Saucy Revenge

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32- Incharge

"How is the baby?" Sam asked sitting on the bed. Glaring at Riya and Nandini who are in deep discussion.

"It's doing fine, bro"


"It takes two more weeks to know and Nandu please visit my clinic after two weeks and also maintain a healthy diet. You should have food on time. Skipping meals is not good"

"I'm telling her the same, but she is not listening" Mrs Johnson smiled walking in with a trolley of food and coffee for them.

"Hi, mom" Sam smiled welcoming her. She glanced at him in anger.

"What is this happening? I know my Manik did wrong with you and it's a sin. Please give him one chance atleast for the baby. He will change atleast seeing your baby" Mrs Johnson mumbled with tears.

"Aunty your taking as wrong" Nandini interpreted.


"Sorry, I mean mom. I'm just trying to make jealous and also secure my baby's life. I just told it to assure uncle that I will leave and to make Manik jealous. Nothing much and Sam is my brother. How you felt that I will marry him. He is just helping me." Nandini explained calming her. Sam sighed making her relieved.

"I don't know what happened to Manik. He is so good, but did all worse with you and still behind hurting you"

"No, he is not that bad. Right now he is under influence of his dad and soon I will change him. Trust me everything will be fine" Nandini smiled squeezing her palm.

"I trust you and I'm so proud of you my dear" she said leaving them alone.

Sam got up and served coffee for them "what's our next plan?"

"Bro, when was the last time you saw Rick?" Nandini asked looking at Sam sipping his coffee.

"On Riya's wedding, it's been almost three years." Sam concluded.


"I said that only, I didn't spoke to him or met him after that. Manik kept him away from us and when you went missing Manik searched for him first but he found it not related and left him. Why you are asking that now?"

"Manik told Rick died in an accident. So!"

"Then Rick died in an accident. Manik never tells anything until it's confirmed. Anyways you know your husband better" Sam argued.

"Yes, I trust my love, but I’m still scared of Rick. What if my hubby told a lie for my satisfaction."

"If you keep on overthinking you get stress. We are here to save you and your baby had only you to save him. I will look into the issue. You better live happily and let him live happy. I can't see him crying again. No more running, ok?" Sam said in a serious tone. She just nodded like a kid.

"We will take leave, Dear. Take these vitamin capsules, once a day" Riya said.

"Look at the sheet thoroughly and take a pill daily" Sam warned. She nodded for them and gave a happy sent off.

By the time they left Johnson and Manik returned with a bang. She wasn't shocked just looked with a grin.

"Why you both return so fast?" Mrs Johnson asked looking at their bloodshot eyes.

"This witch got us here!" Johnson roared.

"What happened?" She asked grinning.

"Did you freeze our bank accounts?" Manik asked in a cold tone stepping to her.

"Yes, just a few hours ago. Why?" Nandini smirked.

"It's our money who gave you the right to control us?" Johnson shouted in anger.

"I'm not interested in your money. I just need confirmation and you father and Son only bend for money so... If you confess a truth then everything will be free again" she smiled folding her hands.

"What we should confess?" Manik implored.

"Hubby, you just have a loose tongue. I accepted your abuse towards me, but my baby? My baby needs respect. He had a father, grandfather and a family. Why every time you're trying to name him on outsiders. Isn't it wrong? We both know how we got him."


"Both of you accept the truth and you idiotic human get on your knees and promise on your father and tell me the truth... Who's baby is this? Confess the truth and your money will be free orelse not a single pie. I will freeze petrol cards too." Nandini warned freaking them.

Manik glanced at his dad to get a solution. Johnson blinked asking him to sort something.

"Baby, why argument? That baby is yours I don't argue much" he tried to convince.

"I will chop your balls. I got my baby and I’m not interested in any future with you. Don't you need any babies with your Lizard Lily" Nandini scowled making them fuse and numb by her tone.

"We can't live without money, I don't even have 1k in my wallet" Manik whispered at his dad.

"Go beg her then. It's you got this witch into our mansion. Stupid!"

"I don't have the whole day for this" Nandini growled sitting on the armchair.

"Fine, that baby is mine." He said looking away.

"Get on knees and promise on your lovely dad. Or else you will change words again and again. I can't hold this man. Faster"

Manik got on his knees and said "Promising on my dad I’m telling this baby is mine." Manik said with a wink to her.

"Uncle can you accept now that my baby belongs to your son." Johnson just nodded holding his anger.

"Is it audible, mom?" Nandini smiled.

"Hush, I believe it. Enough!" Johnson snapped frustrated.

"Happy, now you can use your money, but limited"

"What the!"

"If you get more money access, what if you pay a murder and kill me? My life is important, right?" She growled making them gasp.

Johnson collapsed on the couch just held his head stressed up.

"Are you thinking to kill my only dad" Manik shouted at her.

"Only Dad?" Nandini laughed looking at him.

"Yep, I had two moms and one dad. Anyways stop this mess. What do you want now?" Manik asked sitting on the floor tired.

"Safety and respect" She added crossing her legs.

"I don't have both then how can I give you, don't look at my dad. Even he don't have any"

"I know you both don't have any respect." Nandini chuckled buying his dad more. Manik felt the heat and he crawled to her taking her feet in his hands.

Nandini flinched by his gesture and was about to get away. Manik blinked his eyes assuring her as it was ok. She sat quietly as he softly pressed her feet.

"What are you doing, pressing her feet! You useless " his dad scolded frustrated.

"Dad, please let me sort it" Manik mumbled requesting him to be calm.

Johnson got frustrated and removing his shoe he smacked it towards Manik and Nandini.

"Ahh," Manik winched as the shoe touched his back. Nandini got angry at his dad but Manik sighed her not to react.

"Baby, why will we kill you? Things were so clear now and you gave me divorce and also showed us your fiance. Why will we harm you? We are so harmless and harming you is loss for us. What say, dad!" Manik explained pressing her legs. His mom was shocked to see him so obedient.

"We need to give salaries and many other expenses. How can this happen? Can't you return our cheque power?" Manik requested.

"Salaries will be bank directed and expenses I will allot budget and any extra you should get my approval. You lost my trust on the day when you kicked me out of your life. Enough of foot massage. You go and clean our room which you messed with files. I will talk with uncle." She said taking away her feet from him.

Manik signed her not to get in the dark in his dad's eyes, but she is too much to pull the bear tail.

"No, dad had important work meeting. You guide me about arrangement" Manik argued blocking her way. He held her wrist like normal days and was about to take her inside.

"Excuse me, I'm not your wife that dragging me with you" Nandini shouted getting him back to reality.

"I'm sorry, please" Manik requested. She walked to her room silently exchanging gazes towards Johnson.

"I will convince her dad. You go to office. I will do something to get her calm" Manik convinced his dad.

"Ok, but don't step so low," Johnson said walking out.

"This girl will kill me for sure" Manik cried running to his room.

A/n- 70% of the story is over... From next chapter will join dots which we left from chapter 5...please Reread once 😘
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