Saucy Revenge

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33- Session

Manik pov,

“What the hell are you doing? Why are you provoking him?” I shouted, locking the door.

“He is doing too much. Why he should hit you with his shoe? And what the hell you’re doing pressing my feet” She scolded in anger.

“Calm down, just sit. You are looking tired,” I mumbled, making her sit on the bed after arranging a pillow as support.

“Look, your feet are so swollen. I read that a good massage can make you feel better”

“Whatever, I don’t want you to do that” she argued.

“Not just legs, I read about a total body massage,” I smirked, making her glare in shock.

“Bad joke, I’m not feeling well”

“What happened? Shall I call the doctor” I asked, worried seeing her so dull.

“Not need. It’s just pregnancy phase. My body is aching and nausea,” she mumbled, resting on the bed.

“Wonderful. Shall I give you a good massage?” I asked excited. She passed a wired looking seeing my excitement.

“No thank you, night you gave enough” she whispered rolling her eyes.

“I have just seen my baby” I pouted with innocence.

“I don’t have energy to scold you now. Just get out of our room” she scoffed.

“Ok, I will help you. Give me a chance. I will really help you.” I pouted making puppy face.

She just nodded accepting my request. I will arrange. You get undressed and join me in ten minutes. I said, walking to my luxurious bathroom. We had a leather couch beside a few steps away from the tub and shower cabin. It’s spacious and i’m so excited about our first intimate session inside the bathroom.

As I lighted the special lavender candles to create a best environment with a dim light. She stepped inside in her robe.

“Let’s get started,” she sighed.

Her little swollen belly. Her breasts were swollen as well. They were near 36, now handful. Besides that, her back hurt, her feet were so swollen.

I stood behind her, poured massage oil into my hands and warmed it by rubbing my palms together. “Can I lower your robe?”

She shivered when my strong hands kneaded her shoulders and stroked her back. This was what she needed. The tension drained from her body as I used a circular motion, my hands going from her neck down her spine and back up the sides of her body. When the tips of my fingers brushed the side of her breasts, she didn’t chastise me.

“That’s a nice aroma” She smiled, indicating the lit candles and dimmed lights in our bedroom.

“Well, I’ve been reading about pregnant women. The articles say that creating a relaxing atmosphere enhanced the effects of the massage. Hence, the darkened room is lit by only the candles and the lavender oil to help you relax.”

“So much research!” She teased.

“It’s needed for my lovely wife” I smiled, kissing her head. She smiled, resting on her back.

“Maybe I take off this robe and unclasp your bra. The oil stains are hard to get out in the wash.” I made an excuse to get a little more access.

She paused for a moment. She dropped the robe, letting it drop to the bed.

“You can undo my clasp” She wasn’t sure where this would lead, but she implicitly trusted me.

My fingers felt like unresponsive sausages as I struggled with the clasp. I sat back on my heels, watching her. Let the bra drop to her lap. I almost lost it when she covered her breasts with her hands, hiding them from my gaze. “you’re beautiful!” I whispered.

She shivered when I began the massage again and smiled when my fingers brushed the sides of her breasts. She accepted me nurturing her body.

I softly folded her breast applying oil on her soft moulds. Aw,w that feels heaven, feeling her softness.

“Don’t you think you're taking advantage of this?” She teased.

I didn’t stop caressing her breasts. I had given her enough massages to know that she didn’t want me to stop. With each massage, I intentionally pushed the limits. I just want to feel her and as well relieve her.

She covered my hands on her breasts with her own. Her body tingled from my touch, and she felt warm all over. “You’d better stop” she murmured blushing.

I positioned the pillows for her head on the couch and held her hands as she lay back on the couch, then turned to lie on her side.

I poured more oil in my hands, warmed it by rubbing my palms together, and stroked the sides of her belly, careful not to apply too much pressure. I smiled when I felt the baby’s presence in her womb.

“Did you feel it?” She asked.

“Yes!” he chuckled.

“When are you going to tell me the sex of the baby?” I smiled, moving my ear to her womb.

“It’s a boy! Maybe,” she smiled.

“I want a baby girl, beautiful and smart” I pouted.

“Better luck next time” she chuckled cheering me.

“Hey, little fellow. Your dad is so excited to see you” I talked to her belly.

“Stop it, he is still growing” She giggled.

“Shall I check room temperature again” I giggled.

“I will kick you then” she growled at me.

