Saucy Revenge

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46- Payback

After a while, Johnson signed Riya to come aside. She just made excuse and reached him.

"Can I see my grandson once? Just once" Johnson asked with tearful eyes. She nodded feeling bad for him and took him to the baby care unit and showed the newborn Mayan.

He got more emotional seeing the cute baby in the cradle. Unlike all the newborns who have their mom's name on the tag. He had his own name "Mayan" written on the tag tied around his tiny wrist.

"He is fine, right?" Johnson asked worriedly.

"Yeah, a perfect healthy baby. Right weight as well. Nandini gave her all immunity and love to him." Riya mumbled looking at the cute baby sleeping quiet.

"Just like my Manu", he whispered admiring the baby. When his eyes suddenly fell on Manik who is looking at him from the door.

Johnson instantly moved away from the cradle and left without meeting his son's glance.

"What he is doing here?" Manik asked looking at his newborn baby. He softly parted his baby lips and checked inside his mouth.

"He didn't do anything, Manik! He just admired your son" Riya said wiping his doubts.

"Don't trust him, he is the reason for all this pain of mine." Manik spat in anger.

"Lily is the main reason for everything, I think you're dad changed" Riya mumbled looking at him.

"Whatever, I can think anything else only after Nandini's recovery. You tell me the truth what is her condition? Tell me truth just truth" Manik insisted.

"I'm sorry, Manik. We did surgery, but it was not as expected. Her condition is critical. She dropped into coma. Her body functioning is alright, but her condition is brain dead. The thing I said outside is just a lie to keep your hope alive. I'm sorry! She is not responding to the treatment. We can do anything only if she makes a move atleast open her eyes." Riya said breaking his heart.

"Can I see her?" He whimpered holding his tears.

"We kept her under observation and she is unconscious due to surgery. Let her rest, you can meet her after 24 hours" Riya said. He remembered something else his face turned red.

"I'm going on some Important work. If any emergency call me and Maya will be here?" Manik informed Riya walking out.

"Mom, you go home along with dad. Maya, can you please stay here to look after my Mayan" Manik asked looking at Maya.

"Ok, but where you're going?" Maya asked suspiciously.

"To return something! I will return soon" Manik said walking from them.

"Manik, Nandini never likes you doing wrong!" Maya added.

"I know" Manik said leaving the hospital.

He drove to Lily's warehouse and walked to the scrap. His eyes turned red seeing Lily struggling in pain muffed with the plaster. He held her hair mercilessly and dragged her on the marble floor harshly and dumped her in his car bonnet like some luggage and closed the bonnet. She winched and cried but nothing came out.

He got her to the house in the city outskirts a few miles away and his guard dragged her in the same way and dumped her on the second-floor bedroom over the bed.

"She doesn't deserve to stay on the bed," Manik growled. His trustworthy guard found his boss's desire and pushed her out of the bed making her yelp.

"Remove that plaster, I want to hear her screams" He ordered.

As the guard pulled out the plaster. She cried out aloud holding her broken arm which turned blue due to internal bleeding and her injured knee.

Manik smirked sitting on the bed looking at her crying in pain.

"You love me right, Lily" Manik grinned leaning to her closer.

"Manik, please take me to the hospital" she cried in pain ignoring his words.

"Oh, it's paining. Baby" Manik smiled sheepishly.

"Manik, please" Lily begged.

"Ok, I will tell you something that can give you instant relief. That is... You killed my wife. You God dammit killed my wife" He shouted in anger stepping on her left leg. Her too much pain didn't give her any happiness even after hearing such news.

"Happy, right!" Manik gritted pressing on her leg more giving her pain.

"Ahh, it hurts" Lily cried in pain.

"You hurt me more, Lily!" He roared smacking her face. She yelped falling back on her broken arm making herself worse.

"You feel you love me like Nandini right, let's see your love. I want you to get all the pain my Nandini got. I want you to go through the hell which she got. You get no treatment until I get satisfied."

"What! Manik... Are you mad! Take me to the hospital!" Lily cried in pain.

"Yeah, I was so normal but you made me a beast again. So it's your turn to see the beast. I want you to feel every pain she got." Manik growled pressing her cheeks harshly. She glanced in surprise yet scared.

"Don't waste your time using your brain. Don't get any nasty idea. I won't touch you. Butttt"He paused raising her anxiety.

"Wilson" Manik called his guard who walked in instantly and stood beside folding his huge arms to his chest. His muscles blew upon his strict firm.

"Wilson, what can you do for me?" Manik smirked looking at Lily.

"I can do anything. I can kill anyone and even die" Wilson said in his sincere tone.

"He will check your stamina, dear. Wilson, she is all yours tonight, tomorrow anytime." Manik told getting up.

"What! Manikkk noo" Lily cried crawling away.

"You deserve it, lily. You should also feel right. How does it feels to get raped? He will give practical experience. Wilson, get that special dose for her." Manik laughed evilly getting up from the bed. Wilson got out a syringe filled with red fluid.

"What wasss thattt!" Lily cried in fear crawling away.

"Hey, I won't kill you that easy dear. It's just a seducer to make it pleasurable. And you know this was the same drug Rick used on me and you used on Noah. It will take you to heaven for the next 48 hours. And after that I will know from you about your feelings, experience much more" Manik growled in a husky tone stepping toward her.

"Manikkk, no! Please don't do this" Lily cried begging for mercy.

"Hold her Wilson, I'm not experienced in injections. My first attempt Nah" Manik laughed playfully.

"Please, I'm sorry." Lily cried as Wilson held her from moving.

"I will also tell you sorry. After breaking you million times." Manik gritted injecting the drug into her arm.

"Have fun, Wil you can enjoy her on the bed. Make sure she gets perfect. She likes only if it's completely perfect. Take it rough and make sure to break few bones changing position. All the best" Manik smiled tapping Wilson's shoulder proudly.

"As you wish sir" Wilson bowed dragging Lily over the bed before hovering over her.

"No!!! Ahh," She screamed holding her head unable to resist the reaction of the drug in her. Manik just walked out closing the door.

A/n: I'm sorry for this evil man 😷
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