Saucy Revenge

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40- Guilt

Same day Night,

Manik came late night yet Nandini waited post her dinner not sleeping. Because she wants to start and end her day only in his embrace talking to their baby.

"Hey, how is your day handsome?" She cheered seeing him walking in tired holding his blazer.

"It's fine, did you had dinner?" He asked worried.



"Yes, hubby. aunty gave me. Don't worry much, you tell me about your day" she smiled getting up from the bed holding her belly.

"No, lie on the bed. I will come after shower. No need of dinner" He said stopping her. She laid quiet waiting for him to return.

He walked out while drying his hair. Dropping the towel in the laundry basket he pulled on his tee before lying on the bed beside her.

"I love you, hubby" she whispered snuggling in his embrace. Unlike all the time he didn't respond to her confession which confused her a little.

"I know you love me more" she chuckled pulling his cheeks.

"No, I can never love you like you do." He muttered turning away his face from eye contact.


"I said I can't love you like you do" he muttered whirling another direction on the bed.

"You can tell it by looking into my eyes" she whispered turning her towards her, but his strong body didn't make it possible.

"I'm getting sleep, good night" he whispered pulling in the sheet covering themselves. She just slept thinking it's causal, but it's a different night for him. He was restless thinking about something and couldn't sleep.

He left the bed making her sleep on her side placing the pillow between her legs and back.

He went to his bar room started drinking wine, but surprisingly he was crying. Tears were falling out of his eyes remembering his cruel past where he ruined everything himself.

Suddenly he smashed the bottle in anger looking himself in the mirror.

"How disgusting you are? How can you do this to her! You ruined out her happy life, her beautiful smile, her flawless heart. Although you got drugged dont you have the sense that she loved you dammit, but you took her to satisfy your lust. You dont deserve to live! You don't deserve to be forgiven! You don't worth it! All the people around you made you a puppet and you played on their fingertips and ruined her life. From the day you entire her life you made it hell. Your own father ruined your life. Shame on you Mr. Manik Johnson... Your fucking life. You worth for nothing! A drunker, a rapist, a rouge. You worth for nothing!! Even death would be less for the things you did with her this is why you are crying now. You just live with this guilt killing you every second and the fear of losing her. I hate you! I hate you more Manik! Your so disgusting and worthless!" he cried scolding himself looking at his reflection. Every word he spoke was heard by Johnson who was standing near the door rooted in shock. He just walked away seeing him crying collapsing on the floor.

After an hour, Nandini woke up and came in search of him. She was beyond shocked to see him crying badly and the bottle broken on the mirror as well. All the glass pieces are scattered on the floor resting his back on the couch.

"Hubby" she whispered stepping to him sitting on the couch to hold his head. He couldn't hold in his pain and cried out like a baby hugging her legs resting his head on her knees.

"Hubbyyy why you are crying?" She whimpered worried caressing his hair. He just cried out.

"Hubby' tell me what happened?" She shouted cupping his face looking into them. He just turned away his eyes in guilt. She pulled his chin forcing him to look at her.

"Tell me, what happened?" She stressed with a eyes lock.

"All because of me you suffered! Just because of me you had this complicated life. I never kept you happy, not even a single day" he wept.

"What! Why are you thinking this now? It's nothing like that I'm so happy in your love" she smiled wiping his tears yet they trickled out more.

"Don't lie more, I'm so worst that you don't even felt comfortable sharing my reality with me. I ruined your happy love life to satisfy my ego. I raped you and held you as my captive forcing marriage. I'm the reason that you dropped into depression and ruined your mental health. I couldn't even save you from my dad's evil plans. Today your complicated pregnancy was gifted by me. If I haven't entered your life you used to live happily somewhere in this world. Even after knowing everything why you married this loser? Why you wanted to live in this hell? Even after facing my worst why you came back to me? I don't deserve you, I don't worth to get you, I don't even worth to seek forgiveness." He cried bitterly. Nandini gasped hearing his words. She couldn't process the fact that Manik found the entire truth.

"Means you?"

"I heard everything you spoke with my dad. You're great so you forgiven everyone, but I'm not... I can't forgive myself."

"Calm down, first" she whispered riffing his hair, but she knows he was in too much pain inside and letting go can calm his bleeding heart. He cried vigorously for an hour holding her feet and soon he turned quiet sobbing.

"How much more you want to cry?" She whispered riffing his hair gently calming him.

"I'm very bad. I don't deserve your forgiveness or love" he whimpered sobbing with hiccups.

"Take a break, listen to me then you can tell same and cry. Please, I can't sit like this. It's hurting my body, baby" she pouted rubbing his teary cheeks.

"Break, break" she chuckled cheering him. He left her legs letting her free. She got up from the couch holding her heavy belly and got him a water bottle from the freezer and made him drink.

"I'm didn't do any favour in this. I forgiven you only after knowing the truth about everything. I really loved you, so much that I accepted your assault that night. I read about the drug they used on you. Your too worst only that night and Rick's influence was too much on you. So I decided to change you. Our separation is part to rebuild our love and without that, I may never found Noah's real intentions and your dad's role. I thought uncle will change seeing you happy with me. I felt I can change him as I did with you. With time I started trusting him again, but when uncle asked me about our baby. I felt he is right! Because all those days I was confident that im not less than lily in anything, but that day I felt lily is much better than me. I felt you will get happy with your family. I thought my sudden divorce will make you hate me and move on easily, but you returned bouncing hitting me hard. I gave up on our love for baby, but you loved me so much like your ready to plan against your dad. And my hero I love you so much for killing that Rick" She smiled pulling his cheek. He frowned raising his brows in atrociousness.

"Did you told this to anyone else like Riya or Sam?"

"I said Rick was dead, but didn't said you killed him"

"I didn't kill him, he died like that... I didn't kill him" he mumbled fearing for her anger.

"Yeah, he died in an accident. Just like a meal for oceanic creatures" she smiled pulling his cheeks making him jump at her confession.

"Hmm, that.. Baby I just... Please... I didn't.." He almost started crying again in worry.

"Your so bad. I started loving you more thinking you killed him for me" she pouted making sad faces.

"What? Means it's ok?"

"You know that Rick was sent by your dad, even I got to know the same recently. I have some super hot things to watch with you. Let's go and connect our last puzzle. You get an answer for your confusion and I will also tell you something new about us" She smiled. He just got up to walk but the handover was high a little. She helped him to reach their bedroom.

"Have a shower, I will get you a lemonade" she smiled helping him to the bathroom and left to the kitchen.

Wanna know how Rick died?

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