Saucy Revenge

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37- Emergency

Author pov,

Sam's house,

"Bro, did you complete your recharge? Can I take my phone?" Riya asked taking her phone.

As she unlocked her screen it directly displayed her chat with Manik. She glared at Sam doubtfully.

"I never expected that my sister can do this?" Sam murmured in anger.

"It's all about situations bro" Riya said in her calm tone before walking away.

"I won't let your plan succeed. That baby will be my nephew." Sam growled getting her attention.

"What you did now?" She asked stepping towards him.

"Right guess. I disclosed your plan to my sister. It's a flop"

"Why the hell did you destroy this?" Riya shouted slamming her phone in anger.

"But why you both teamed up to harm her?" Sam asked calmly.

"We teamed up to save her dammit. Don't you know me!! Did I ever suggest anyone to abortion! Did I ever do this? She is my friend too... If I did something there will be a serious reason? Why you ruined it all! Can't you just ask me once before telling her" Riya cried stressed up. Sam felt the seriousness seeing her sister crying with guilt.

"Rioooo, what happened? Is anything serious!" Sam asked getting her seated beside him on the couch.

"All serious, her life is on big threat" Riya sobbed.

"Tell me clear please" Sam insisted..

"Morning Nandini and Manik came for a scan as usual, but this time it's turned odd. The reports were so complicated stating new issues."


Morning Flashback

"What happened? Anything wrong. My baby?" Manik asked worried storming to her cabin.

"Sit, I will explain" she said opening the scan file on her desktop.

"Forget about the scan you've seen before. I intentionally didn't showed her every side. Look at this" she turned the desktop to him explaining the case.

"It's not about baby, her uterus"

"baby is looking healthy" Manik mumbled in joy.

"No, it's not. Look clear, the fetus was weak. It's uncertain and she don't have capacity to give birth. Her walls are thin, weak and there are almost 90% chances that she may lose her life while giving birth. If the baby was born there is a chance of some disability and already her life is in threat."

"Can't we save her?"

"I was observing these complications but I felt it's looking ok. I stressed for a scan from past month. We had only one way, abort the baby to save her life. The baby's condition is uncertain but this was the last stage to have a safe abortion. If days pass abortion will also turn risky." Riya concluded making him cry.

"She ruined her happiness just for our baby. She will not accept this. I can't live without her" he cried holding his head.

"Please don't lose your courage. You should be strong to help her. Try to convince her. It's a serious issue. I will talk with my seniors regarding this case. If possible please convince her before it goes out of our hands" Riya said breaking his world.

"Why is this happening to her? Why? Is this because I'm rough on the bed!" He cried with guilt.

"It's nothing like that bro don't blame yourself. Intercourse never affects the uterus until it's safe. I think she was so weak mentally from years and a disturbed diet gave her hormonal imbalance and destroyed her ovary. You both can try surrogacy. But her giving birth to a baby is so complicated."

"C section or getting a premature baby on incubation?" Manik asked possibilities.

We can't assure the baby's growth. If in case she keeps baby there was chances of damage of her uterus and internal bleeding which damages her all organs" Riya explained.

"She will not kill this baby" Manik said hopelessly.

"It's your duty to convince her for abortion. Stay strong. I promise once let this go you both will be parents for sure" Riya promised.

As he don't have the courage to face his wife. He was broken to learn such unexpected news. His dreams are shattered and now it will ruin her smile as well. He thought of all possibilities to convict her but it didn't felt reliable. At night he called Riya to try on the last way.

"Did she agree?" Riya asked with hope.

"She will not, I think we should go indirectly"


"Is there any medicine that can kill my baby inside?" He whimpered holding back his tears. The worst pain a father gets is seeing his child's death and he was doing the same to protect his wife.

"But it will be painful" Riya spoke.

"She will never accept this abortion. It won't pain much than asking for an abortion. If the baby dies, you can remove it later it looks natural. Maybe she cry now will be moving on further. I don't want her to be guilty." Manik cried.

"I will text you, two pills and they work within fours hours. Get her to the hospital as soon as possible before much blood loss. I will be in Sam's bro's place for tonight. Call me" Riya mumbled wiping her tears. Never in her years of experience, she has seen such a complicated case. Although medical science boosted humans the stress was still ruining the lives of many innocent humans.

Not just smoking and drinking kills, stress kills... A better campaign is needed to enlighten the world about the importance of mental health. Words of love can heal the scars made by hate, fear and anxiety. Problems are sorted by speaking up. Pain can be reduced by sharing. Pills make give sleep, but indirectly they kill our patience along with internal health. Learn to live and live to love. Life was never a ride in a golden chariot... It's all about how you see your ride.


"I'm so sorry, I just felt upset and ruined everything" Sam whispered in guilt.

"Yes, now it gives her more stress. You forgot how much we motivated her to trust Manik again? Now it's again back to the pavilion. What if she hates him again? We don't have much time to decide and convincing her is totally impossible." Riya muttered holding her head. Sam grabbed his phone and dialled Manik.

"You such a stupid!" Manik scolded Sam picking up the call.

"Sorry, please tell me what happened there?" He asked worried. Manik explained whatever he spoke with her and Riya too heard the entire thing on speaker.

"You left her alone?" Riya asked suspicious.


"Go tell her truth first. Tell the entire truth and we will convince her later. Don't let her hate you. She is on a stage where she needs someone to hold her and assure her love. Don't make her feel alone. Whatever tell her how much you love her? She is dependent on your love. It's her only strength." Riya explained.

Manik felt it right and made up his mind to talk. As he pushed on the door the scenario shook him to the core.

"Nandiniii" he shouted seeing her lying unconscious on the floor. As it's night everyone at home is in deep sleep and his room has a soundproof set-up.

"Nanduuu!" He tabbed her cheeks to wake her but nothing worked. His eyes fell on the empty glass of milk which he got drugged before. He grabbed his phone and dialled Riya.

"R... Riyaaa" he cried like a baby looking at his life lying lifeless in his embrace.

"What happened?" Riya asked worried.

"She fainted, not waking up" he cried.


"I think she had that milk" Manik sobbed hugging her closer to him.

"No time, get her to the clinic. I'm starting" Riya said ending the call. He took her in his arms and carried her to the hospital.

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