Saucy Revenge

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5- Failed Attempt

Manik pov,

I was rude and dominating but I don't have anything else to control her. My softness never makes her stay with me. In fact, I lost her being too good in love. I consider this as my last chance to win my love.

Locked the door inside I stepped in to check on her. My eyes fell on the clothes folded on the bed. I took the dress and placed it safe in my wardrobe top shelf which is unreachable for her height and closed the door.

"Wifey!" I called out searching for her in the bathroom and walked to the poolside.

Surprisingly, she is sitting on the pool chair having chips in a swimsuit.

I let a chuckle happily settling beside her.

"I thought you are crying, but happy you understood the situation well" I smiled kissing her neck.

"I'm not a loser to cry and trust me you will pay back soon" she snapped throwing the chips can on me.

"Death would be far better than leaving you" I whispered.

"Mutual but death will be better than living with you" she snapped in anger breaking my heart.

"Why do you hate me so much?" I mumbled.

"Not again. Just tell me what more you want from me? When will you leave me? And when our relationship is past why do you want to disturb my life telling my colleagues?" She growled in anger.

"It's my life, can't you see my love. You loved me when everyone left me, but today I stood successful all because of you, but you left me. Please don't do this with me. Atleast tell me why?" I cried.

"Hush, you made

I jumped in the ocean frustrated making her yelp in surprise.

"Can't you go like human!" She growled.

"You're saying like your behaving like human! Looking like Ostrich!" I snapped swimming in.

"Hey, don't go north way" she yelled standing on the wooden ladder.

"Don't need to show fake consent" I shouted back diving to the north.

"Hey! You got a call!" She shouted.

"Cut it" I growled. I'm sure it might be a lie.

"It's true, Maya is calling maybe emergency" she added. Maybe, It's been so long there is no offence is being a fool again. I climbed the stairs and sat inside the pool.

"Turn on the speaker " I demanded.

She attended the call and placed it on the floor turning on the speaker.

"Hey, Sister. How are you doing?" I asked with a chuckle glaring at my wife?

"I'm fine, sounding so happy brother" Maya laughed teasing.

"Yeah Afterall, I was in love in this place and people" I smiled looking at Nandini who is ready to hit me if I tell truth.

"Bro, I think air disturbance is too much maybe on speaker please turn it off" Maya suggested.

"Ok, I will call you right back"

I signed her to forward the phone to my hand. She walked up, to give me my phone taking the chance I wiped my hand on her bikini squeezing her butts.

"What the hell?" She growled moving away.

"I was just drying my hand" I smiled.

"But your phone is waterproof?" She snarled.

"I forgot" I laughed talking my phone only after spanking her once. I dialled Maya and her first sentence shocked me.

"How is the gift I gave you?"

"What gift?" I asked confused a little to get confirmation. She is the one who planned this meeting and in fact, she have to lead it but at the last minute, she added me suddenly and pushed me here. Is this intentional?

"The person with you is my gift, bro. There are lot more things you have to know and I will tell you when you are alone. This was your one last golden chance. Along with me, this nature to gave to a chance. Use it wise and return back with my sweet sister in law. I want to be happy with her forever like before. I hope you get it and now change that face. She might get doubt" Maya chuckled getting me back to reality.

"Means you know...."

"Cut it, we can talk it private." She said but my curiosity is another level.

"I want to know it" I asked in serious tone. When I'm searching like rouge she easily found this? This means she is involved in her disappearance and helped her in running away.

"Shut up, I told you call me when you're free and private. Now go and have a sweet conversation with your wife." She snapped hanging up the call.

I rolled my eyes at her to check her reaction. She looked neutral, but her mind was working on something fishy.

Nandini pov,

I don't know what more he planned for me better I should plan something to get out of this. He will not hate more nor I can hate him.

Just now he spoke with Maya. Thanks God he didn't told anything to her. My arguments are just freaking him. It's better I deal softly.

"Standing my place I walked to the bed to rest. He followed me faster to spy on my way.

"This resort is my place. I just need some good rest. Good night!" I said pulling on the quilt. I heard footsteps moving away from me. Opening my eyes, I seen him walking to the changing room.

He returned after a while and slept beside me while cuddling me. I just waited for a while letting him sleep. When he was is deep sleep. I got out of the bed and with the help of bar stool. I took my clothes and changed quick and snatching his key car and rushed out locking the door.

I left to the administrative block and called Aman.

"Mam, are you alright?" Aman asked worried.

"Yeah, I need your help" I asked.

"What, I can't handle your husband. He may kill me" Aman cried.

"Hush! Not it. I want to go from here. You told me you had a friend in paradise resorts. Is he working still?" I asked him..

"Yeah, why?"

"I want to leave this place. Please! Do this one help. He will never know it. I locked him in his villa." I assured.

"Ok, Mam. Take the boat and I will inform him. He can arrange your stay." Aman informed.

Packing my bag I left to Paradise Island and as Aman said, his friend Erik invited me and he arranged my stay. Finally, I was free from this hell.

I got fresh and had my dinner viewing the beautiful ocean blue under the charming Moon.

