Saucy Revenge

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Manik was frozen for a second hearing the bullet sound.

"Johnnnn" Mrs Johnson screamed banging the door. Soon Manik rushed out and broken the door.

The view of Johnson lying on the floor with a wounded arm bleeding.

"Dad!" Maya ran to him crying. Johnson pointed his gun at his point-blank, but at the endpoint, he remembered something that made him change his decision, but it's late that the bullet shot out. He changed his gun direction lowering the gun and the bullet passed making way from his chest to his left arm making him bleed.

Johnson called Manik to come near him. Manik didn't even move an inch.

"I knowwww you hatee meeee. I don't deserve to live. I will die... Just listen to this..." Johnson whined in pain raising his right hand for him.

"First we should go to the hospital... " Maya shouted trying to get him up with help of her mom.

"No, Manikk... Please trust me once" Johnson cried begging him. Maya sighed Manik to come.

Manik just took two steps and stood in front of his dad like a tower glaring at him. Johnson crawled forward to hold his leg.

"I'm sorry, I did so many mistakes in life. I destroyed your happy life. But now, I changed! I really changed... I swear... I didn't do anything now" Johnson cried in guilt washing Manik's feet with his warm blood.

"If not you who will do it! Rick? He is dead long ago" Manik shouted in disbelief.


"What? Lily! Already to ruined my Nandini now don't provoke me about Lily." Manik argued.

"I... I texted her only... See the number private number. Only she knows that Nandini is going to the hospital" Johnson whimpered.

"But how can a girl do this, especially lily she is so open-minded." Manik struggled to believe it. Johnson looked on his sides to get his phone.

"My phonee" Johnson asked Maya trying to get up. Manik helped him and made him sit on the bed. Maya left to get his phone whereas Mrs Johnson went to get the first aid box to stop his bleeding.

Manik removed Johnson's shirt pressed the cotton on his wounds and tied it to stop bleeding and called his family doctor

Johnson took his phone and showed his private chat between Lily and him. Manik was shocked seeing all.

"From day one Lily knows everything that happened between you and Nandini. She gave me confidence that you will move on once you're done with Nandini. Lily is the one who used Noah. The night when Noah attacked Nandini is planned by Lily. She knows Nandini's medical condition and thoughts. Nandini will die if she was broken once more. But you reached out and saved her. She is the one who appointed a lawyer to deal Noah's case. She planned to save you and make Nandini in prison. But it failed. Laterrrr we thought you will get bored of marriage. Lily joined hands with Nandini's doctor and gave her wrong medicines to stop her from being pregnant which im unaware of. I felt your happiness is good not to destroy your marriage. But Lily planned this and she provoked me telling me I can't get an heir forever. She insisted to push Nandini out. I trusted her... Rick was also a weapon for Lily. I'm just a mediator in her plan. After you said me about Nandini's complicated pregnancy I got doubt and contacted few specialists then they gave me this information about dangerous pills. I passed information to Riya also to take care of her. I made my London trip to make Nandini comfortable here. I meet Lily there and told her that you can't marry her. She accepted telling your love is great and deserves to live happily. I trusted her blindly. But she... Trust me Manik, please... One last time trust me. Lily is possessive about you and she can go to any extent to get you. I think Lily only kidnapped our Nandini. Save her! Save your love" Johnson cried.

"But Lily is in London, right? I spoke to her last night" Manik asked.

"When she can do all this shit, can't she lie about her. There was something which we failed to notice. Think bro, there is something that can help us to reach Nandini" Maya tried to find.

"Mom, on which route you went after taking turn?" Manik asked to know.

"Our farmhouse road third lane"

Manik took his phone and saw google Maps. It had all his locations pinned up. Johnson to look at the screen.

"Warehouse... Recently Lily brought a warehouse to renovate. It's around thirty miles" Johnson said.

"Maya inform cops about this and I will go myself." Manik said hurried getting up.

He stopped at the door and looked at his dad.

"You shouldn't die, I never believed that you will ever change. But Nandini strongly believed in you. And today it got true. I promised her that my son and his mother will have a family to welcome him home. You should live. Be ready to welcome them. I'm sorry mom" Manik said leaving. He took his car and drove.

Another place,

A room was full of bright lights that's are projected on either side. Nandini was tired to a chair and the pain was immense as she was having her labor pains and started bleeding struggling to get free.

"Hi?" Lily walked in with a smirk. Pulling the folding chair beside she sat on it in front of her from back resting her chin on the metal chair glaring at Nandini.

"Lily" Nandini mumbled in shock.

"You remembered" lily slapped her hard like the chair moved to fall down but it held back.

"Ahh," Nandini cried in pain. Suddenly she spat blood. That's a wrong sign. She realised that internal bleeding was started destroying her organs.

"Lily, please... Takee me to hospital... Please..." Nandini cried struggling.

"Acha, so much struggling to save your baby. What you thought you take my boyfriend and make him your husband. I should be happy for you! Is it?" Lily shouted like mad kicking the chair getting up.

"It's you who tried to take my husband!"

"No... It's you... I liked him from my schooling. I liked him drooling for me, begging for my glance. I own him. When I felt to accept his love you came in the middle and snatched my love. You cheap low class scrap. What the thing you had looking like a cow now? Look at my figure, my net worth. I'm best in everything, but Manik has chosen you, why?"

"Because he loves me. My... My baby... Please, Lily, take me to the hospital." Nandini cried.

"Yeah, loving you. That's the problem he made me a fool. I hate rejection. If you die here then he will definitely marry me as promised. Those bastards failed to kill you, but I will make sure of this." Lily shrieked.

"I know, I will die. I will die... Just save my baby. "

"Don't make me fool again" Lily argued.

"Look at my legs. I'm bleeding... It's complicated pregnancy... Just take me to hospital orelse my baby will because of my internal bleeding. Please... I beg you save him" Nandini cried in unbearable pain struggling with her strains.

"What if you are alive?" Lily smirked.

"Then you can kill me"

"Hmm, I had a better idea Nandini. If I kill you it will be a case. Better you commit suicide." Lily giggled like a psycho.

"What!! Lily... Please, my baby"

"Chill, just cut your wrist the one nerve connected to the heart. Within ten minutes, I will take you to the hospital. Your baby will be alive pakka. You will die that's sure for me. What say, deal or no deal"

"Ok, but promise me that you will save my baby and give him to Manik?"

"Yeah, of course, your son will be my gold card. Then only na your smart handsome hubby will marry me. Die lovely. I want your husband as mine and you want your baby alive. Come on" Lily opened her right arm and gave her a knife to cut her wrist.

She closed her eyes one last time remembering her entire life and her love. Mom loves you, baby. I'm sorry for not being your mom forever. I'm sorry Manik" Nandini cried caressing her womb gulping her pain she sliced her wrist cutting her nerves. Already she was in too much pain and this didn't made much, but her heart is giving her immense pain reminding her Manik.

"Takeee meee too the, pleaseee" Nandini cried falling from the chair due to unbearable pain and heavy blood loss.

"Sure, but only went I see this floor filled with your blood. It takes just five minutes, my fiance's ex-wife." Lily laughed evilly as Nandini started losing her consciousness.

First tell me How is the update and later throw your phone aside and crying out... Its ok to cry when we are more connected to the character in a novel or movie... That a good sign that we are emotional and can stand for emotions 😍

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