I massaged along the sides of her distended belly, my hands sliding under her breasts. My monster, pressed against her behind, was hard and dripping pre-cum. One hand drifted down and stroked the inside of her thigh just below her pot. The heat from between her legs warmed the side of my hand. With the other hand, I squeezed her tit. A whitish clear liquid oozed out.

Her hips pressed back against the steel rod of my monster, pressing against her bottom. The warmth from the oil combined with the sensual touch of my hands permeated her body, heightening her arousal.

“Can I taste it?” I asked excited, looking at her swollen mould.

“Huh? What did you say?” She was lost in the sensations suffusing her body.

“Can I taste your breast milk?” I intended to get a few drops on my fingers and lick the liquid off them.

“Yes” her response stunned me.

“Uh..are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure!”

I was tentative at first, licking the warm sweet droplets from her sizzling button. When she didn’t stop me, I took her button in his mouth and nursed hungrily. Suddenly my mouth flooded with milk. He snapped back, startled. “What happened?”

She caressed my head as I again suckled.

The side of his hand slipped up her thigh, pressing against her pot. She closed her eyes enjoying the session.

I knelt and took her foot in my hand and kissed her feet.

“Stop!” She whispered looking at me.

“Let me do whatever I want, or else you get side effects” I warned, kissing her ankle.

“You got sexy feet, I love them” I smiled pouring oil on her feet and softly massaging her toes to relieve her pain.

“Aren’t you bored of me? I have seen Lily is more beautiful than me. I’m away from you then why you didn’t replaced me with her” she sighed looking at me.

“Of course, anyone gets bored of routine things. That’s the reason I try new positions and themes with you. And about Lily! The way you're body responds to me turns me towards you. A bee lands only on flower, not on witch.” He smiled pulling her toes softly.

“Nowadays you turned filmy, babe,” she smiled, putting her elbow under her head.

“Under your coaching, anyways, there is something inside too swollen” I giggled glancing at her wet pantie. Just one more lifeline to fulfil my fantasy.

“No, dare you think it! I’m so tired don’t make me more exhausted and my baby will not like it too”

“No, my baby is in my team. He will support me” I smiled pouring the oil on her pantie. Dipping it in the oil, it turned transparent for my starving eyes.

“Nooo,” she screamed. I softly massaged the oil on her thighs and occasionally rubbed her swollen lips over the fabric, getting her to the edge.

“” She moaned pushing away my hands.

“Why?” I pouted

“Doctor said no!” She made an excuse. I know it’s just a lame reason. Anyway, let’s clear her confusion. I washed my oily hands and called Sam.

“Whom are you calling?” She asked which I ignored.

“Riya is with you?” I asked Sam. She got up from the couch I pushed her back softly. As the oily feet slip the floor.

“Yep, we are having lunch together” Sam replied.

“Give her” I said.

“Manik, don’t embarrass me” She cried covering her face.

“Riya, can’t I have pleasure with my wife in this pregnancy phase” I asked straight question putting on my speaker. I heard someone coughing out with my sudden question. Seems it’s Sam.

“Yar, what was that question!” Sam shouted at me.

“Shut up, I’m asking doctor.” Riya snatched the phone.

“Glad you asked before messing out. Yes, can have but on limit. I heard from your wife that you're too rough sometimes. If you can’t be soft, then don’t start at all. She is fragile at this phase so handle with care. Rest all your wish, in case of any spotting, don’t ignore and call me. Don’t ask such questions on phone” Riya said everything in one go and hung up the call.

“I was just, how stupid you asked her?” She scolded embarrassed.

“We should get clarity of every doubt, or else. It will give us stress baby, so much stress,” I whispered softly, rubbing her scalp melting her in my eyes.

I kissed her lips, wanting her to kiss me and, as I wished, she wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me.

“I’m so just kidding. I can wait as long as you want. You and our baby both should be happy. Only that I wish, my love.” I whispered kissing her forehead.

“Take rest. I will be in a while then will help you in a warm shower” I smiled walking away, but she held my wrist.

“Can’t you be soft, like my lover boy hubby?” She asked making me chuckle at her cute request.

“You know what?”

“Don’t know tell me” she smiled.

“I’m desperately waiting to hear that from you.” I laughed pulling away my boxer instantly removing her last piece.

“Let’s check the temperature with my thermometer” I snickered softly pushing myself. The oil session worked as lube. With slow thrusts, she climaxed followed by mine.

“How is the report?” She laughed panting lying on the couch.

“Perfect, love. We should do it often” we laughed kissing.

A/n: I know you got why my romantic thriller shifting to Erotica... Not my crime... Hope you enjoyed. Session theme written by my devil 😉🙊
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