Saucy Revenge

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48- Struck in love

Manik was sitting on his chair as Lily was still semi-conscious on the bed. It's been five days since she had any food or water. Her every inch turned red with multiple scars and her injured knee and broken Arm are left untreated making it a living hell. Her voice turned to fade as her all energy was exhausted.

"Want some water, Lily?" Manik laughed checking out his phone where the cc footage of his wife happily resting admiring their newborn child in her embrace.

"Ahhh" Lily yelped in pain.

"Come, I had your favourite brand of mineral water and also vodka." Manik laughed glancing at her lying like a corpse under a tiny silk sheet. He will know that she can't walk.

"M... M... Manikk" Lily cried.

"Shall I call Wilson he will help you" Manik smirked in his evil tone that frightened her to hell.

"I... I don't needdd waterrrr" Lily whimpered gulping her tears.

"But you said, you want! Don't feel shy, Wilson" Manik smiled calling Wilson.

Wilson walked in before something else happen. Sam stormed inside the room blocking their way.

"Hey, Sam... Wanna enjoy?" Manik laughed pulling his cheeks but his serious expression halted him.

"Don't tell me that You came to save this bitch! She ruined your life as well" Manik growled in anger.

"When I said I came to save her? How can I save someone who was already died?" Sam snarled in anger looking at Lily.


"I want my share from her. Just like some fun. Can you leave her to me?" Sam demanded which made Manik surprise. He passed a look of disbelief.

"No, I don't think so.. Sorry my friend. I don't believe you. Although you're my friend you had silly heart like Nandini. It's so easy to melt" Manik denied walking away.

"I'm good only for good people. If you think so stay back here" Sam said in a serious tone unbuckling his belt.

"S... Samm pleaseeee" Lily cried trying to crawl away to the headboard. Sam pulled her ankle covered under the sheet making her fall back on the bed.

"I'm sorryyyy" Lily cried.

Wrapping the buckle to his palm, Sam lashed Lily until she fainted screaming.

"Happy?" Sam muttered in anger.

"Now I believe you, my friend. you can take out your anger on her. Once you are done, inform me and make sure she doesn't run away. If she goes missing I kill her" Manik smiled.

"She will never come out of this house. You can come anytime to check on her" Sam smiled with assurance while dropping the belt on the floor.

Manik left to hospital along with Wilson. Sam walked to the door and locked it from inside. He checked on the corners and covered out the cc cameras and ran to the bed. He pulled away the tiny sheet from covering her and checked on her bruises which are worst by his belt welts.

He rushed to the bathroom and got a bucket of hot water and a hand towel and softly cleaned her skin. His eyes watered seeing her pale face where blood is clotted at the corner of her lip.

"Why you got into this Lily? Why?" Sam cried bitterly hugging her.

He removed his shirt and tearing off his sleeve he made her wear it and left her to rest after making her drink some water semi-conscious.

Lily woke up after an hour. She jumped in fear seeing Sam beside her looking at her with an icy glare.

"I... I'm so..sorry sam, pleaseee don't...hurt mee" She cried crawling away on her one hand.

"Relax, I will not" Sam said in his cold tone.

"Please leave meee, please... I beg you.." Lily cried vigorously.

"I can't, but I can help you with something." He said looking into her eyes she held the sheet fearfully.

"I can get you treated by a best female doctor. In that case, you shouldn't utter a word on your lips. If you try to mess anything. I don't have any option other than leaving you with Manik" Sam spoke out, she held her tears looking at him.

"Will you behave?" She nodded obediently for him.

Sam requested Doctor Sasha I.e sister's best friend. She reached his place secretly and called him.

"Remember, no word should be spoken" Sam warned one last time. She nodded with tears. Sam wiped her tears and carried her downstairs.

Sasha was so shocked to see Sam taking a girl in his arms that also she is dressed in his shirt and he was naked half.

"X-ray?" Sam asked Sasha getting her out of her thoughts.

"Yeah, I got a mini one."

"I'm sorry, I just had one shirt. Hmm.." Sam mumbled embarrassed.

"That's ok I understand"

Sasha examined her broken arm and knee and also the belt welts all over her limb.

"How it's broken?" Sasha asked doubtfully.

"Manik broken it" Sam mumbled out.

"What!!" Sasha shouted in shock.

"She is Lily, the one who ruined my sister Nandini's life, so he punished her. I think now you don't feel that sympathy for her. " Sam has spoken looking at Lily who is just listening to them.

"Means you...!"

"It's past Sasha. She is getting this for her present" Sam wiped out the topic.

"It's less when compared to Nandini's pain. She was successful in torturing Nandini" Sasha said in hatred.

Sasha started cleaning her arm, and Lily screamed in pain. Sasha moved away for a second.

Lily gulped on her pain and looked at Sam scared of his reaction. Sam was calm seeing it she uttered Sorry with tears.

Sam sat beside her and clasped her face in his chest. Holding her secure.

Sasha cleaned her arm. She treated her broken arm and semi fractured knee.

"It's fully broken so I'm putting on a plaster cast. It can be removed after three weeks and her knee will be fine in a week. Use this tablet and ointment for her knee." Sasha gave description after casting her arm.

"Thank you" Sam smiled.

"I'm sorry, dear if you are good I used to help you out, but remember you get what you gave. Just like you got now." Sasha mumbled leaving.

"Stay here, I will be back" Sam said before going behind Sasha.

"Are you hating me?" Sam yelled running behind.

"Yeah, why you asked me to treat her? Like an idiot, I came to help you! And you're crying for that cheap girl! Shameless!" Sasha scolded throwing her stethoscope on his face.

"After all, I loved her Sasha, how can I see her pain" Sam whimpered in tears.

"Still you love that witch? Your relationship with her is just two years, but mine... 15 years God dammitmit it's fucking 15 years!! I have been a doctor just to stay together with my best friend Riya, but actually you. I'm still waiting for you, Sam. But youuuu... Don't I deserve your love?" Sasha cried cupping his face.

"Sasha, please it's not as you think. I can't love you or anyone" Sam tried to explain.

"Why the hell you can't love? What the thing only Lily has which I don't! Tell me, Sam. I had never seen that pain in your eyes before the tears of love you got for Lily are mine. She destroyed you, but I'm loving you, Sam. I'm loving you so madly" Sasha cried breaking down in his arms. Sam hugged her back letting her cry outpouring her pain.

"I know the pain of first love. We both did the same mistake. We both loved the one who can never love us back. I'm sorry, I'm not ready to lie. I was struck with my past. Being with me hurts you every second. Loving me is equal to loving a skeleton. My heart is an empty shell. I'm so sorry Sasha" Sam mumbled with guilt parting away from her.

"I hate you! I hate you more!!" Sasha shouted slapping him hard. Sam held his sore cheek looking into her teary eyes.

"I hate you because you're loving such a worst person even at this phase. She is a murderer, a cruel lady. How awful it is?" Sasha cried in anger filled with pain.

"The things she did is a phase. I loved her before this phase. It's just all about her obsession. I loved her even after seeing her bad. That's the reason even today my wound was alive giving me new pain. I loved the stubborn kid inside her. Anyways it's all past. She moved on, but I can't move on. I'm sorry for hurting you" Sam said. She got in her car with tears as he made his way inside the house. A pair of ears heard this entire conversation yet remained stable.

A/n- what do you feel about Sam's love? And your reaction to his rescue?

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