Suddenly my eyes fell on the person standing in front of me. "Manik" I uttered one last word because he reached me up with long two steps. Fear sealed my lips.

Before I speak up something he dragged me to my room and locked the door with a thud.

I gasped as he pinned me to the wall with a force.

"I told you not to run again, but you!!" He shouted pressing his hard firm on me. I yelped in pain out of his rude tone.

"You took me for granted right? My dad always scolded me that I made you dance on my head so you ditched me, I never believed, but today I realised my mistake and from today you will be in my control." He roared in anger.

"M... Manikkkk" I shivered.

"Why you did this?" He shouted aloud.

"Stop it!" I screamed pushing him away.

"Not today!" He screamed gripping my hair. It's hurting, I screamed in too much pain as he pushed me on the bed like a pillow.

I crawled away scared, but things getting too much I don't want him to regret later. He lost his sense in anger.

He reached the bed and pulled me down holding my ankle. Before he do anything I kissed his lips wrapping my hands around his neck. At first he didn't respond nor react, but soon he kissed me back pouring out his anger biting my lips till they bleed. Although I tried to match his pace, but couldn't. He kissed me furiously crushing me under him squeezing my waist.

He broken the kiss after a long gap. I panted hard to caught some air. He ruffled his hair taking a deep breath looking at me. Thank God! He turned calm.

"How many times you will cheat me? Like a good girl you made me sleep and left me for the second time. How you're getting such curl thoughts? Do you atleast know how much I was worried about you!" He cried like a baby with tears. His tears are burning my heart like acid.

I was helpless and cursed at my place. I was running away to give him best life, but he is right beside every time. I don't even know where to go now?

"Why you're doing this?" He whimpered in his broken tone.

"Because, I love you and I love myself too. If I stay with you, I will lose myself. I don't want it to repeat. Please, I beg you divorce me!" I mumbled with my tears.

"I changed for you and I can leave myself for you. Please don't do this! I was tired of chasing you." He cried.

"I don't want it. If you really love me can't you let me go for my happiness?" I shot frustrated by his silly behaviour. Why cant he let me alone?

He got up with sudden and raised his hand to hit me, but he held a his hand away.

"You will not leave me. If you want divorce, I should feel it. I should decide when you should leave. If you again dare to leave me, I will tie you up to this bed and take out my anger. Remember, I know better ways to control my wife. Don't make me do it!" He snarled tabbing my cheek. I just looked on not daring to talk back.

"How you know that I was here?" I asked curiously.

"Your assist told me"

"He won't tell any. He promised me" I grumbled confidently.

"Yeah, he didn't said easily. It costed his nose"

"You assaulted him" I shouted in anger.

"Yeah, so what! It's all your fault." He yelled back standing in front of me.

"He just helped me. You such a beast! How can you hurt a innocent" I scolded hitting on his chest. He grabbed my hands and twisted them to my back making me crush on his hard toned chest.

"Yeah, he is innocent and you're the criminal. So you deserve a good punishment for the crime." He laughed. It's a evil smile. He held my both hands in his left hand and got back his right palm dancing on my neck. His thumb caressed my lower lip and travelled down with a smirk holding my top.

"Don't ripe it please" I begged in my shaking tone.

"But my hands are itching to do it" He chuckled breathing my fragrance.

"Please" I whispered holding my breath. His hands moved to my curves and he softly caressed it over my top.

"Ok, but I get something too" he whispered in a husky tone before fisting it in him palm like a stress ball.

"Ahh, M..Manikk" I screamed by his abrupt action. "It's not much satisfying" he groaned taking his hand to the next level lifting my skirt.

"No" I screamed as he slapped me down.

"It's not audible!" He whacked thrice making me scream louder, but he was not much happy yet! With a jerk he ripped out my inner and forced my legs to spread.

"It's hurting!" I yelped. He ignoring my request and pushed in his finger deep inside me. I screamed aloud.

"Well, once more!" He laughed adding a finger.

"Noooo! Ahh!" He penetrated deep caressing my spot. I was trembling to hold that position he thrusted his finger deeper and I climaxed on his fingers.

My body fell on him being exhausted, but his finger was still moving inside me.

"M.. Manikkk" I cried in pleasure.

"How many time you ditched me? You deserve to get much more and remember this was my last warning and if you disobey again. I will just rip you apart."

He left my hands making me collapse on the floor shivering for the recent wash out.

"Now order me some food. I was hungry" he snapped leaving me on ground stepping away.

I felt myself used by his rude behaviour. I can't just let him use me in this way. I should leave him at any cost. I ordered him food.

He had dinner, taking the chance I mixed sleeping pill in his custard and he had it blindly.

I waited for a hour till it works and soon he fell asleep. Thanks, God! It's my time to run away but where should I go in this lockdown time?

First I should leave this place. I took my handbag along with my passport and cash equivalents and ran out of the room colliding with someone.

The person in front of me frozen my world. There was the man whom I hate throughout my life.

"Finally, I met my Prey" he laughed stepping towards me.

A/n- Mystery starts from today... Happy New Year 🥂🥂👻cheer your life making lots of memories.
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