Saucy Revenge

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35- Arguments

A minute before Johnson fainting....

Outside the Mansion

Lily was so frustrated she was about to slap him when he pushed her in anger.

"What the hell wrong with you, Lily?" Manik shouted in anger.

"I'm asking the same" she growled.

"I can explain" He argued.

"Come on tell me, what the shit your ex is doing here?" She snapped folding her hands. Manik explained the same scrip which they showed to his dad.

"When you both are divorced why you got physical with her that also without any protection?" Lily shouted getting the attention of his guards.

"Keep it low. I just showed my anger on her and got this result. Just wait, once she gets that baby. She will be out. I assure you that" Manik said confidently.


"You want me or my wealth?" He grinned.

"You, but I prefer both" she said so straight making him freeze for a second.

"You know me, I don't let away what's mine either it's my wealth or people. Mine will be always mine." He said in a possessive tone gritting his teeth.

"Ok, I will give you six months. She should get out and hold your creepy hormones. If you want a fuck get to me, but dare you touch her again."

"She is a fool so took pregnancy as bliss, but you are not that fool to lose your tight figure. Can you?" Manik smirked stepping closer to her.

"I know more alternatives to make it safe. Are you sure about that baby? Like that was yours" Lily asked.

"She is not Lily to date ten boys at a time. She had only one boyfriend and one husband and only one ex-husband all me. Anyways she promised me to get a DNA test once the baby is born" Manik said hiding his anger from hitting her.

"If that baby is yours take his custody and write off her parental right. Then she will never return to us and that baby can be ours. Although I hate having babies. This will be better for us" Lily expressed her nasty plan.

"Nice idea" he said smiling. She hugged him tight which was all seen by Nandini from her window.

"Such an unworthy woman, you don't deserve any love or my baby. I will ruin your silly dreams soon" Manik murmured in his mind hugging her. Soon his eyes fell on Nandini who is looking at them.

He tried to break the hug and save himself from his wife's anger, but the mean Lily loved staying in his embrace.

Nandini's eyes fell on the two raw eggs placed in the egg boiler ready to cook for her morning portion of protein.

Snatching an egg she smacked it towards them, Manik noticed it rolled his back and the egg cracked on Lily's head with a tsk sound.

"Yuck" Manik uttered moving away as Lily caressed her head to know what mess she got on her head.

Nandini ran downstairs worried hearing the scream of her mother in law.

"What the shit!" Lily growled in anger.

"It's not shit baby, it's an egg" Manik slipped out his tongue.

"Who the hell dropped this egg on me?" Lily shouted with rage.

"Baby, hen may be dropped here by mistake. Why anger always? Just go clean your self and egg is good for hair" Manik smiled.

"How will a hen lay egg getting on a tree? Is there any hen around here!" Lily shouted.

"My neighbour had a pet hen baby, he is always annoying us. I even logged a complaint about messing up our lovely place. His hen is getting on trees too. Silly pet! You go wash it first" Manik cooked up a new plot to gain her trust.

Lily nodded and made her way inside when Manik blocked her way.

"Why this way again?"

"Can't I use the restroom to clean my mess?" Lily scoffed irritated.

"Did you forgot how you behaved with my dad?" Manik muttered glancing at her.

"He deserves it, such an ass" she scolded.

"If you treat him so, he will cancel our engagement. Just wait till we get married and I will do something to calm him. you go to your home and clean this mess." Manik said opening her car door. She just obeyed his request and turned to kiss him for which he flinched away.

"Not in this mess, first have a shower," Manik said pulling the box of tissues from the driver. She just nodded taking the tissues.

After she left Manik walked in and was shocked to see Nandini rubbing his dad's feet as he was lying semi-conscious.

"What the hell you're doing? Are you trying to kill him" Manik shouted making her stand gripping her arm.

"Manikkk... I'm just helping..." Before she complete, he screamed at her.

"This was all you created. Just go to your room." He shouted at her. She felt so bad seeing his anger. Although it's acting she felt pain and left to her room crying. His mom looking in anger.

"She is caring for some unworthy people."

"We are not begging her anyways. I will call the doctor" Manik said scrolling his phone.

"She already called Riya"

"No, I don't trust her. I will call our family doctor" He said in anger and dialled the doctor.

The doctor came did his medication. Manim dropped his dad in his room and reached his room.

"If your done crying, get ready. We had your doctor's appointment." Manik said removing his shirt to wipe away the touch of Lily. She just sobbed making him look at her.

"Why are you crying now?" He whispered cupping her face sitting on the bed in front of her.

"Your bad" she scolded weeping.

"Yes, I'm bad because I can't love the people who ruined my happiness. I just hate seeing you feeling bad for that worthless person." He shouted in anger.

"Everything because of me. I shouldn't have accepted your proposal of marriage. As your father, he might have a lot of expectations. How can we expect him to accept a low standard girl like me? He is right at his place. He hates me as I'm poor and I couldn't even give you any baby. He just saw you're well being. You're future. I shouldn't have returned here" she cried more in guilt.

"Pack your bags I will leave you in Sam's place" he said getting up. She glared in shock hearing him out and resumed crying more.

"When you can't do just shut up and stay? You don't know him. Get ready before I change my mind. We should meet Riya" Manik said putting on a new shirt. She got ready and got in his car silently.

He felt bad seeing her dull face.

"I'm sorry, don't be sad" Manik said driving. She just listened not responding.

"I'm sorry, baby. Please don't be angry" he requested squeezing her palm.

"Don't need any sorry. I should be grateful that you kept me home. You love to push me out of your life and make me live in Sam's place safe forever" she sobbed, turning to the window to hide her tears. Manik stopped his car aside on the road under a tree.

Pulling the air break he turned to her cupping her face.

"I'm worried for you, why can't you see that? You don't need to take a stand for my dad. He is nothing for us. We planned like you will do friendship with Lily and use her against my father. Without joining only she turned against him. It's our advantage instead of dropping the ball in the basket you smacked it back to her. You shouldn't fall into her evil eyes. It's not any tom and Jerry play. Why your not understanding the seriousness" he asked in tears wiping hers.

"But uncle is your dad. Whatever I can't tolerate her insulting my family."

"Fine, you fucked it already and I can't tolerate you touching his feet or anyone else. Your top to toe only belongs to me" he said in a possessive tone like she widened her eyes at his tone.

"Understand?" She just nodded gulping on.

"In words, did you learnt not to use my body to help others?" He asked in his dominating tone.

"Yes, but" she murmured.


"I... didn't f**k anything" she whispered in her naive tone making him burst into laughter.

"Night we will" he smiled kissing her lips. She smiled shyly cheering their mood back to normal. He drove to the clinic.

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