Saucy Revenge

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38- Decision


After treating Nandini, Riya came out of intensive care.

“How is she? Baby?” Manik yelled with anxiety.

“Are you sure about her taking the pills?” She asked suspiciously.

“I think yes” he mumbled doubtfully.

“I need an accurate answer” Riya asked holding her head.

“I saw empty glass and no trace of milk in my room. We don’t even have plants inside my bedroom. I’m inside the bathroom, so no chance of anything. I think she had the milk”

“There is no trace of that in her. The baby was so healthy. Baby condition is much better than his mother’s,” Riya expressed, making him freeze for a second.

“Will he eat my only wife!” He snapped frustrated.

“He is your son. You can’t be telling this”

“If I had known that pregnancy will kill her. I would have stayed a mile away from my love. I would’ve felt happy if both were safe. I can’t lose her. Before she wakes up, you abort that baby” He screeched frustrated ignoring his surroundings.

“Please follow me to my cabin” Riya said in a cold tone, stepping to her cabin. Manik followed her hurry.

“Do it Riya, please” Manik requested one more time. Riya gawked in anger, dropping her stethoscope.

“Why you’re looking at me?” He snapped out.

“If I'm not a doctor or if you are not my brother. My hand used to land on your cheek by now.” Riya growled making him mute.


“I said you to convince her but you asked a shortcut. Ok fine, I helped but... It’s all messed up. Look at her condition. She is lying unconscious and her blood pressure is so down. Will she atleast live after knowing that we killed her baby? Don’t she have the right to choose her life? She is going through all this pain and mental torture. I don’t want her to hate you again. Just think, Manik, if we do this, will she ever forgive you or me? She will be crying her entire life.”

“But we don’t have a choice.”

“Yes, we don’t, but we should give her a chance to decide her life. Let her decide her life. Don’t do the mistake of snatching out her right. Let her live as she wants. Once she wakes up, we will tell her everything and make her understand.” Riya concluded, getting his node.

After waiting three hours, Nandini opened her eyes, and saline was still dropping medicine into her. She caressed her tummy in panic about her baby.

“Relax, it’s fine” Riya smiled. Nandini glared and tried to pull off the wires injected into her wrist. Manik rushed on and held her from hurting herself by softly pushing her on the bed, holding her free from making any more moments.

“Give us a minute, we will explain. Then you can judge us” Riya rambled folding her hands. She just lied calm not looking at them.

Riya explained to her the situation and the reason for his behaviour and concluded by asking her decision.

“Tell me now” Riya asked.

“My baby is fine, right?”

“I told you this girl just!” Manik cried frustrated.

“Don’t cry”

“You shut up. It’s my life too. That baby too mine. This girl is also mine. I don’t let her leave me. Will you do the same if I’m in her place” Manik shouted possessively. Nandini just looked up for a while before signing him to come forward.

He moved, expecting her to change her decision. As he reached her, she held his tee and pulled him a little closer and pinched his waist gripping his skin, which made him scream in pain.


“My baby gets more pain than this. Abortion means chopping off a baby into pieces. It’s a cruel thing which none deserve. To save someone, we can’t kill another. If death is written in my destiny, I should embrace it. I will tell the same even if you are in my place. Every mother knows that giving birth to a baby is like having life after death. Anyone should think before getting pregnant, none should kill an innocent for their pleasure. My baby will be with me now and will live after me too. You want to support me or not, it’s your decision.” Nandini confided confidently. Manik just remained speechless.

Their eye lock was distracted as Riya clapped for her.

“I just wish everyone thinks this way. A baby was never a mistake, it’s bliss and deserves to live with love, but because of few unworthy humans, lot of kids are dying in dustbins and crying in orphanages and streets. Intimacy is all about taking love and sharing love. Baby is the purest form of love” Riya smiled. It’s true, protection is much cheaper than abortion. Limited pleasure can be better instead of murder later on.

“I can’t live alone. Promise me that you will not leave me alone” Manik cried cupping her face.

“You love me, hubby?” She whispered with tears. He leaned joining his forehead with her mingling their eyes into each other.

“Even this passing air knows our love” He whispered in tears.

“Then don’t you know love wins! Our love will win. Have faith we will win, our baby will solve everything and gift us a happy ending” she smiled with tears. Riya’s eyes fell on Nandini IV pin over her wrist, which was bleeding as she lifted her hand caressing his face.

“Take a break, love birds” She smiled parting them. She removed the plug and plastered the bleeding.

“You had that milk?” Riya asked again.

“Yes, but”

“But?” Manik asked excitedly.

“I had, but something happened inside my tummy and I vomited them out at that moment. Later, I got the call from Sam.”

“Where you vomited?”

“As you are in bathroom, I used guest room” she clarified.

“Seems your baby is a tougher champ. His growth is well and we will try our luck. No tensions with rest and no running. Nandu, if you’re happy, your baby will also be happy and safe along with your kiddish husband. I will talk with experts about your case and get best help” Riya smiled.

They got back home by afternoon. Johnson was surprised to see them together, and he carried her to their room.

He came back after making her rest.

“What happened? Why did you take her to the hospital?” His mom asked worriedly.

“Causal check-up, she had nothing from morning” Manik said to her. She left to the kitchen to make ready her special lunch.

“Anything wrong?” Johnson asked looking at his dull face.

“Pregnancy complications. If she gives birth, it may cause her death” Manik told his dad. He looked on to trace his expression.

“Don’t she know?” He asked calmly.

“Riya told her and even I said her to abort the baby.”


“She told no. She wants to die for that baby. Stupid girl doesn’t know the value of her life. I offered her fifty million, abort the baby and live happy rest of her life. But madam wants to see her baby and wants to see happiness of getting a grandson in your face. She is doing daydreaming, none are happy to see that baby of hers. She is ruining her life with her own hands.”

Johnson was shocked for a second, not able to think anything.

“If she does?”

“If she wants to die, why for us, Dad? Let her die and Lily doesn’t like to be a mom. So we will take the child. He will be our heir and our property will be for us. I forgot to tell you the baby is a boy. I just found it today by scan. Baby is doing well pretty well” Manik smiled. Johnson took a back hearing about Lily’s decision.

“Then what about the baby’s mother?”

“Doing worse, she had stress issues, complications, a list of threats. In a sentence, she had her death in her bag. We can’t convince emotional fools.” Manik said walking up exhausted like a carefree playboy.

Johnson was lost in deep thoughts when his wife walked to him, inviting him for lunch.

“I’m not hungry,” he mumbled strolling to his room disturbed.

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