Saucy Revenge

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49- mercy?

Sam walked in wiping off his tears with a serious expression yet his face was wet. He saw Lily who was walking dragging her injured limb. He walked behind and took her in his arms softly. Lily just looked at his eyes not turning away.

"Do you wanna use washroom?" Sam asking not meeting their gaze.

"Yes, but"

He just carried her to the restroom and dropped her down.

"Once your done call me, I will get you some dress" Sam whispered leaving away.

He got her dress from the other bedroom which was Riya's. This was the same house where Manik kept Nandini to protect her.

He made her wear his sister's dress and combed her hair perfectly and feed her favourite food.

"You can rest" Sam said talking with the empty plate in his hand.

"W... Why are you doing this?" Lily whimpered holding his wrist.

"What I did?" Sam uttered glancing at her tears in surprise.

"I didn't do anything to you then why are you crying?" Sam growled frustrated.

"I did equal damage to your life. I played with your feelings just for my fun. I humiliated a lot of times. Then now you had the chance to break me. You should also take revenge on me then why you're showing this care and concern. I know I don't deserve this. When Nandini did nothing Manik ruined her but I did everything then why are you being so generous towards me? Why?" Lily sobbed in guilt.

Sam let a chuckle "I don't have such legacy. Manik and you were both born with silver spoon like you can get anything just with a span of your finger. When you can't get something you get so frustrated because you feel it's a sign of loser, but for me. I'm a middle-class person, we should lead a war to get our dreams fulfilled. You just pay donation to get admission, but me. You said Nah cheap beggar who lives on scholarship. To get that scholarship we have to work day and night by sacrificing every little thing. Our middle-class person's mindset is this type... We are losers because we know how to let things go which are not ours. We admit our failure for our family. We are losers because we cry inside faking a smile to cheer our family. We can't even cry out because we don't have a big mansion like you nah our family will get affected. I let you go easily because I realised I don't worth you. Standing in a pit I laid a ladder to touch the sky, how amateur I was? Only in stories, a princess marries a soldier. In reality, every princess will marry a prince. I had zero anger toward you, but I can't let you go because of the things you did with Nandini. I hate you for that, my hate is in-depth I don't want to show it." Sam whimpered with a smile.

"If it's amateur love, why you didn't move on?" Lily asked breaking her silence. Sam gasped hearing such unexpected questions from her.

"My wounded heart is still raw so!" Sam muttered before walking out of the room.

After that Lily didn't utter a word either to Sam they are silent yet they are understanding each other. She never cried even in pain because she found that he will treat her like a princess.

One week later,

Nandini was doing pretty well and so Manik decided to pay a visit to Sam.

Manik was so surprised and angry seeing her sitting on the couch in the living room watching tv and Sam was in the kitchen.

"Sam!" Manik shouted in rage. Lily jumped in fear seeing Manik. Sam came running out hearing him.

Manik was about to drag her hair when Lily slipped out while running to Sam dragging her knee. She has hidden behind Sam holding his shirt scared.

"What the hell you're doing? Are you out of your mind!" Manik shouted stepping on to drag Lily.

"Bro, wait...please" Sam stopped Manik.

"Wilson, get her" Manik shouted at Wilson, who strolled towards them. Lily cried out scared of Wilson.

"Pleaseeee.. Sam...I won't gooo please" Lily cried hugging him from back as Wilson held her hair harshly hurting her scalp, but she didn't leave Sam.

"Manik just stop this orelse" Sam yelled pushing Wilson, but he didn't move an inch. Sam punched on his wrist and took lily in his embrace. She cried out in so much pain as her scalp was bleeding.

"Orelse" Manik growled frustrated.

"I helped you a lot of times. Don't you think you should help me once? You always asked what I want, today I'm asking my wish. I want Lily, Only I should hurt her! Tell your man to back off" Sam screeched securing his love from Wilson.

