informed Manik the same, but Manik warned Sam to lock her.

Except Manik and Nandini none knows the true colour of Johnson, so they ignored the seriousness.

Being so helpless Sam contacted Maya from his private number. Once confirming her attitude towards Nandini. Sam invited Maya to meet Nandini in private.

Sam and Sara explained her about Manik's intention to save Nandini. Her anger on Manik melted hearing out his plan and using her brain she got her father signatures on the property documents and registered them and planned a perfect script for Nandini's reentry.

Nandini re-entry was a surprising shock for Manik and a horrible shock for Johnson but good news for Mrs Johnson.

Precap: Manik version of planning.

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