Saucy Revenge

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36- Back to hate


Scanning her womb Riya looked at the screen with dark vibes. She looked at something that made her shock.

"That's my baby" Nandini smiled in joy getting her out of her thoughts.

"Yes" Riya forced a smile.

"Shall I show this to Manik? He will feel so happy." Nandini asked excited.

"Sure, I will call him" Riya asked the nurse to get Manik and he felt so happy looking at the screen of his baby floating.

After the scan, they walked out and assembled in her cabin.

"Is everything ok?" Manik asked looking at Riya disturbed.

"Yeah, bro. Everything is fine. Take care" Riya replied.

"It's a boy or girl?" She asked excited to know the gender.

"Boy, but not sure. We will get the correct report next month" Riya said. Manik observed Riya's expression and her anxiety is clearly displayed on her face.

"Shall we leave baby, I had an important meeting" Manik said getting up. Nandini smiled bidding bye to her and got up.

Manik looked at Riya one last time when their eyes met she signed him something. He sighed to stay quiet and walked out.

"You go home and rest. My driver will be here to pick me" He explained to her, helping her in getting in the car comfortable. He instructed the driver and she left. Manik ran back to Riya's cabin like thunder.


Manik went home late at night. He was looking dull and so exhausted by a rough day.

"You came at last. You know how much we are waiting for you" she spoke pouring water in the glass.


"Yep, me and my baby. Haan and also your dad." She said giving him the glass.

"I only know about you. Forget about rest of all" he said having the water.

"Don't be like this hubby, whatever your dad did is past at the end he is your dad. He loves you and at this phase he wants you to stay beside him. Atleast for an hour. Why can't you understand this?" She said making him more angry?

"Why the hell I should understand all? Am I any father Teresa to listen all shit and live for others. I had my fucking life dammit! Why not you all understand me?" He shouted in anger hitting the glass on the floor. She jumped away in fear as the glass pieces scattered on the carpet.

"What should I understand? What happened to you, manik?" She asked worried.

"I'm tired"

"It's ok you just rest, I will get you dinner" she said holding his wrist.

"I'm tired of loving others. It's just enough. I can't handle these emotions. It's running my happiness. Everyone has all expectations on me than what about me? Do my feelings matters any?" He cried.

"It matters me" she whispered squeezing his hand.

"No, it don't matter you. Your baby matters you. Only your baby matters so you returned to me. If you haven't got this baby you may never return here and I should end up with that Lily. You never wanted your husband so you auctioned him. Even now you don't want me. You wanted a father to this baby" he shouted yanking away her hand from him.

"You're not fine. We will talk tomorrow" she said walking out to get his dinner and a little glass piece stuck in her slipper cutting her feet.

She winched in pain which caught his ears that he ran to her recuse.

"I'm sorry" he shouted worried taking her in his arms. He softly placed her on the bed and saw the slight cut on her feet.

"It's a small one. Wait I will remove the pieces" she said trying to get up, but he stopped her. He placed a bandage on the cut and cleaned the pieces.

"Did you had dinner?" He asked.

"Yes, I waited for you, but mom forced me to"

"I had my dinner too. Rest I will get milk for you" he said walking out to the kitchen. She felt him so weird today. The confusion took away her peace of mind.

Inside the kitchen, he poured the hot milk into the glass and added two tablets in it and stirred until they dissolved completely. To confirm his work he poured the milk into another glass.

Once he was satisfied he dropped the empty sheet in the dustbin and walked to his room to give her.

"Here your hot milk gives you best sleep" he cheered giving her glass.

"Hubby, it's too hot. Will drink in a while you go and get fresh" she said placing the glass on the bed table.

He left to change glaring at the glass. By the time he returned he felt happy seeing the glass empty beside her.

"How are you feeling?" He inquired seeing ger reading her novel.

"Ok, come we will sleep" she said raising her hands for him. He reached out and took her in his embrace kissing her forehead.

"Why you said like that, Manik?" She asked lost in her thoughts.

"What I said?" He asked confused.

"That I came for baby's father or you also have doubt that this baby is of someone else" Her sudden question freaked him out.

"I trust you love"

"Hmm, can I trust you then?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean can I trust the father of my baby who wants to kill him?" She shrieked he got up with a jerk hearing her.

"Hey, it's"

"Don't lie please, I can't handle this. Before you lie again I will show you something give me your phone please" she asked him. He passed her his phone but she was glared at him seeing the empty inbox.

"I expected, see this then" she said opening her phone WhatsApp chat with Sam and the screenshot of his chat with Riya.

"Its...." He got out of the bed strolling to her side, he tried to explain.

"I also found this empty sheet in our kitchen inside dustbin" she said making him speechless being caught red-handed and also understood that she didn't consumed the milk.

"I didn't believe when Sam told me Manik wants to kill your baby. I didn't believe it even after seeing that chat you did with Riya about the tablets to kill my baby, but I have to believe seeing this empty sheet. Uncle can't go out at his condition. Your mom is already loving her grandson. Obviously, you... who hate him the most. But why? Tell me why you hate my baby? You're happy morning by seeing the scan and by evening you got this, why?" She snapped throwing the empty sheet on his face.

"As you caught me, I'm telling you on face. I don't need your baby. I just need you. I have seen you so happy morning that happiness is just for that baby. If your baby gets on earth you will totally forget me. I know you only love your baby. I don't want to lose my wife. Im very possessive about you and I can't share you with anyone, even it's our baby. I hate him for ruining your figure and my love sessions with you" he stated which shocked her to the core.

"Are you the same man who helped me to handle this phase?" She uttered in disbelief.

"Yeah, I tried to adjust, but it's not working well. I don't need this baby and there is no time for abortion. So I planned to kill him first, then abortion will be very easy for your mind."

She couldn't take these words from him, no mother can handle such a situation. She sat on the bed sobbing.

"It's our baby, Manik!" She cried holding her womb.

"I never wanted one. I'm happy with you and I don't want any baggage" He said in his serious tone breaking her world.

"Please you love me right?" She cried holding his shirt.

"We talk about this later, you tell me you love me or not?"

"If I don't love you why will I be here?" She scoffed in anger pushing him away.

"Oh, but you left me for your baby. Why? I don't have much time on this. Decide you want me or your baby? If you choose to keep this baby then I will die... I'm telling you straight I will die right in front of your eyes then you can welcome your baby." He shouted in anger.

"Manik, please. Why you are doing this? Please" she cried running behind but he walked out ignoring her giving a last warning, "Tell me your decision by morning"

Will she abort the baby to save her love


Vise versa

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