Saucy Revenge

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29- Her anger

Author pov,

Tucking in his shirt Manik left for his office and unlocked his dad's cabin.

"Dad!" He called out walking in.

"How the hell she came alive? Useless, I said you inject poison" Johnson roared in anger dragging his son inside his cabin.

"Even I don't know dad, your right we should have done that" Manik muttered with guilt.

"It's too late, she got on our head."

"Not she, your super responsible daughter kept her. How you signed off your share? I'm glad I don't trust anyone so I saved my 20% orelse we should be on roads. First, you give lecture to your super responsible daughter." Manik mocked.

"We will ask her later, but first tell me what about Rick? She is alive with no scar means accident?" His dad asked thinking.

"We can find that only from her, but I think Rick died because our men told us that they found a dead body on the driving seat. I think she had jumped out of the car before it fell off the cliff. But how she gained consciousness and how can the baby be safe. I doubt it, dad. She might be faking pregnancy." Manik added a new version of story polluting his dad's brain.

"Why will she fake pregnancy?"

"Revenge dad, she thinks Lily is marrying me for money. If lily founds we are out of wealth she will dump me and take our wealth she can live happily even after divorce. By divorce, she gets only 25% but by blackmailing, she got all 75%. She wants to rule us" Manik added settling on his chair.

"This girl turned out like a demon in our lives. We need more power to get back our property and you stay close to Lily. Her family support will safeguard us in long run."

"Yeah, im planning the same, but we should find truth from Nandini. How she got alive and about her pregnancy. We should get our answer" Manik ad iced like a villain.

"Yes, till then we should hold our anger"

"Yeah, we are in trouble" Manik smirked.


Both Manik and Johnson returned home. Arrived early to spend some time with Zane as she had one more business trip tomorrow alone with her husband Jack.

Everything was quite common until he completed dinner and entered his room and with a device, he cross-checked the presence of any secret camera or mic. Once it's clear he sighed in relief.

"When will you get my gift?" She asked shaping her nails.

"Yar, ask something else it's not possible," he said spraying perfume.

"Why this perfume now?" She asked stopping her work.

"Oh that, it's been a long time. Why not we..." He whispered climbing on the bed crawling to her.

"Come fast why so much delay?" She chuckled cupping his eyes looking into chocolate eyes.

Before he kiss her she pushed him out of the bed. He fell on the floor carpet hurting himself.

"Dare you touch me! First, get my gift and then claim me as your wife" she scoffed in anger.

"Baby, your my wife. Please understand? It's not any chocolate" he muttered frustrated.

"No not, Go to that lizard Lily and what the hell on your finger! Haan." She got up with a jerk and twisted his ring finger.

"Ahh, it's hurting. Don't!" He shouted in pain.

"Where is our wedding ring?" She shouted pressing the diamond on his skin.

"Ahh, devil it's ripping off my skin" he screamed in touch pain. Utmost got tears in pain.

"Tell me where is our ring?" She shouted leaving his finger.

"It's in locker. This ring is needed to continue my drama" he mumbled blowing air on his finger.

"If my ring is in the locker this ring should be in dustbin then!" She said pulling out the ring.

"Please, understand. That lily will kill me" he cried in too much pain. She ignored his pain and pulled out the ring hurting his finger.

"Show your skills outside this room. While entering my room you should be mine. Every inch of yours should be only mine. I don't know what you will do, the nail mark on your neck should be erased. Orelse I will chop the skin on your neck also." He pulled on his tee hiding the marks in fear.

She got up from the bed and got the first aid box.

"Mine is always mine, but someone else touched my property and hurting me you got engaged with that lizard. It's a punishable offence and kissed her. Maya told me everything." She scolded in her possession tone and cleaning his finger she placed a bandage.

"Sorry" he mumbled.

"You will stay out until I get my gift" she said guiding him out.

"Baby, please... I will think"

"Yes, yes think outside" she smiled pushing him out and locking the door.

"You can't do this! This is my room" he shouted banging on the door. Instead of his wife his parents and Maya along with little Zane came out.

He felt so embarrassed and faked a smile.

"What happened?" His dad asked in his cold tone.

"Nothing" he mumbled turning away. His dad found the reason and looked at his wife in anger.

"seems his wife pushed him out. Isn't it, bro?" Maya chuckled.

"Shut up, all because of you" Manik shouted in anger moving to his sister, but he stopped seeing Zane holding her hand.

"You deserve it, bro. Come on Zane tell your uncle a Good night" Maya laughed taking her son in her arms. He signed Maya to put him down.

"Good night"

Zane went to the door and softly knocked on the door with his little hands. Nandini opened the door feeling the tab on the bottom of the door.

"What you want my star?" Nandini smiled lifting him.

"G..good night, friend" he kissed her cheek. Manik made an o seeing their bonding in just one day.

"Cheating! Cheating! Momma see" Manik cried like a kid seeing all the ladies teamed up together taking the kid too.

His mom walked to her with a smile.

"It's cold outside, let him stay inside. He will adjust in any corner" His mom said shocking him up.

"Ok mom" Nandini smiled.

"Any corner?" He uttered in disbelief glancing at them.

"No force you can stay outside also" Nandini smiled passing Zane to Maya.

"It's ok, I will adjust" Manik faked a smile. Maya has seen his banged finger and got satisfied much.

"This ring suits you more, bro" Maya laughed. He pushed his hand in his pocket hidden his finger which made Nandini laugh.

Everyone left after a long fun making session. He entered his room at last.

"On the couch. No touching until my baby grows healthy for three months and forget about romance and think about my gift. If you still feel your friend is more important than me, then you can go and enjoy your night sharing your bed with him. I appreciate Bi also" she snickered making him freeze.

"You are doing too much! It's paining and your words hurt too. I'm a Straight Man" he cried like a baby.

"Yeah, that is why you made baby with me and came here to kiss Lily" she taunted.

"I said sorry"

"Oh, come here" she smiled raising her hand for him. He reached her with hope and everything was ruined up by his scream as she once again squeezed his ring finger.

"Ouch, sorry hubby" she smiled devilishly as he winched in pain.

"Sorry, heals right!" She laughed at him.

"Such a devil I married" he cursed in pain shaking his hand.

"Same feeling" she scoffed lying on the bed pulling her quilt.

"Ahhh" he screamed frustrated taking big steps hitting the floor in anger. She laughed under the sheet enjoying his helplessness.

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