Saucy Revenge

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34- Taking Stand

One month later,

"It's going good, hubby. But what if that Lily return? You got engaged to her and I divorced you. She may had a lot of hopes on you. I'm feeling bad for her." She whispered snuggling in his chest.

"She is not an emotional person and indeed she had much experience in playing with emotions" Manik smiled brushing her hair.

"What're you telling?"

"Just like I faked my love, she did the same with Sam." Manik said shocking her. Nandini got up with a thud hearing it.


"Yes, we all studied at the same university. I used to have crush on Lily as she is superior and strong in everything. But I never gave ahead of her. Sam is a nerd, she played love prank on him and he made him fool. Sam is not like me or Rick. He is a bright student with responsible life. His career is his family's future and Lily played with his heart. Sam was shattered. I felt bad for him. I know how it feels to live alone. The loneliness kills. I joined Sam with us, Rick didn't like an ordinary person to be in our vibrant gang, but I liked Sam. I'm so thankful to get a friend like Sam. Lily broken the heart of an innocent and she never realised it too. She deserves to get rewarded for her wrong deeds." Manik confessed.

"Oh, Is this the reason that Sam doesn't want to get married?" She asked shocked.

"Yes, although she has broken him. He truly loved her and we know true love is harder to find and tougher to forget."

"What if we play cupid and get them married?" She smiled excitedly.

"Don't you want Sam alive?" Manik muttered in disbelief.


"She is not a sweetheart, she is a psychopath. I'm alive because she don't know the things happening here. If she finds it she will chop my head" Manik muttered in anxiety.

"Manik... Manikkk" a scream heard by them.

"Who came so morning?" Manik whispered pulling on his shirt and walking to the door.

Nandini followed him putting on her night robe and slippers.

"How dare you?" Lily shouted looking at him stepping down the stairs.

"Hey, what a surprise?" Manik grinned. Everyone gathered in the living room by her loud screams.

"Shut up you ass. How dare you to cheat me?" Lily shouted looking at Nandini.

"I can explain calm down" Manik muttered talking her side.

"What the hell you will explain? What this bitch is doing here? I heard that she got power of attorney" Lily yelled. Manik just fisted his plam in anger holding in.

"It's just time sake. Everything will be out soon" Johnson tried to explain. She pushed him back in anger.

"You bloody old man! Don't you have minimum sense to read before signing on something? You just destroyed our future. You dumbhead! Worthless dog!" Lily started abusing him. That's it Nandini lost her calm and smacked her face in anger. Everyone gasped in surprise. The girl who took every pain lost her calm for a person who never respected her or at least liked her.

"You bi**h" Lily gasped holding her sore cheek.

"I will be a one. If you utter one more word against my family. Is this a way you talk with elders! Is this a way you treat your family? Hold your tongue before I chop it" Nandini shrieked defending Johnson.

Johnson was shocked to see Nandini standing high against Lily.

"They are not your family and you divorced him! Why the freaking hell you returned? He got engaged to me, Are you his mistress now?" Lily snapped yanking her hand. Nandini pushed her away freeing her hair.

"Yes, so what? Papers can't decide my love towards him or his family. Although they disown me, they are my family. I'm always thankful for them and I will go to any extent to safeguard their respect and happiness. Dare you talk anything more?" Nandini warned trying her hair in a bun.

Lily was shocked seeing her guts. Manik just held himself from smiling seeing his warrior wife.

"Baby, please I'm sorry" Manik whispered moving to Lily like a dog wailing its tail. Nandini passed an angry look at him which he caught yet ignored due to the mess.

"Both of you, do your nasty business out of my home. I can't even tolerate her for a second. Just get out of my sight before I call guards to drag her out." Nandini shouted at them. Lily got furious and was about to attack her but Manik pulled her out forcibly.

The living room was filled with pin-drop silence which was broken by Mrs Johnson who clapped for her daughter-in-law proudly.

"I'm sorry uncle, I don't know that losing money lowered your respect. Although you hate me, I don't have any hate for you and I really respect you as my father. I'm sorry" Nandini whispered in tears and left to her room with a little difficulty holding her swollen tummy.

"Twenty-seven years of marriage. I never spoke back to you, because I felt you were right. But sorry to tell you this, you were wrong for the first time. Nandini is the only woman who deserves to be our Daughter-in-law. Everyone loves to live with one who loves them and respects them as they are, Did you see Lily? Your nothing to her if you lost your wealth. You're just a used chapel for her. But Nandini sees you as a god even after hurting her. That's the difference between the gold mine and the gold digger. Both father and son left the gold mine and ran behind a gold digger. One day she will dig a pitch and bury both of you." Mrs Johnson muttered before evacuating the place leaving her husband alone.

Every word from his lovely wife reached like a slap to Johnson. The abusive tone of Lily echoed in his mind making him feel restless.

Closing his restless eye, the flashes of Nandini begging him "Uncle, please don't do this to me. This baby belongs to Manik. I love him, Uncle. Please don't kill my baby. Let me go" He opened his eyes with a jerk being suffocated sweating badly.

He tried to get up from the couch but collapsed on the couch.

"Johnny" Mrs Johnson shouted seeing her husband falling out.

"Get water and BP tablets" She ordered the servants wiping out his sweat.

The scene turned blur as he gulped in the tablet and faded on the couch seeing his daughter-in-law whom he wanted to destroy is rubbing his feet sitting on her knees at that difficult phase and his wife letting out tears for him as he napped.

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