Saucy Revenge

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31- Her Fiance

Author pov,

"Let me free, monster. Don't crush me under" She struggled pushing him off her.

"Let me sleep, baby" he whispered sleepy pulling her in his embrace.

"Move out, you're crushing me" she shouted pinching his abs. He just woke up in too much pain.

"Why you pinched me?" Manik scolded rubbing his abdomen.

"Can't you see, I'm not alone now that you're pressing me to the bed." She scoffed getting out of the bed pulling the sheet covering her naked frame.

"I have seen you, why that sheet?" he smirked holding the free edge of the quilt.

"You shameless, Owl. My fiance is coming you better get ready for your role" she smiled closing the bathroom door.

Manik sat on the bed holding his head. As she walked out of the bathroom fully dressed up in a long frock.

"Who is your fiance?" He asked stressed up.

"You know him pretty well. You will see him today. In dining, within fifteen minutes" she ordered walking out of her room.

Twenty Minutes later,

With pin-drop silence, they all assembled around the table in their respective seats. His mom served breakfast for everyone. They started having it, when Manik was about to have his third bite, she stopped it.

"Just a second" All glared at her in surprise.

"You both hate my baby, what if you mix something in my food?" She smiled exchanging her plate with Manik's. Along with his spoon.

Johnson glanced in anger hitting his spoon on his plate.

"Aunty I suggest you do the same."

"It's mom for you. Maybe your husband and his dad are wrong. I'm always with you. Atleast you can forgive me" Mrs Johnson spoke in guilt.

"I'm sorry, mom. "

"Whose plate should I take now?" Maya chuckled.

"No need of an exchange, honey. I came to share it" Jack chuckled walking to them with a smile.

"Hey! Bro" Nandini smiled at Jack.

"After a long time, how are doing sister?" Jack smiled tabbing her head.

"It's s on track now." She smiled. Jack rolled his eyes at Manik and Johnson taking his seat between Nandini and Maya.

She just rolled the spoon and had a bite tasting his half-eaten donut. Nandini moved her hand on his thigh making him spit out in shock. She held her laughter gulping in her juice.

"What happened? It's tasting ok. Or did you mix anything for me?" Nandini smirked tabbing on his pants making him groan. He just remember the revenge she took in Maldives.

"Nothing" he muttered sweating.

"Then eat" Nandini smiled rubbing on his hard on making it too much difficult for him. He moved his free hand to push away her hand but she squeezed him making him helpless. Tears were ready to come out in his too much helplessness and unwanted pleasure.

Johnson looked at Manik confused where us Maya searched for Nandini's left hand and she held her laughter seeing her brother's red face.

Johnson left the table after his breakfast followed by his wife.

"What are you doing?" Manik whimpered holding her plam which was already holding his bulge.

"Reliving your stress hubby, haan... Resisting Pleasure is a sin, Hulk" She teased using his same dialogues. He was about to tell yet controlled seeing Maya and Jack.

"I will see you" he snapped walking out of his place pushing the table harshly. Nandini just looked on and found his dad eying with a smirk.

Maya and jack rolled their eyes surprised at this scenario.

"It's getting late we had our flight to catch," Jack said, Maya. Maya kissed Zane and gave him to her mom.

"Be a good boy, Zane."

"He is a good champ" Nandini smiled.

"Careful, dear. Call me anytime" Maya said hugging her.

"Thank you, have a safe journey" Nandini smiled. Maya looked at her brother and just blinked her eyes signing him. He passed a secret blink as assurance.

Jack and Maya left the Mansion and new new Benz entered the mansion stopping near the doorstep. A man in a blue blazer stepped in with a charming smirk.

"Angel" The man called out in his sexy tone undoing his face back and glasses.

"You?" Manik snapped in horror.

"Respect, he is my fiancee, Sam Mittal. My future" Nandini announced shocking everyone around.

"What! Sam" Manik uttered in disbelief.

"Chill man, just like you engaged with Lily. I need someone right. So, Sam, he helped me a lot when you ditched me for the first time and stood by my side and he was ready to accept me along with my baby. So after my delivery, I will move in with him with a legal wedding. Just like you said uncle, my choice is according to my status. Anyways im rich again because my fiance had rich heart and he can grow alone unlike your dependent, selfish son." She mocked glancing at them.

"I miss you, Angel" Sam smiled wrapping his hand around her shoulder. Manik glared in anger making Sam take away his hand. Nandini got on her toes and kissed his cheek whispering "Thanks"

"Don't do too much, he is burning" Sam whispered in her ear.

"Shut up and go on flow. His dad is important for us" She whispered back smiling.

Johnson glared at Sam in anger.

"When you want to be Father of that baby, why hunting us? Why can't she let us in peace?" Johnson shouted in anger?

"Who knows that baby maybe... ?" Manik spoke, getting an angry glare from his wife. She raised her finger warning him to hold his tongue.

"I'm sorry uncle, I told her the same. What the need in living with unworthy people, but she is so stubborn and once the baby is born we will show you DNA report then you don't get any questions. And im earning well it's enough for me, my wife and our baby. I assure you she will let everything go. For this few days take care of my Angel." Sam said.

"Whatever" Johnson said walking out.

"How is our baby?" Sam asked moving his hand to her tummy. He placed it like touching her fabric little. It's not even touching but looks like a touch.


"Riya, can you please check out our baby's health" Sam said to his sister.

"Bhabhi, shall we" Riya asked smiling.

"Sure" Nandini left with Riya.

"Manik, come fast" Johnson yelled.

"Yes, dad im coming" Manik shouted taking his bag and stepping to Sam.

"Dont you think your overacting"

"Chill man and hold your tongue in front of her. She hates bad jokes" Sam smirked.

"You don't teach me about her" Manik gritted.

"Ok, I will tell her the same. she will teach you night" Sam laughed. Manik gulped hearing it. The scene of sleeping on the couch, plucking out the ring, locking the door rolled in his mind.

"Manik!!" His dad yelled again.

"Ahhh, such a hell" he scolded himself walking out.

"Take care, bro." Sam chuckled burning him more, Manik just glared holding his frustration.

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