Saucy Revenge

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43- Kidnap

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Manik drove his car rash and stormed out of the car not even before the car half on the driveway. He dashed inside screaming "Nandini, Nanduuu"

Johnson walked out hearing his screams.

"What are you doing here?" Johnson asked surprised.

"Where is my wife?" Manik shouted in anger.

"Nandini and your mom went to hospital afternoon" Johnson said in his calm tone.

"They are not in the hospital. Where are they?" Manik asked straight? His anxiety is building up.


Before Manik yell, he has seen his mom running toward him.

"Mom? Nandini" Manik shouted. Maya followed them behind.

"Someone kidnapped her, Manik!" His mom burst out in tears.


"We went in our car on road there was a Bargate we took a diversion to the isolated road there suddenly a group of man blocked our way. Driver tried to drive back but they punctured our tyres and pointed the gun at Nandini. They blackmailed us to kill her if we move and they took her. Manik do something, she is in pain" She cried. Maya took her phone and connected to Jack and said him about the incident to alert all the police force.

Manik was speechless hearing it. He glared at his dad with his bloodshot eyes.

Like a lion, he stormed to his dad and whacked his face shocking everyone.

"Where is she? Where did you take her?" Manik shouted grabbing his collar?

"Manik, what are you doing?" Mrs Johnson shouted at Manik for his behaviour towards his dad.

"You don't know Mom, he only kidnapped her. He hates her and did this. Tell me where is she!!" Manik shouted choking him up.

His mom got scared of his furious behaviour towards his dad and rushed towards him and slapped him.

"Mom!" He yelped in tears holding his sore cheek.

"Shut up, Manik. Are you out of your mind, he is your dad!" She shouted in anger pushing him back from his dad.

Manik banged the glass table beside in anger helplessly crying.

"Bro, just cool" Maya tried to calm him.

"My life is ready to end... My life...I tolddd himmm. If something happens to her... I will die... Mark ittt, I will die along with her! Youuu killing herrrr" Manik cried collapsing on his knees shattered.

His mom looked at Johnson with a question in her eyes.

"I don't know, trust me" Johnson mumbled standing numb.

"He will not do this Manik, Let's find it soon. Blaming your dad for someone else deeds is not right! We should think about how to find our Nandini" His mom tried to make him understand while walking closer to him to hold his bleeding hand.

"I'm blaming! Am I blaming your nasty husband!!" Manik shouted in anger pushing her away even Maya fell back on the floor as he stood up like a lion.

"You... You... None knows the real him... Only I know the real person. This wonderful husband of yours is one of the reason for my worst behaviour towards my love. You know mom and Maya... Your honourable dad felt proud knowing that I raped my long first love. He felt my love will be over by sleeping with her. Such a great dad I got... None can get such a dad who can a arrange girl to warm my bed. He even tried the same rule with Lily but failed...and mom you know your super husband also offered Nandini to divorce me by emotional blackmail. She left me... All because of this man I lost my love. She hated me and you know he is the person behind Noah. He tried to kill her twice still she forgave him with respect. Because of him! Just because of him. I had faked hate towards her and cried inside. I know this disgusting man will never let her live, so I made her go away, but she return for me, for my love. She came back to look after this rouge meee! Even knowing the risk of her pregnancy she was ready to do it just to make us all happy. Still, he is behind her. This time I won't let you... I won't let you destroy her... Us... I will save her even by killing you... You know dad... How much she loves us... Like a brother I failed... In my lust for money, I sold my sister to Rick... But Nandini save her... You know that Rick tried to molest Maya... Who saved your sweet princess. My wife! My wife saved her risking her life..." He shouted in tears. Johnson looked at Maya for which Maya nodded in tears.

"She changed me with her love. Today the successful life I have is her charity. My every second with you made me feel as a loser, but every second with her is bliss. She loved me like my mother. My mother who died... That much love... My mother beared pain of nine months to give me birth, but Nandini beared pain of five years to love me... She stays or goes nothing happens, In fact death will be heaven for her, but me... I can't... I will die with her... I can die to get her love... Please... I will not ask anything... I don't need your single penny... Give my love...Please give her backkkk." He cried holding his feet begging him.

"Where is Nandini, John?" His mom shouted in anger. Johnson was taken back hearing her wife's angry tone.

"I... I don't know..." He said with tears. Maya's eyes feel on Johnson's phone lying on the couch. She grabbed the phone and unlocked it started browsing his call history and messages. She found the message where he texted "they started" to a private number.

"Whose number is this? For whom you texted!" Maya shouted in anger walking toward him. Johnson was shocked seeing the message still active.

"I never expected you so cheap dad! I have always seen you as my hero...but planned to kill that innocent soul" Maya cried in disgust that Johnson couldn't take this all.

"Why you're doing this John? She is our daughter in law" Mrs Johnson cried upset.

"Dad, please... If you want me to marry Lily. I will marry her... I swear on my love... Let my Nandini live, she almost cried her entire life. First she lost her mother at younger age than her dad's health problems, when she is ready to smile. I ruined her life for my ego and she was never happy... Marrying a billionaire's son is the only sin she committed and my son! Being my son is his biggest sin. I will rectify both, I promise I will send them away from you, me. Please dadddd tell me where is sheee. She even saved your respect... I beg you, show some mercy on her... let my love live. Pleaseee dadd... I will work day and night to multiple our revenue. Just once save her" Manik cried hugging his legs. His helpless tears are washing Johnson's feet pushing him down from the cliff to reach the depth of regret and guilt.

Even word from his family members dug like a needle to his heart. All the things he did with Nandini. Her broken state followed by their words echoed in his mind making him give up on his mental state, while pushing everyone away, Johnson ran to his room and locked it from inside.

"Dadddd!". Maya screamed seeing him locking with a thud... She ran to the door and others to dashed. Johnson took his licenced revolver pulling on the trigger... Boom!!

What you think should we trust Johnson?

Any guesswork...
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