Saucy Revenge

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45- Choosing baby

Manik dashed inside as already police surrounded that place arresting all the guards of Lily.

As he ran inside breaking the carbon doors. He has seen Nandini lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

"Nandiniiii" Manik screamed with his broken heart seeing her worst condition.

"Even I'm here my love" Lily chuckled rolling the knife. Manik held back his anger seeing the knife.

"What are you doing Lily? We planned to get that baby and you're killing our baby here!" Manik shouted stepping toward her.

"Don't fool me, Manik. I know you love this loser. For this loser, you fooled me. Today she will die" Lily shouted pointing the Knife on Nandini's throat.

"It's your misunderstanding love. If you kill her you will be in jail then how can you marry me? I was so desperately waiting to love you, but here you're messing our future. She is dead already, see!" Manik said manipulating her mind with his sweet words he moved closer to her. She hugged her from side softly snatching the knife. Manik saw Nandini who smiled in tears as her trust won. Her love came to save her and their baby. Manik felt so happy seeing her awake.

"I love you, Manik" Lily smiled in joy hugging him. Manik encircled his fingers with hers locking it he twisted to her back breaking her elbow.

"Ahhh" Lily screamed in pain. Manik closed her mouth in his plam to seal her scream and broken her leg with a kick on her knee. Once he was done he dragged her to corner and tied her mouth with plaster and dumped her in the scrap mountain locking her in too much pain.

Once his work is done he saw cops coming inside.

"Where is that lily?" They asked Manik who was hurried carrying his love to his car.

"She ran away seeing us. Check all the airport terminals and seize her passport" Manik said to the police that they blindly trusted him and left the place.

Manik took her to the hospital hurried.

"Baby... Don't worry... It will be ok... You will be fine" Manik cried seeing her crying.

"I... I know, will youuu promiseee mee somethingg" Nandini cried in pain holding his hand before entering the operation theatre.

"I will, but later... First, you should get treated"

"No, I will go only if you promise." She said stubborn holding her tummy.


"Promise me that you will save our baby, our baby should be on this earth. Even at cost of death. Promise me that you will save our baby, our Mayan" she cried begging him.

"Ok, please"

"Will you marry Lily?"

"Stop it, Nanduu... First get treated" Manik shouted in anger.

"Marry Lily, she really loves you. I have seen the same possession in her eyes whichh you had on me. Please promise me" She smiled.

"Why you're doing this!" Manik cried cupping her face with flowing emotions.

"Promise!" She whispered in broken tears.

"Ok, promise" he joined his hand being helpless. She held his hand not letting him leave.

"II..I.I l...lo..ove youuu...Don't leavee mee" She cried holding his hand. Riya's eyes moisture seeing them broken.

"Come inside, Manik. Her happiness is more important" Riya said and Manik followed joined them in the operation theatre.

"Just look at her face. Don't leave her hand and we will continue. I think normal delivery is impossible" Riya said Manik.

"Noooo, I will..." Nandini tried to tell.

"Try to understand, it's risky for your baby too." Riya sighed the nurse to give anaesthesia.

Lifting her legs spreading the nurse started cutting her dress and soon doctor Sasha looked at the seriousness and yelled at them "Stop the procedure" The nurse didn't inject the anaesthesia.

Nandini was still crying in pain clutching his palm.

"Why?" Riya asked confused.

"The baby's head is out of her cervix" Sasha said looking at Riya.

Riya looked at Manik with her teary eyes.

"Can you please come out a while?" Sasha asked Manik. Riya held Nandini's hand. Her pain made her vision blur.

Outside the operation theatre,

"What happened, is she alright?" Manik whimpered worried.

"Already baby started moving out, we can do normal delivery but in that case" She paused looking at his panicked face.

"Tell me, doctor"

"I'm sorry, as we discussed before it's complicated. Already her uterus was damaged and internal bleeding was spread wide while damaging her ovary and amino acids leaked out. There are 60% chances for the baby, but we can save only one. If you are ready to sacrifice your baby we will do surgery and try to save your wife."

"If I want my baby then?" He implored looking for her reply.

"We will try normal delivery, the baby will be safe, but she only has a 10% chance to survive. Tell me what you choose? Baby or her?" He just remembered Nandini's last words.

"Baby, but I want my wife also. Please do something" Manik cried.

"Ok, sign your consent form" the doctor gave him the form which the nurse got to them. Manik closed his eyes gulping his tears he signed the form.

"We will move with normal delivery. Come in your support is needed, but don't lose hope." The doctor encouraged him.

They continued the process as Manik held her hand repeatedly assuring her that it will be fine. She lost her consciousness after a loud scream propelling the baby out.

"Nanduuuu, nanduu" Manik cried repeatedly calling her, but she lied lifelessly on the bed with full of blood her hand loosened in his making him cry more.

"You can't do thissss" He cried. The doctor patted the baby's back.

As the father was crying in fear of losing his world The baby cried out in fear of entering the new world uniting his dad. Both have the same pain with innocence. Manik doesn't know how to live without her and their baby doesn't know how to live outside of his mother's womb.

Riya held back her tears and softly placed the baby on the new sheet.

"Manik, please go out. We should operate her" Sasha told him. Riya took the newborn and gave him to Manik to move him out of his pain. Manik cried more seeing his newborn son crying. Riya just dragged him out with her to check the baby's health.

"Have hope she will be fine" Riya motivated him. He looked at his baby with tears. With help of a nurse, they checked the baby's condition and placed him in incubation for a while.

Manik started waiting outside with the hope of seeing his love alive.

In the same hospital, Johnson was admitted to get stitches on his torn arm and resting. Mrs Johnson and Maya are with Manik trying to calm him. Maya already expressed Riya about the things Lily did with Nandini to get better ways to treat Nandini.

After two hours doctor Sasha walked out of the operation theatre along with doctor Riya.

"How is she?" Manik asked reaching them.

"We need extra blood now" They said him. Johnson hidden in the corner hearing them.

"You can collect one more bottle mine" Manik said stepping forward.

"No, it's not possible. Already you are weak. We need a new person. Try from your friend's circle and we will contact blood bank" Riya said walking to her chamber to make a call.

"How is she?" Johnson asked Riya holding his injured arm bound with hand support.

"Will be fine" Riya whispered looking at him surprised. He is looking like a completely different person.

Riya walked aside and contacted her circle to arrange blood, but Johnson's words halted her.

"I...h.. have same group, I will give blood. Save her" Johnson came forward shocking her.

"You?" She glanced in surprised.


"But you already lost blood today. I think you may not handle" Riya expressed.

"I'm fine, I've already seen my entire life. It's ok for me to feel little pain. Any pain will be less than the pain Nandini is going through. Atleast this can reduce my sinful deeds" Johnson mumbled with tears of guilt.

"Ok, come"

"No, Manik will not like this. He hates me. please hide this from him." Johnson whimpered looking at Manik from distance. Riya guided him to another chamber to get his blood.

With the help of few specialists, they performed surgery to clean her uterus and reconstruct her internal organs.

Few hours,

Riya came out after completing the surgery.

"How is she?"

"She is in coma, we should wait with hope." Riya said. He cried collapsing on the chair. Johnson too heard the same hiding beside the wall.

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