Saucy Revenge

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47- Recovery?

As you all loved the name of our cute superstar Mayan. Here it is...
Mayan means Indifferent to wealth and God of love(Indian), pure one( Arabic).

So the story revolved around the classes of wealth which destroyed everything but end it's all about love... So I searched for three days to name him a perfect 👌 ... Although I was crazy to waste a lot of time just to name a character couldn't resist the attachment I had to this special book 😋😋

Story starts


Manik was sitting beside her bed holding her hand with tears in his eyes.

"You still hate me, right! So you wanted to leave us. It's been two days. Our Mayan crying for his mom. Atleast for his can't you live? My love for you made you suffer. Today im crying for the mistakes I did. I deserve this all, but not like this. Don't leave me alone. Please Nandu, don't punish me like this. Mayan needs you and I need you. I don't want our baby to grow without his mom. You know right how it feels to live without a mother. We both lost our moms at younger age. I don't want our Mayan to go through that phase. Please open your eyes atleast for him. Don't you want to see him?" Manik shattered crying like a kid.

"Please wake up" He cried bitterly. Nandini blinked her eyes which went unnoticed by Manik, but Maya who is watching them from the door observed it. She softly opened the door and walked in to confirm.

"Don't do this to me" Manik cried on her hand. Nandini opened her eyes a little yet her body didn't cooperate to make a moment.

"She opened her eyes" Maya smiled shouting. Manik woke up and jumped in happiness seeing her looking at him. She signed him to remove the oxygen mask as her right wrist was injured.

Maya looked at them as Manik removed the mask. She tried to speak but nothing came out of her throat. She gripped his hand with tears trying to tell him something which was not understandable.

"Riya, why she is unable to speak?" Maya asked instantly as doctor Riya and Sasha walked in.

"Maybe due to shock."

"G... Get Mayan" Manik said reading her eyes with tears. Nandini tilted her head in approval still holding his hand. Maya got the newborn and lied him beside her. Nandini filled her eyes with happy tears seeing her healthy infant.

Riya passed a drug to inject her to relieve her pain when Nandini stopped taking which shocked all. She harshly took the injection and smacked it away.

"Nanduu it's reliving your pain. You had surgery yar. It's needed you can take that pain." Riya scolded.

Nandini cried more for not getting words and she held Manik and tried to tell him something showing Mayan.

"I think she wants to breastfeed" Maya mumbled in tears seeing Nandini lying in so much pain.

"Can she?" Manik asked doubtfully. Sasha looked at the clock and smiled.

"It's already 24 hours. She can do it. It's healthy for baby" Sasha said.

"Can you all stay outside I will call you back" Manik said to them as Nandini likes. Once all are out Manik opened her hospital gown to help her.

Nandini smiled in happiness as her baby stopped crying instantly by starting filling his hungry.

"We did a big mistake, wifey" Nandini's eyes widened hearing him.

"We both should've gone to sign language classes prior to your delivery" Manik joked making her smile.

"It's ok love, everything will be fine. I Love you, my love. I just need your hand to guide me always" Manik smiled kissing her plam.

After a while Mayan slept. Manik placed him beside her zipping back her gown. He called them all to check on Nandini's condition as she fell unconscious again.

"She will be fine?" Manik uttered taking Mayan in his arms.

"I will tell, first go out all." Riya said to them. When maya is about to leave. Riya called her back and gave her a tablets sheet secretly which was observed by Manik.

Manik placed his baby in the cradle and walked out sighing the nurse to look after him. As he passed out he saw Maya sitting on the sofa in a corner gulping a tablet while clenching her face stressful.

"Is everything alright?" Manik asked instantly stepping near her. She dropped the sheet of the tablet by his sudden entry which fell down the floor as she stood up.

"Nothing, just causal" she smiled. Manik ignored her word and read the capsule description.

"These pills?" Manik asked in surprise.

"Jet lag"

"Jet lag after one week?" Manik exclaimed. She just rolled her eyes turning away from his gaze.

"Are you hiding something from me?" He asked doubtfully.

"No, I will tell you soon" Maya smiled.

