Saucy Revenge

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28- His pov

Manik pov,

"I didn't expect you to have a re-entry. It's not an ordinary race" I growled looking at her.

"What do you think that you did everything and live happily with Lily? It's not easy to get rid of me? Tell you why you started this stupid planning" she scolded me in anger slapping my cheek lightly.

"Listen, Meeting Rick, that night gave me answer for my every question including the answer for your exit from my life. I always have a keen doubt about my dad. He looks status in his shoes also then how can he accept my love and my selection.

With a soft knife, he sliced our love apart. Like an idiot, I believed when he said you divorced me and left house that also eloped with someone.

I know you, I know my love can never cheat on me. I believed you divorced me by seeing those papers, but I strongly felt you love me and you can't cheat me. I started searching for you to know the reason.

I swear I started searching for you to know the reason if you are determined to leave me I felt to let you go. I don't want to lock you.

Meeting you in maldives made me think different, you had so much love for me and I have seen the same in your eyes. That made me determine that you are forced to divorce me and when you strongly demanded me to marry Lily and you pointed out in capability on me that gave me a sense of idea.

We both know your medical condition and beyond you, I know you can't convince. I gave you space to think about other options and in our conversation, you even accepted the idea of surrogacy and adoption.

We just got to a conclusion to get a baby by adoption before my trip, but suddenly you left with a note goodbye.

Rick told me that my father wants to kill you and he paid Rick for that task. By luck, I reached you before him. I got information that he is in Maldives and I wanted to catch him red-handed so I faked sleep. As he got off guards, I got a chance to confront him and get all the information.

Knowing my dad's evil intentions I started playing accordingly and I also contacted few specialists about the chances of you being pregnant. I lost my calm when you started accusing me and creating yourself as bad. I can't handle it when someone talks ill about you even it's you! Even you don't have right to portrait yourself as bad. I wanted to hurt you badly for all this nonsense. You left me on the roads.

"It's ok I deserve your anger and I took everything you did with me but here..."

"Who the hell told you to come here!! I know you will be pregnant, but I said not to show your face." I snapped in anger.

"Shut up you should tell directly we used to sort there itself"

"Can't because I should know my dad's true colour and you should also know it. Everyone around should see his real face."

"I hated you so much for that Oscar acting, I felt like dying" She cried leaning on my heart.

"You just got four days, but I've seen a year with so much pain. Tit for tat" I laughed.

"Your so bad, I hate you" she cried with tears hugging me.

"Hush, sorry baby. To gain my dad's trust I turned out evil. Aman informed me that you're coming to me. I'm tracking you from time to time so I planned to kidnap you when you left out of my Mansion, but suddenly my dad asked me to lock you. That room has secret cameras around. So I was bad in private too. But I kept teddy camera to record everything my dad spoke with you." I said wiping her tears.

"How are you tracking me?"

"The platinum chain I gifted you has a tracker and it has a microphone too. I heard every word you spoke with Aman. That's why I changed vibrator settings" I chuckled.

"How can you do this?" She scolded with a cute pout.

"Yeah, I got doubt while shifting you, if the chain is lost I will lose my tracking. so I added the chip on your skin under your strip. My dad and you felt im having fun hurting you, but only I know how much I cried inside " I whimpered hiding my pain inside me.

"Such a devil you are!! But I love you" She whispered hugging me.

"I love you much my lioness. Sorry because of me you always got pain. I hate myself for hurting you. I always said you we shouldn't live with these people, but you always forced me to stay with family. Because of that, my dad got a chance to separate us. Once my planning is over we will shift away from everyone" I said kissing her forehead. She raised her eyes to look at me and suddenly pushed me away.

"What happened?"

"Who the hell asked you to have a tattoo on your heart? Don't you know how sensitive your skin can be" she scolded with tears. Oh God, this girl scared the hell out of me.

"When I gave my arm to my friends. You deserve my everything love. My friends are just part of my happiness, but you took all my bad and embraced me with your love. The way I treated you is so worst. My mom and Maya are right. I don't deserve you or this baby. My dad ruined my life, but you faced all the ill effects. I don't force you, if you want you can walk out of my life. I just tried to save you and our baby, I don't deserve a third chance. Just show me our baby and you can go... No! Seeing baby may make me greedy to keep you again. You can leave now only. You live happy away from me my evil dad." I said cupping her face. She just blinked dropping her tears.

"I love you" she cried.

"Hush, hell with love. Don't get blind again. I will explain then you get your answer. You have right to divorce me, but I don't have any right to lock you in the villa and force you to sleep with me. Most brutally I shouldn't be rough and cruel towards you... In my anger, I went to extreme and the humiliation and mental tension I gave you here... It's just I can't face you. We should part away Nandini." I cried turning away from her. I should be strong to let her think, but I was shattered remembering the things I did in my helplessness. If I had never loved her she used to have her ordinary happy life. My entry shattered her life. My death can give a solution for all the problems in her life. My sana should live happily and I'm ready to die for that.

"You promised me a forever and how can you think about living me. You made blunders and every blunder of yours will be punished. I will make sure you pay back for them. My baby wants his father to pick him first. I want us to grow older to experience our hair turning grey. Anyways I loved the pleasure, but the thought of staying away from you gave me pain. I will take pain, but not separation. I will forgive you on one condition" she added in a serious tone.


"I want Rick's hands to be cutten off. Can you gift me his hands?" Her request made me jump away.

"You are kidding right?" I uttered in disbelief.

"No, he should never touch any girl in his life and I shouldn't remember him ever. I want his hands to be chopped. Can you do it for me?" She asked like some toy.

"It may not be possible." I whispered rubbing my hair to suppress my heartbeat.

She got on her feet and grabbed my arm and pushed me out of the door in anger. Seriously! She pushed me out of my room.

"No entry until you get me my gift" she scoffed shutting the door on my face.

"Give my shirt atleast?" I cried standing out looking at my surroundings.

"Please give shirt" I cried banging on the door. She opened the door and smacked the shirt on my face and again closed the door.

"Like some toy she needed hands... Hush! Whose hands should I cut now! Haha, my fate...I deserve this!! Useless idiot" I cursed myself walking out hitting myself.

Now list out what you demand as punishment for Manik?

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