Saucy Revenge

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4- Settlement?

Author pov,
Next morning,

As he heard the doorbell he got out of his bed and pulled on his jeans and tee, he opened the door and invited the room service lady to clean his messy room filled with glass broken pieces of previous night fight. As she started her job he picked up the clothes scattered on the floor and placed them on the bed beside her.

When she is done her eyes fell on Nandini who is lying on the bed naked just covered by a quilt. She was shocked seeing her manager in such a intimate state with a guest. She rolled her eyes towards Manik. She remembered that he came single and now her manager is on his bed. She felt it wrong which was sensed by Manik.

"Hey!" He whispered looking at the service lady.

"How can I help you, sir?" She asked standing in front of him.

"Do you know who is she?" He asked pointing his finger towards his sleeping wife. The lady flinched hearing his sudden question.

"Tell me do you know her?" He insisted.

"Y.. Yes sir m.. My boss" she stammered.

"Did you seen her like this before?" He asked raising his eyebrows.


"Did you seen her in someone else room before?" He added.

"N... Noo sir"

"Good, then why you passed such a look?" He growled.

" sir" she shattered in fear.

"From how long your working here?" He asked in his calm tone.

"Sorry sir, please don't complaint on me. This job is so important" she begged with tears.

"I will not, tell me"

"Three years"

"So you're seeing her from the time of her joining. " he asked for which she nodded.

"Look at this" he said in a calm tone opening his wallet taking out his wedding photo.

"She is my wife! She left my palace and me"

"But why?" She asked in flow.

"Don't know, I should find it. That only lead this destruction. I need some information about her and you should help me. In return you get this" he stated dropping a bundle of currency on the bed.

"What should I do sir?"

"Her room entry and her life in this one year, In detail"

" She told us that she has none in this world. We get holidays quarterly we all leave to our places but she lives here only. She never takes holidays even sometimes week offs too. Our Founder was so much impressed by her commitment and gifted her a individual sea view villa at the South zone. After our founder only she has that facility and all her salary used for social activities. I myself seen her twice depositing her salary in orphanage glass box and she helped me in my dad's heart surgery. Her ID card has access to her villa. She never take help from room service staff and maintain herself. Mam was so soft spoken. my ex manager was rude guy, but madam reply very polite and give us respect and never gets angry, but one day!" She paused.

"One day what happened?"

"One of our customer misbehaved with my colleagues. She raised alarm and mam came to rescue, but he behaved dirty with mam too. That's first time we seen her anger. She broken his hand and kicked on his thighs. Within seconds he got multiple fractures. She blacklisted that person too. But sir, she is something. Looks calm like this ocean, but inside her heart alot was burning. I seen her crying alone viewing this villa"

"You mean this villa no 32" she asked to confirm.

"Yes, sir. Sitting on that shore she views this villa and also she gets clear view of this villa from her south zone villa. She spends her holiday while staring at this place.

"Great, whatever you seen here, you should forget and none of your staff should know this. I will talk with her boss as well. only you should attend all the services. If you want you can take some assistance from some trust worthy person. I'm adding! it's all confidential, even my wife shouldn't know this!" he recounted.

"Ok, sir" she obeyed and about to leave.

"Take this and leave" he called out forwarding the cash.

"No, sir. I can't accept it. If this would help her then I will do for free. Thank you!" She smiled.

"It's a gift I'm giving out of happiness. I seen my wife after one long year." He whispered with a smile. She took the cash and left thanking him.

He ordered them breakfast and arranged table for her when Nandini woke up.

"Good morning, wifey" he smiled walking to the bed. She brushed her eyes opening them.

"Bad morning" she scoffed trying to get out but her sore body gave up on her struggle.

"I think you're body learned to obey, but your mouth is not yet ready" he growled leaning to kiss her. She smacked on his face in anger.

"Don't you have any shame. I was hating you and want to kill you, but why you're coming again and again. I hate you! Can't you leave me in peace?" She shouted in anger.

"Ok, fine. You hate me, but why?" He asked in a calm tone.

"Because you are not a man. I do accept you are good at bed, but that was not enough to have a baby. I wanted a baby which you can't give me and I cant handle more taunts from this society."

"If you need one. we can use medication or you can adopt someone. Why can't you think it!" He tried to explain.

"Fine, we both accept the adopted baby as ours but your parents? Especially Your dad?" She questioned making him numb.

"You got answer right! That baby never gets respect in your rich world. I want my own baby which is not possible with you. I was tired of hearing your parents mocking me. I'm done with you totally and now I was happy, but you again came to ruin it. Wonderful " She shouted getting out of her bed and left to the bathroom before he respond any.

She walked out wrapping in a bathrobe after a shower with wet hair.

"How can you be so sure that problem is in me!" He snapped frustrated.

"Wonderful! Now you're also blaming me. This is what I told. I want divorce! sign them and get out. I can marry another man and prove you soon that I can be a mother of my own baby" she sneered.

