Saucy Revenge

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30- Stress therapy

Mature content is contributed by Mr. Devilvik 🙊

Manik pov,

As I lay on my couch frustrated started trying to sleep. There is no moment from her side.

Maybe slept, it's ok my fate I deserve this mess. Suddenly I felt warmth around me.

She covered a blanket on me and softly kissed my forehead riffing my hair.

I opened my eyes instantly to look at her. She turned back seeing me awake. There was some fear in those eyes of hers.

I held her wrist stopping her from getting away from me "Don't you like to stay with me?" I asked within my upset tone. Yet she can decide her choice.

She looked at my teary eyes and hugged me with a kiss.

"I felt to do this same that night when I gave you too much pain. I'm sorry, I made you feel bad, but I couldn't accept that you left me because of others." I cried.

"I'm sorry, I trusted your dad too much. It's all my fault." She whispered kissing my face with love.

"It's not our fault. It's his fault"

"But why uncle hates me? Just for my status. He will hate our baby too?" She whimpered.

"Shuuu... Don't think all that. He will love our baby and just wait everything will be fine" I comforted her, but I know it's the biggest lie, I ever said to her.

She can't bear the truth that a grandfather wants to kill his unborn baby.

"Go sleep, it's getting late" I smiled cheering her.

"Come we will sleep on bed" she said taking my hand.

"Are you sure?" I asked with a smirk.

"I'm sure on you that's why I'm with you and will be forever"

"Promise? You shouldn't leave me again. But what about our divorce" I grinned standing up.

"You gave me papers, but I didn't find them. I lost them somewhere" she mumbled thinking.

"When you're sleeping I burnt them. Remember, you and our baby both are mine. Only mine" I whispered in my possessive tone.

"Then what about that Rick. I was just dying remembering him. Can't you do something about it" she cried walking away to the bed, lying to her side she cried.

I sealed the lock and pulled the nets around our bed and got on my bed cuddling her.

"Did you ever seen Rick after that night?" I asked kissing her neck. She remained silent gulping her tears.

"Baby, please. Don't cry"

"How can you do this? Why you're taking it so easy? It's hurting me. He assaulted me and you're taking it easy. Do I seriously deserve that? You like to share me with your best friend. Am I feeling used! It's paining" she sobbed outpouring her pain hidden in form of tears, that pinched my heart. I can't tell her the truth about Rick.

"In an accident, he died. He will never return to us."

"Don't lie, I just can't handle it! If you can't do anything just tell me on face" she scoffed freaking up.

"I never lie to you"

"Promise on me!" She insisted sitting on the bed wiping her tears.

"Yes, promise on you. Rick is no more and I want you to forget him. Everything will be heard by our baby. I want our baby to grow in a happy environment. You're too much curious on taking risk. Remember if anything happens to our baby, you will see my inner devil again. I never asked you to have a baby, but you provoked me and I gave you what you wanted. It's your duty to keep him growing healthy without any stress. If you keep thinking shit and hurt my baby. I will send you back to Sam" I scoffed frustrated.

"He is far better than you"

"Sam is your brother. I know"

"I just call him bro friendly. It doesn't mean brother. Anyways don't get him in our argument. Sam is best" she smiled provoking me.

"Fine, you didn't show me, my baby." I smiled pushing her softly on the bed.

"Hey, how you will see?" She struggled as I softly pushed her nightie over her thighs.

"No... Dammit... Stop..." She shouted holding her nightie to pull it down. I ignored her scream and rolled the nightie higher to her breast and pushed the rolled fabric in her mouth.

"I don't like to hurt your wrist. Don't scream and let me greet my baby" I whispered.

"Baby, how are you feeling inside? Is everything ok, air conditioning and all?" I smiled resting my ear on her tummy. It's just a little swollen. No perfect diet may be a reason.

"What the hell is this, can't you put on some easy-going thong" I yelled pulling it out. The waistband around it is harsh on her skin as well.

"Manik, please... Don't"

"Just relax I will not make love" I cheered calming her. She just closed her thighs as her eyes expressed so much anger.

"I'm being soft it doesn't mean you can do anything. Let me do my work orelse I will cuff you and spank you too"

"What the hell you're doing? It's embarrassing. I know how ugly im with swollen body. I'm tired, let me go" she cried frustrated.

"Sure once my examination is done then. Let me have a down view of my baby"

"I will kick you, Manik. Our baby was just nine weeks and what the hell you will see? Don't take advantage" she scolded pushing my head. I parted her legs apart and smelled her scents. That's erotic and attracted me hard to kiss her there.

"You're so beautiful my love" I whispered peaking her lips.

I crawled down to my heaven and softly kissed her swollen lips which were already wet with my gaze.

I have gone back to her thighs and licks up the outside of her closed lips, unexpectedly. She jolts with pleasure arching her back. I entered my tongue inside her. That's a heavenly feeling. I miss it.

"Ahh...Manik nooo!" she screamed holding her pleasure as I pushed my finger.

"Resisting pleasure is a sin, Senorita" I smiled poking my nose working my tongue.

"You liar" she moaned provoking me.

"I'm just checking my baby's room temperature" I giggled playing with my tongue.

"Hmmm... Y... I... Will"

"I'm ready to get beaten by you. Take a breath love" I whispered working my tongue through her lips, spreading them apart with my skilful fingers, and started to make long, soft laps in her. I sucked her c**t and fingered her with one finger. Her relaxed and calm breath started to quicken a little. I was soft like never before, wanting her to enjoy it. I had taken breaks to soften, sensually kiss her now and then.

"Ohhhh!" she screamed while rolling her eyes back into her head as she gave up the first orgasm.

I played on pleasuring her taking my time to taste her. every time I slides my soft tongue along her walls the pleasure on her was overwhelming. I slided my finger inside her, and it sends her over the edge. It's hard to her breathe. I fingered her deep, yet soft and she made little moans as she rushed towards the edge. she becomes quiet and stops breathing she fisted the bed sheet as she had an intense orgasm.

She panted breathing hard dripping her own juices. I licked her dry and used a wet wipe later to make her calm. I unclasped her bra and softly massaged her soft moulds in my plam.

"You should learn to stay in control" she mocked. I just pulled out her nightie lying her in her birth suit.

"It's for my baby only. A good climax can relieve stress. Anytime I see you stressed or crying, I will do the same. Even doctors prefer make out at phase of pregnancy."

"Seems like it's your third pregnancy. How many babies you made with your fiance" she taunted.

"Oh, seems you're not tired. I'm so hard already, shall we try a session" I whispered kissing her neck.

"No, im getting sleep. Good night" she whispered pushing away my face.

"Good for our baby. It's complicated, maintain seriousness and I know my self-control. I love you sweetheart" I smiled, pulling the sheet we slept cuddling.

"I love you too my devil" she smiled kissing my neck snuggling into me.

So happy to get my world in my embrace. My wife and my baby. I'm complete with my love.

Comment well orelse I should pay the price here already I'm dead embarrassed to write. You get some more content in next update too bear him.

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