Saucy Revenge

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41- Mystery Unfolded

Author pov,

She returned to the room with lemonade and made him have it. He had entire glass and sat on the bed in his new short and tee.

"So my notorious hubby, haan" she smirked placing the empty glass beside.


"Acha, so much innocence, wait a while" she smiled moving to her wardrobe and got a phone.

"Whose phone is this hubby?" She smiled showing an iPhone.


"Rick's phone, I found it in your office bag. When his phone and Sim is with you. How can he upload status from the same number?" She chuckled making him remain speechless?

"I can explain" he muttered stressed.

"Let me complete, I've seen the gallery too, all dirt, but a video is damm interesting" she smiled playing the video.

In video

Rick was lying in sand paralysed yes he was speaking no... Roaring.

"Tell the truth, I will give antidote" Manik's voice heard from behind.

"Why you're behind Nandini? Tell us the truth"

"Your dad, he wants to kill her and get you married to lily."

"You are lying again" Manik shouted.

"Why will I lie? I indeed hate Nandini and even your dad hates her. He is the one who asked me to separate you both. I tried my best but she got married to you. Please, leave me, I will never return" Rick cried for mercy.

"How should I believe it as true?" Manik growled.

"Open my private chat session and see what he offered me" Rick cried trying to move his hands but nothing worked.

The video ended and she looked at Sid who is thinking for an answer.

"No lies please, whatever happened in past is past, I loved you as a bad boy. The way of showing your love is bad, but your wonderful man and strongly believe you will be a great father to our baby. Even I did a mistake by trusting Noah. I did a mistake too, but you took stand for me. Whatever we love each other. Love is all about accepting each other souls along with flaws. I love you, don't think much about the past. We had a beautiful future ahead." She smiled hugging him.

"I love you so much, I promise I will never let us cry again" he smiled kissing her forehead on love. She lay on his chest and slept hugging him.

He glanced at the ceiling reminding the night in Maldives.


After making her sleep, Manik took Rick to an isolated island on his jet skis. He made him drink much having a dirty conversation and mixed a drug to paralyse his body.

"I had a request?" Rick asked hesitating.

"Anything for you, just tell me" Manik assured.

"One night stand with her!" Rick asked scared a little.

"Just one is enough?" Manik groaned shocking him.

"As of now!" Rick laughed.

"Sure, but she is unconscious. She won't cry or scream at this point so you can't get satisfaction." Manik advised with a grin.

"It's ok for the first time. I want to see her complete first. Once it's done, I can do it twice and thrice morning making her scream" Rick smiled devilish.

"Let's finish this bottle too then we can try dual together!" Manik cheered. Rick fell back on the sand dizzy.

"W...what brand is thisss? Get on so much" Rick asked holding his head trying to get up from the sand but his body felt numb.



"The brand is named as betrayal my dear friend" Manik scoffed kicking his shoulder making him fall on the sand.

"Broo..." Rick shouted but his voice turned low.

"How much I trusted you! Like a brother. I treated you with love and support you, but you...! You know that I love my Nandini, but you drugged me and provoked me in that state and I ruined her dignity! I stood like a rapist! Then you tried to do the same with my sister! Luckily she got saved by Nandini. What less I gave you? Why? When she was ready to stand back you forwarded Noah to ruin her again? After all the bad you did. I still left you alive and today you returned to touch my wife? That too in my presence! Wah, what a dare? Why you did do all this? Why do you want to kill her? I can forgive if I felt pain, but you gave pain to my girl and you deserve it too." Manik growled sipping in beer.

"What you mixed in my beer?" Rick asked in panic feeling numb.

"Drug! All your parts will be paralysed except your eyes and brain a little." Manik confessed making him cry. His body started freezing.

"Manik, please... Don't kill me... Please save me" Rick begged crying.

"Sorry, can't"

"Please, I will do anything. Save me.." He cried for mercy.

"Tell me then what you get by killing her?" Manik asked straight.

Manik pulled out Rick's phone and recorded his confession. Even he was shocked to know his dad was behind everything.

"Leave me please, I told you everything. Please give me an antidote" Rick cried trying to move, but his body didn't even moved an inch.

"I said I will leave, I'm leaving my friend. I will never kill you. You will be lying on this shore until a creature eats you. I want you to feel the pain that my Nandini got! She cried and begged. But you had no mercy right! Now I'm the same, I want you to die every second in fear. You don't feel any pain because of the drug, but you see how the sea creatures bite you. Happy journey! Enjoy the feast. Haan you can try to save yourself. All the best." He smiled and dug a pit he burned all the documents of Rick and collected the ash-filled sand and dumped it in the middle of his ocean ride. He also erased all the footprints pouring water from the jetski.

As the sea creatures ate his flesh he died due to excessive bleeding and his face turned unrecognisable. Only the tattoo was half visible. So the mysterious dead body found near paradise island is Rick.

Flashback ends

Nandini can know the truth, but he didn't express nor she forced because... It's not just one person now. Anything she hears will be heard by the baby as well. Expressing this bitter truth can harm the baby's thinking as well. Planned to be made before the arrival of the baby I.e growing a baby should start from the womb of her mother. Healthy parenting is when both father and mother express the right things with the right interaction to the baby. But a lot of parents fall because they lack time to spend with family in the busy era of internet. In the era of 5.0 Machines can do all the things we are doing today including chatting and dating but a machine can't give birth to a baby or understand the reality of the world from all perspectives. A better interaction can create better bonding. Instead of knowing your colleague's tastes and preferences learn to remember your family, especially your child's tastes and phobias. Having a fear of something is okay, but hiding the fear inside sucks entire happiness in life. If this happens no child will die by committing suicide for school score or a mobile game task. Happiness too has a heart and its pulse is a healthy daily conversation with a loved one.

-- To be continued --

I hope it's justified as of now, but there is one last truth is left still... Any guesses 😋

My first well-planned murder 🙈🙈 I'm so happy jumping for this... How about you guys?

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