Saucy Revenge

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3- Beyond Limits

Nandini pov,

"When you can't make me a mother. I should've left you long long ago, but I made delay. I don't deserve to live with an incapable man like you" I spat with hate making him furious. His ego is dangerous yet I'm crossing my limits.

"What did you say now?" He growled in anger choking my neck yet his grip is firm.

"Yeah! We lived in marriage for two years still I couldn't get pregnant and that's the reason you! You don't fit for a family and you want me to ruin my life." I snapped poking him. He left my neck free and parted away. Oh, God! I'm safe.

I pulled away to get out of his bed and find my clothes which are scattered in the room.

"Wait! I should also feel it right. I don't have any problem with having a baby or not because you're my family. But as my love, you have right to demand some. Let's try it now, if we fail in this period. I will divorce you and get you married to a capable man. I love you and I felt my love is enough for you but seems you need more." He spoke dishearted.

"Are you out of your mind? I don't want anything to try. Get out of me!" I screamed irritated. I just can't see him sad.

"Yeah, I'm mad in your love. Today I want to show you, my love. If you deny I will call your boss" he warned hovering over me.

"Call! I will tell him that you're molesting me. No man has the right to touch a girl without her consent even her husband!" I growled.

"Oh really, then why you enjoyed last night and even now you're wet under this sheet" He smirked in a husky tone pulling away the sheet from my neck and nipplied my sweet spot making me moan.

"Someone is enjoying again" he whispered chewing my skin kissing occasionally and

"Be gentle!" I screamed as he harshly pulled away the quilt.

"I was gentle so you felt bored right. Today I will not leave until I get satisfied with you that you satisfied" he growled pushing away the sheet I cover on. Not again! This freaking love for him is driving me insane.

"I was just drunk last night couldn't remember anything much, but now I will drink your every inch" He smirked leaning on kissing my lips.

I pushed against him with my free hand but he was much stronger than me. He pulled my hand up above me and held both wrists in just one of his massive hands. His other hand began exploring my body. My skin was still tingling from last night encounter with him. He squeezed my curve and I tried to pull away again unsuccessfully. I began to protest but he pushed his lips hard against mine. I tried to close my lips against his intrusion but his tongue found its way in. I broke down and let him kiss me. It was a deep, long kiss and I could feel the passion behind it. His hand slid down between my legs. I started to kick against him, but his legs pressed against mine. With his feet he spread my legs, pushing my calves apart. I felt completely vulnerable as he overpowered me. He began stroking his finger inside of me while continuing to kiss me. My body loosened under his grip and began to submit to him. I found my tongue stroking against his and my hips started moving against his finger, humping myself on him.

Suddenly he pulled his hand away from me and his lips left mine.

"Not so fast," he laughed. "You're going to pay for everything."

You useless human, you shouldn't submit! I let out a little whimper and tried to push him. This can't continue.

"Where are you going?" he asked as I put on his shirt around my body and stepped towards the door to the poolside.

"Leave me alone. You already destroyed my happiness and you made me an orphan." I tried to put the guilt on him.

I watched the anger come across his face. "This is all on you. You started this. Now you're going to get what you deserve!" I felt jumping into this ocean is better than living closer to him.

Scared, I grabbed the doorknob and tried to escape the room and better live in the pool corridor. He pinned me to the door and held it closed with his massive palm. I struggled with the doorknob, but I knew it was pointless. With one swift motion, he ripped the shirt from my body. Then he grabbed my arm and pushed my back against the door. I was avoiding looking into his eyes, not wanting to see his anger. He grabbed my hair and turned my face towards his. Slowly, he commanded, "You will do exactly as I want."

I was too scared to disobey. I felt completely taken over by him. I wasn't sure what he meant about getting what I deserve. I didn't know how far he would go. He seemed so angry I was afraid he might hurt me if I didn't obey him. Whatever I should stay strong. If I hold now it will be over forever. I can get free from this guilt. He can hurt me that can help me in healing myself.

"Do you understand?" He yelled in my face. I slowly nodded as tears came down my face. Hurt me as you like I should hate you! I saw his dominance when he was my boyfriend, but later on, he turned soft for me and today I remember it again.

He kept his grip on my hair and pulled me away from the door and threw me down on the bed and I scrambled away from him when I left his grip. I cowered at the head of the bed and watched as he stood between me and the only exit in the room. A small smile came to his face when he saw my handkerchief hanging in my coat. He slowly walked towards me, pulling the handkerchief with him. I shrank away from him, but I had nowhere to go.

"Come here," he commanded as he pulled me by the arm. I tried to crawl away, but he pushed me face first into the mattress and pulled my arms behind me. He fastened the kerchief around my wrists and bound my hands behind my back. When he was finished he stepped back and admired his handwork.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked frantically when he approached me.

"Just want to complete my fantasy to take you rough again, but trust me I will fulfill your wish soon" he smiled mischief. He started checking out me. That is seriously embarrassing.