"Cut it!" He howled stepping to her.

"Ok fine, I will have a good medical check up we can use any treatment. If still had problem we can try another mean too" he still tried to convince her.

"I had your checkup before our divorce and it's mentioned too. I don't want to conceive artificial. You are incapable man! If you still have faith on your capacity why don't you marry Lily girl and prove me. Show your all strength on her."

"If that was true why to try on another girl. when My passion and love lies with you. I will check on my capacity on you and make sure you conceive by end of this quarantine" he shouted in anger fisting her hair.

"No! I don't like you. I will scream and you will be behind bars for doing this. This time I will sue you" She warned hiding her fear.

"Scream, sue or do anything. All the villas around are vacated and none knows that your here and officially you are in leave and also we are married. I didn't sign our divorce yet! It's not rape because you're challenging my capability and I was just trying to give you proof. If you conceive accept that I'm your man and return with me orelse I will let you go signing our divorce papers. Deal?" He asked glazing into her scared eyes.

"He won't let me off and already he is mad. What if I die on this bed? No, he loves me and you can also have some memories" She thought in her mind.

"Fine, but soft." She uttered turning another side folding her hands.

"Haha, but you told me you like hard and that's real fun. Changed overnight" he chuckled stepping to her front.

"I said it little but you planned my death. I don't want to die on this bed. Get me a dress" She scoffed.

"Why? You don't need one as I want you available like this" he stated hugging her from behind. His soft hands crawled inside her robe caressing her curves.

"I'm feeling hungry. If I get a dress then I can go and have my food and " she paused.

"And run away. Although you run copes may disturb your jogging. To give me this privacy and privilege whole world went on shut down" he laughed kissing her nape. His touch was making her weak. He moved away and made her sit on his lap and feed her food with so much love.

"Take some rest, I will get you a dress and some special gifts for our amazing session. Don't come out, I think you may not feel comfortable roaming in just bathrobe. If you try to leave I will take you the very next second, right there!" He added soft warning patting her cheek and left after putting her in bed.

He went to meet the director and nandini took the chance and dialled Aman from the room land phone and asked him to get her a dress to her villa.

Aman asked Maya to get a dress. Maya is the same lady whom Manik spoke morning. She accepted the order and got a dress gave to Aman and informed Manik the same.

He settled the things with the director and reached the location of the villa on his bicycle. By the time he reached his villa. He found Nandini coming out of his room after getting dressed as Aman is outside on the battery vehicle. She got scared seeing Manik in front of the car. His bloodshot eyes made her shiver. She stepped back inside in fear holding back her tears. She is dying hard to run away but it's paining either to leave nor stay.

Aman was shocked to see her stepping inside.

"Aman can you please arrange me a cake for Saturday night?" Manik asked smiling.

"Sir, why mam is here? She is manager." Aman interfered.

"But your mam is on leave. She is not in charge of anything and enjoying this quarantine with me." He chuckled shocking him.

"It's again rules. You can't do this. We will call police" Aman shouted furious.

"Hey, she is here with her total consent. If you have problem come ask her yourself." Manik invited him and Aman entered in to find her sitting on the bed sobbing silently. She wiped her tears hearing the footsteps sound.

"Mam, why you are here?" Aman asked in consent.

"Tell him baby. Or else he will call cops. Why to waste time. Tell the connection we had"

"Aman, just leave" Nandini said in her cold tone.

"But Mam"

"I said leave" she shouted.

"No, something is wrong. Tell me mam! Our director is also here"

"Tell Nah baby, he will also find our secret then he will not disturb us." Manik grinned. She glared at manik in anger.

"Tell him that your my wife orelse you get highlights of our late night match" he whispered in her ear sending shiver to her spin.

"He is my husband " She whispered.

"Mam, your married?" Aman asked in amused from which she got quiet.

"Of course, now let's go out" he dragged him out and returned to her.

"By the time I return. Strip and these clothes should be well-folded orelse you will see the beast" he warned while walking out.

Aman was so upset finding new things he didn't like the way Manik is reacting.

"Anything else, bro" manik chuckled stepping out.

"If your her husband why mam is here and in employee records too?" Aman argued.

"Hmm, what is your Mam name?" He asked with a smile.

"Nandini Johnson!"

"Great, here see my card" Manik smiled giving his card.

"Manik Johnson!" He mumbled frozen " and it's us last year" he said showing there photograph.

"Why you got separated?"

"We had bad lock down and I asked her cook so much. She got tired and left me. God gave me one more chance. You go and get us groceries I will cook for her. If she is impressed we can patch up"

"If not impressed" Aman implored making Manik furious.

"I will buy this resort and then appoint you as my secretary and harass you. Go I will text you the list and transfer funds. Get me all quick." He growled, Manik smiled walking to his villa after hanging the "do not disturb" board.
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