"No, ask something else. Anything but not this" Manik argued clapping his head frustrated.

"I want this, will you turn down your promise?" Sam implored. Manik has broken the vase in anger.

"Please, Manik" Sam requested.

"Stay out, Wil" Manik murmured collapsing on the couch.

"Go inside" Sam whispered to Lily.

Lily just looked into his eyes crying.

"Just go and lock your door," Sam said his serious tone wiping her tears. Manik just fisted his hand holding his anger as lily walked to the room beside the staircase.

"I understand you are upset with my concern for Lily, but just listen to me once" Sam mumbled sitting beside him holding his fisted hand.

"What the fuck you will tell me!! It's damn betrayal again. You did the thing same like Rick. I trusted you, but even you took the side of that evil lady. If Nandini was your real sister then you used to let it go like this!!" Manik cried in anger. His anger came out as tears because of his helplessness.

"I treat her equal to Riya and you know it" Sam implored.

"Then why you are saving her"

"Just for Nandini."


"My sister Nandini never wanted revenge. She always loved everyone might be you forgot, but she never had any arge with lily. Can you answer Nandini ever if she asks why you did all this with Lily? Will she be happy knowing this! Love is not about revenge it's about forgiving. Nandini will be happy seeing you happy. She hates your anger. You broken Lily enough, she don't have any courage to step out of this place or atleast face the world again. You've seen how much she is scared of you. She is looking fine but you made her feel the mental pain and she is feeling guilty. Can't you forgive her one last time?"

"She tried to kill her... At that phase of Labor pain, she provoked my Nandini to commit suicide. She don't deserve forgiveness"

"Just like Nandini, Lily to had mental health issues, anger issues. She is sorry for the past but doing this all reduces your worth. Nandini don't like her Man to do all this"

"Are you loving her still?" Manik asked suspiciously. Sam remained silent unable to answer.

"Sam, you remembered right how worst this girl played with you. If you want I will stop my revenge, but please don't love her. It just gives you pain. Sasha loves you so much don't make a wrong choice" Manik remainder. Sam got up from the couch and turned away in silence.

"Sam!" Manik mumbled placing his hand on Sam's shoulder and turning to face him. He was surprised to see Sam crying for the first time after years.

"Bro," Manik whispered hugging him.

"My love always gives pain. Just pain! I know I'm loving the wrong person, but I don't know how to let it all go. While you're breaking her I'm feeling much pain. I don't know why I loved her, but loving someone who is not mine is hell. I'm feeling like dying!" Sam cried his heart outpouring his pain. Manik just remembered Nandini who cried in his past.

“In our 7 months of relation, did you at least once felt loving me? At least one second! Why do you hate me so much, Manik! Tell me! Tell me when your hate for me will go. Every second with you is like dying. Once I was happy to give myself to you but now every time, you’re touching me it’s burning. The feeling that you never loved me is burning my heart! I’m dying, Manik!” Nandini's words echoed in his mind remaining him his past deeds towards his love. He did the same thing that Lily did to Sam.

"When our love can't be returned it's better to choose the one who is loving us. Atleast they will be happy, try to understand Sasha, she is madly loving you" Manik whispered hiding his tears.

"I can't cheat on her Manik"


"Yeah, having someone in heart while living with another is also cheating. Before giving place in life one should give heart, but I can't. I lost my heart long ago. I don't want this. I will leave Manik. I will go away again and this time I will never return. I want to erase my past it's ripping me. I just request you give her a chance to Lily she will change for good. Forgiveness makes you a great man and Nandini will be happy." Sam whispered wiping his tears cheering him.

"If she doesn't change?"

"I will kill her myself atleast then I can forgive myself for loving her" Sam assured with a smile hiding his pain.

"You keep her on observation. I will let her free only if my Nandini returns to me with all smiles. If anything happens to her. I will make sure to whip her until she dies" Manik warned one last time before vacating the house glaring at Sam.

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