"Why not now?"

"I don't feel it's right time" Maya whispered.

"There is no right time for anything. It's just about priorities" Manik said in a strong tone.

"I'm pregnant, bro" Maya spilled out the truth shocking him. He got mixed feelings hearing the news.

"It's a news to celebrate. Then why this suspense, my little sister." Manik smiled in joy tabbing her head.

"Yeah, we would've celebrated if Nandini was fine. I didn't feel to tell it"


"None knows Except Zane, Riya and now you" Maya smiled.


"Yep, I just found it last week. First told Zane that he will soon get a brother or sister. Thought about telling Jack, but he was busy out of town. I waited to confess all today but our lives turned upside down just in 48hours." Maya whispered in tears.

"Nandini will be fine. You shouldn't cry. I'm so happy for you." Manik smiled hugging her.

"I hope it" Maya whispered with hope.

"First tell Jack. He will feel so happy and soon we will celebrate it in our mansion by throwing a big bast. This time you should gift me a cute Niece" Manik smiled.

"Even Zane asked the same that he wants a little sister" Maya laughed.

In the meanwhile, Riya walked out distracting them.

"How is she?" Maya asked before Manik.

"She is responding well. Don't tell her any shocking news. She lost her voice because of a mild brain stroke maybe because of fear. Soon she can speak if she was happy in life. It's critical still we have to be cautious about her mental condition." Riya explained.

"If we keep her happy she will live right?" Manik asked excited.

"Yes, make sure that she never comes across Lily or any person of her past." Riya remained. Manik felt relieved a little getting the hope.

24 hours later,


Lily was lying on the bed in the darkroom. Her every inch was filled with scars. She was sobbing in pain not able to move herself. Her broken arm was swollen double its size.

Manik walked in pulling a chair along with him and pulled the curtains aside. Lily opened her eyes dizzy and jumped in fear seeing Manik sitting in front of her with a smirk.

"M... Manikkk pleaseee leaveee me" Lily begged for mercy crawling on the bed painfully.

"Hey, it's just two days and your begging to get free" Manik chuckled looking at her teary face.

"M...manikkk pleaseeee, don't do this" Lily cried holding her broken arm.

"It's just two days, but my Nandini suffered this hell throughout her life. Tell me your experience, how is your session? Had fun?" Manik grinned in a husky tone humiliating her more.

"Manik pleaseee I beg you, let me go" Lily cried holding the sheet covering her naked frame.

"I will let you go after breaking you. Why your crying like lost your first time? You have plenty of boyfriends right, in school, college, office client's etc... Tell me how the number once" Manik laughed enjoying her tears.

"I truly loved you Manik... You can't talk like this" Lily cried in a broken tone.

"Oh, love. Even Nandini loved me what did I give her? And Sam too loved you... I'm not a virgin, you're not a virgin but Nandini and Sam both felt us as their first love. Haven't you felt this before insulting sam or before plotting against Nandini? You destroyed two beautiful souls for your so-called love!! I do this to my love, just like I left Nandini to Rick" Manik growled stepping closer to her. She remembered all the things Manik did with Nandini and her plotting upon her. She cried bitterly in too much pain.

"This is what you wanted to do with Nandini by pushing Noah. Explain me how it's feeling to be broken? How does it feels when the one you loved destroyed you? Tell me, Lily, how you felt sleeping with Wilson? Most interestingly he is a virgin too" Manik gritted in anger.

"Just stop it, Manikkk!! I planned but did anything happened to her then. It's you who ruined her life. I just provoked Noah or Rick. it's you who reacted in anger." Lily cried in anger blaming him.

"Yeah, Even I did nothing, I just provoked Wilson" He smirked with a grin calling out aloud "your mistress woke up man! It's time to get on charge."

Wilson walked in along with the syringe filled with the same drug. Lily tried to crawl away but her body didn't help either.

"This repeats until I see guilt or your death, whichever is earlier" Manik smiled injecting her the drug.

"Manik, please I will die. Tell him to stop orelse I will die" Lily begged for mercy.

"Happy journey" he laughed closing the door.

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