Saucy Revenge

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42- Started

The next day,

Morning was so pleasant as it was Sunday Manik, Nandini, Maya, Jack played with the little Zane in the living room and Mrs Johnson prepared favourite food for all with help of their maid.

Johnson was out early morning and none knows where he went.

A group of men came inside the mansion carrying a big recliner sofa with perfect curves to comfort pregnant women and it also had an attached foot massager which works by a battery.

"Who ordered this?" Maya asked surprised looking at her brother.

"I had one inside our room" Manik said adding.

"Are you pregnant again?" Jack asked Maya excited.

"Don't you think now a day's your dreaming much" Maya muttered sarcastically.

"Yeah, it was a dream. If you haven't had so many business trips we would have planned a cricket team here" Jack taunted with a grin. Manik laughed out hearing Jack.

"Shut up, shameless!" Maya scolded.

"You deserve it for marrying Mrs. Machine head" Manik laughed.

"Shut up both of you. He can't atleast manage Zane for a day and want more." Maya scolded.

As they are joking pulling legs Johnson walked in instructed the guys to attach it just in front of the couch and in front of the TV adjoint to the pool view.

Mrs. Johnson walked out of the kitchen and all stood there surprised.

"John, why is this here?" Mrs. Johnson asked.

"I just felt this recliner will fit our interior." He said not looking up.

"We already had one inside the room" Maya smiled.

"Can you stay 24 hours inside the room?" Johnson yelled little frustrated. Maya nodded no.

"Good, they will be some reason for my expenditure. Just make yourselves comfortable. Manik" he called out. Manik walked to him holding in his hate.

"I'm leaving to London tonight. I may not return anything soon. Take care of business" he said not meeting his eyes. Manik just tilted his head not asking any question, but Maya came in middle to add it.

"Why London? It has time yep. Don't you want to see your grandson? It's nearing!" Maya added.

"I just moved a bite forward. It will be done in two months and I will return soon. Nothing stops for us."

Maya felt him different yet they ignored it and moved on with their works. Johnson reached Nandini when she was all alone.

Nandini tried to get up seeing him, but he sighed her to sit.

"I'm sorry, dear. It's all my fault and I can't correct it because everything was ruined. I know my mistakes. I did everything being helpless. I'm leaving now, I just wish you stay happy and healthy. This was given yours." Johnson said giving her a wooden box. As she opened the box she saw a familiar chain with a locket of 'M'.

"Your fathers, because of me you left him. At the last second, I got this from him. I saved it for you. Goodbye," he smiled leaving.

"Thank you" she smiled with tears caressing the golden chain feeling her dad's presence in it.

Johnson left to London and Manik felt much happy about his exit. They started spending more time together free from bonding.

Two months later,

The days are nearing to her due which was raising his anxiety. Yet he tried to work on it well motivating her. Maya started working on light automobiles to make Manik live closer to Nandini.

But due to an emergency meeting, he left to light automobiles headquarters I.e another town. On the same day, Johnson returned from London.

That's a pleasant start as he entered the home Nandini was resting on the same recliner which Johnson ordered. He smiled looking at her. She tried to get up but he signed her to rest.

"Did you get the due date?" He asked sitting beside her on the sofa, as his wife left to get him water along with a coffee.

"Yeah, 15th of this month"

"Oh, just a week left. Are you getting nervous?" Johnson asked to know her mental state of mind.

"A little bit, any way you had plan B right?" She chuckled.

"Plan B?" He asked confused.

"Yep, if I die you have lily" she smiled. Her words reached him like a whack. He didn't uttered a word and walked to his room.

"Your uncle changed, why do you speak like that" Mrs. Johnson said upset.

"I have seen, but just felt to hear it from him. Maybe still he is not ready to accept me" Nandini mumbled not looking up sadness.

"He will never tell, not just he even Manik never tells what they like... They are like that we should see their love by actions only. Anyways don't feel upset. He will instantly change seeing our Mayan. What say Mayan?" She cheered. Nandini giggled as her baby kicked her walls in joy.

"Come on have lunch" she insisted.

"No, I'm still not feeling good. Will have later" she said holding her tummy.

"Shall I call Riya?"

"No, it's ok, just feeling uneasy. I will be fine" she smiled.

By passing time her condition turned odd. The pain started growing in her womb.

"She took her phone and dialled Riya.

Nandini explained her situation from the morning.

"Seems, it's time for delivery. I'm out of the city on camp." Riya said stressed.

"What, then how?"

"Don't get panic. Before it turns worst admit in my clinic. I'm starting now will be in an hour." Riya said.


"Manik?" Riya asked.

"he is out of town as well. He will return too" Nandini told her before hanging the call.
Mrs Johnson who heard the conversation said her she will join her, but Nandini said she can handle it alone and Manik will join soon and asked her to get her bag.

As she got the bag nandini took a bunch of papers and gave them to Johnson after signing them.

"May or may not return again. As I promised your shares. I'm going as I came. If any wrong happens to me don't abandon my baby, please, only that I wish for! Love is important in life as equal to oxygen. I lost my love twice so my life is worst. I don't want my own son to have my fate. He deserves all happiness and Manik will marry any girl you wish for. I'm sorry for all the trouble I gave you, Goodbye." She said with tears.

"I will see you again and Pari you go with her to the hospital." Johnson said with a smile throwing the papers on the couch.

"It's ok uncle"

"Even I don't like to repeat, my wife will be with you and I already said Manik. He will be there soon" Johnson said bidding bye to them.

They got in the car and the driver drove them to the hospital.

"They started" Johnson texted looking at the car leaving his Mansion.

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