Saucy Revenge

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39- Confront

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Seventh month of pregnancy,

After that day Manik started dealing with her fragile and never left her side. He also appointed a caretaker to help her and his mother.

Even though her body is not cooperating much she was determined to get her baby and manik started helping her to deal with this phase. The baby started growing healthy and happy while responding to his parent's love in form of a kick inside her womb.

Johnson stopped reacting much in anything and Nandini gave away his check power to save him from any more humiliation.

One day,

The caretaker went on leave and Mrs Johnson went to pick Zane from his playschool. Nandini is sitting on the recliner resting her back while reading a book on parenting. As it's Saturday Johnson was at home taking some rest.

She started getting hiccups and found her water bottle empty. She tried to get up but her heavy pregnancy belly couldn't make it up nor her sore feet help any. She looked on either side to get some help to stand up but she couldn't make it up.

She laid back panting exhausted by her trails. To her surprise, Johnson walked up with a bottle of water for her. He raised the bottle for her to take but she looked at him with shock and her hiccups automatically stopped.

He felt it as her suspicion and opened the cap and had the water to give her confidence about the liquid and gave her.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean that... Uncle" Nandini blabbered taking the bottle from him.

"It's ok, have it" he said casually sitting on the sofa beside her recliner. She had some water and placed the bottle beside on the table beside.

"Is everything ok with your baby?" Johnson asked unexpectedly. She took a minute to rewind what he asked for the first time in her life.

"Yes, he is so active"

"Active inside?" Johnson asked confused. She chuckled hearing his silly question.

"Active means mother will know that. Baby hears the words we talk and they respond by rolling, kicking inside. You might been busy in the office so you never felt this with Manik or Maya. It feels so happy."

"Nice, I felt it once When Nancy is pregnant with Manik. I didn't believe it when his mom said he is a naughty boy, but later on I realised its true. He used to break all the things in home." Johnson laughed remembered Manik's childhood sweet memories.

"I think Mayan will be more naughty than his father" she smiled.


"I named my baby, if you don't like you can change later, but I just named him. In case I'm unlucky I may not be part of his naming ceremony" she smiled caressing her tummy with love.

"If you are not there who will look after your baby? Your husband is marrying Lily and your mother-in-law is doing with Zane. Haven't you thought that your son will be an orphan? Do you think your son will love such a life that you got ready to die?" Johnson asked with a chuckle.

"Among all the pains I got this would be the most beautiful pain. Death will be better than getting raped or getting hate from the one we loved the most. It doesn't hurt the way my heart got wounded. My Mayan will know how to live alone because none stays with us forever. Being an orphan will be better instead of getting a money-minded family. He will learn things alone. Even Manik is an orphan once... A rich orphan lived in the hostel for almost 20 years. Whatever he did with me is the reward of his so-called money environment." She whimpered. Johnson remained speechless hearing her.

"Uncle, shall I ask a question?" Nandini whispered looking at him. He looked on whispering "What?"

"You know everything about us right?" She asked making him numb.

"What do you mean?"

"Before I resigned my Job in Johnson group, before our marriage. You know each and everything about us. You also know how Manik is molesting me and also know his brutality towards me. You know right?" She cried remembering her worst past which ruined her life gifting her nightmares. Johnson looked in shock. He looked at his surrounding to confirm whether anyone came.

"Its past" Johnson mumbled getting up to leave.

"I also know that you brought Noah to kill me. I had proof of that" Nandini said freezing him.

"How do you know that?" Johnson asked shocked.

"Noah tried to molest me and in self-defence I killed him. Manik took the blame himself and got arrested. After gaining consciousness I went to my flat and I found Noah's phone. I have seen all the conversation you had with Noah and I also know you hate me"

"When you know everything why you married Manik? Don't you know that I can kill you any second?" Johnson screeched frustrated.

"Love, I killed Noah just for trying it, but couldn't save myself in front of Manik. Why? Do you think im weak? No, my love for him made me weak. I accepted my defeat for my love. Your son broken me beyond anything and I again married him because I found the truth that you are the black sheep in the white coat. Rick told you all the things that happened between me and Manik. You thought Manik will enjoy with me and like always he gets bored and dump me on streets. You never expected Manik to change in my love and live such a way. Even I never expected him like a gentleman. But he changed his way and loved me. He tried to his death to seek my forgiveness. Why do you hate me so much uncle, you didn't feel it enough when your son played with my dignity. You didn't get satisfied even after I married him and worked day and night for your company's growth. I worked far better than Lily. You didn't get satisfied even after I divorced your son, you paid Rick to kill me. By luck Manik saved me orelse I would've died that day and today you may not have this problem. Even coming here you are behind my baby and me. You wanted to kill us. Don't you know that Mayan is your grandson? Your own blood. You don't have any mercy on my unborn baby too and wanted to sell me again. How disgusting! You hate me just because I was born poor or do we have any more rivalry of previous life? Tell me uncle why you hate me so much?" Nandini cried confronting Johnson. All the things he did with her rolled in his mind.

The flashes of Rick telling about Manik's secret marriage, His plans with Noah and the court scene. His company growth, his cruel plan to separate them and Rick's last plan, trials of abortion etc...

"Do Manik knows all this?" Johnson asked in a cold tone.

"No, none knows this including my shadow"

"When you know everything why you didn't tell your husband and sort out your relationship?" Johnson asked looking at her. She breathed out wiping her tears yet fresh tears streamed down.

"From my childhood, I have seen you like my father. I respected you equal to God. I know how it feels to be disowned by our love. I know how it feels to lose our love. I don't want you to go through that. I don't want anyone to disrespect you. All the ill you did only with me. For rest, you are an inspiration. I don't want Manik to hate his father. I don't want him to cry forever knowing his dad's real face. I tried every mean to make your son closer to you, but you tried every move to part us away and maybe God planned the same for us. Like all mothers, I can take anything on myself but can't take it on my baby. If anyone harms my baby! I was calm until you planned to kill my baby. I will go to any extent to save him. But I wonder how cheap of you! How you thought that your son is behind a girl for months just to sleep with her. How gross you thought... Its love, he is behind me because I gave him the love which you failed to give him. You made him a monster drove over any random girl, but I changed him as a true gentleman and soon he will be a great father. I may be or not but my love stays in your life forever. My Mayan will remain you, my love. I just request you that your hate should end only here with me. Mayan needs your love, no need of any money he can make it well and I had my savings and also few insurances that can help Mayan with his day to day expenses and education. I just request show him some love" she whimpered in broken tears at in her courageous tone. Johnson stormed to his room unable to face her.

At the corner of the main door a person, standing hearing the entire conversation with a broken heart and teary face.

Screen freeze on his bloodshot eyes

Your guess will be correct this time

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