"Don't look like that!" I shouted closing my eyes irritated.

"Why shouldn't I?" He growled slapping on my thighs.

"Ouch! I don't want this" I screamed, crawling back away from his gaze.

He dragged me back holding my ankle and sat between my legs and leaned over me. He ran his fingers up and down my sensitive skin. I wasn't sure what his next move would be.

"Are you freaking killing me?" I cried.

He grinned at me. Suddenly he thrust his finger making me jolt.

"Are you enjoying this?" He asked me.

"No!" I snapped.

He moved his finger more and halted his finger half inside me.

"What are you doing?" I screamed as he sat quietly examining me in the position that's so annoying.

"Checking wifey" he smiled moving his finger around my dripped petals.

"What are you checking?" I snapped frustrated.

"I'm looking how your clients used you. Seems nowadays none visited you. Tell me how many men you got here?" he smirked rubbing on my knot. I arched my back to avoid the pleasure.

"It's none offff your businesses" I snapped in moaning mess.

"Oh, then what is my business?" He growled getting over me pinching my cherry and pushed in his long finger with a jerk. I screamed aloud with his added finger. Giving in my resistance pleasure washed me out making me exhausted.

"Pleaseeee!" I cried in too much pleasure as he still making laps.

"Answer!" He demanded. Such an ass! I cursed him insult not daring to get more angry. He took my silence as no and in seconds he pulled away his shorts and entered me with a jerk.

"Manikkkkk!" I screamed as he buried his entire length inside me in one go. He freed my hands and started thrusting deeper.

Please stop! Please!" tears streaked down my face.

"Tell me " he whispered in my ears softly kissing my twins sucking on.

"None!" I mumbled fallen flat in his love.

"Why?" He asked sealing my lips in his.

"Because I only do it with love and I only loved you" I confessed looking into his eyes.

"Then why do you want divorce?" He asked leaving my lips.

"I hate you too so" I muttered. He raised his pace sudden and soon I had my end. But I can feel he is nowhere to it.

After few strokes, he moved out. I felt its over, but no, It's just started he lifted my legs on his shoulder and took me deeper with all hard thrusts making me scream and halted when I was totally exhausted. He pulled out letting me relax softly calming me with kisses.

"Ahhhhh!" A scream rushed out as he pushed himself to infinity with one unexpected beast thrust he climax in my womb. I was almost in tears with his too much rough. He had never been so rough even when he forced me drugged. This was too much to handle his force.

With few strokes, he moved out dropping my legs from his shoulders. I closed my eyes exhausted. He softly kissed my eyes and lied beside me taking in his embrace.

Sleep took over me as he softly stroked my hair giving me rest.

I opened my eyes feeling warm lips on my neck softly kissing me. My eyes fell on the clock it's 2 pm afternoon. I pushed him back a little not to make him much angry now. Even I'm so tired to fight back and I had work to organise for guests.

"I'm not done yet!" He said making me freeze for a second. What more he wants now!!

"You don't have any work but I have. Im accountable for all events here." I said in my calm tone.

"Hmm, stubborn. But you're on leave" he added with a grin.

"My leave was cancelled due to this emergency. This resort is filled with 70 guests. I should look after their safety and needs too." I mumbled.

"Hmm, if I let you out. You may run away and I can't take risk. You better resign it now and focus on our love and my needs. Those 69 people will be taken care by your dumb assistant." He growled.

"You can't just rule me. I hate you more!" I shouted in anger. He passed an angry look making me gulp my anger.

"I... I'm hungry" I whispered scared.

"I know, Already it's ready to serve. I will feed you today" he smiled walking out of the bed. He had his shorts but didn't give me anything to wear. So rude! I pulled on my quilt covering myself.

He fed me lunch and made me rest taking his phone from my side and dialled someone sitting beside me.

"Hi, dad. How are you?" He asked on phone putting on the speaker he lay beside me placing the phone on the pillow between us.

"Fine, how is your trip? Don't worry enjoy these two weeks too and sorry I said lily to surprise you to celebrate your birthday but due to this pandemic she is struck in London" his dad apologised. Oh, his dad was already in charge to make him move on.

"It's ok, I'm loving this trip. Thanks!"

"Wonderful, I just wish you stay happy marrying Lily," his dad said making him frown. He was about to shout but I closed his mouth with my palm and sighed.

"We will talk about it later. I may not be able to attend calls please note it" he said hanging up the call turning to me.

"He will also feel happy knowing about us together again" he smiled kissing my hand. He can never be happy knowing it because he is the only person who knows my incapability.

"I don't want to be together with you. Whatever happened here is just a settlement for our divorce. Lily is right for you. Better marry her" I said in my glassy tone. His smile was replaced by anger and I know what's coming now, but never know when he will get tired of loving me.

A/n : I tired to make it appear mutual with different emotions... I'm not sure about my presentation so I was not ready to update even written
Only your feedback can give me solace... Please express what you felt reading it...even criticism, I accept both wholeheartedly 💕
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