Saucy Revenge

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50- Happy

As Manik left Sam turned out but was shocked to see Lily standing there. Looking at her teary face he understood the fact that she heard everything.

"I said you to leave" Sam said in a serious tone. Lily just walked away not telling anything.


Manik reached the hospital in the same upset mood, but he cheered up by seeing his baby playing with his mom giggling.

"Hey, my boy" Manik chuckled that Mayan giggled seeing his dad.

"Where you went?" Nandini asked gesturing her hands.

"I was with Sam. How are you feeling now?" As he was talking, Doctor Sasha walked in with a smile.

"Any good news" Manik chuckled looking at her happy face.

"Yep, her condition is stable you can take her home. I will visit home once in three days and we can remove her surgical pins after a week. Happy Nandini?" Sasha asked looking at her. Nandini tilted her head in joy.

"Try to tell in words" Sasha insisted, but nothing came out of her throat.

"It's ok, keep trying" Sasha supported. Manik just smiled assuring his love it's ok.

Completing the formalities they went home with all joy.

Two months later,

Lily didn't utter a word after the day she overheard Manik and Sam's conversation neither sam try any.

Things turned normal and Nandini started doing well along with the baby. Manik decided to let Lily free as Sam wanted. He informed Sam to drop Lily at home and already Manik withdrawn his police complaint.

"Get ready, I will drop you home" Sam said walking into her room. She just looked blank.

"I said a good news for you, Lily" Sam uttered glancing at her emotionless face.

"My biggest mistake is rejecting you. Why you didn't slap me that time and tell me that I'm doing wrong. If I had loved you I may never look at Manik or destroyed his life. I'm so sorry sam. I never see your love. You are loving me so much even after all my unforgivable mistakes. But I don't deserve it. I don't deserve any forgiveness. I deserve all this" Lily cried with regret.

"We just want you to know your mistakes and it's done. We don't have any anger on you"

"I love you, Sam. Will you marry me?" Lily asked straight looking into how eyes. He stumbled second to confirm the thing he heard from her.

"Will you marry me?" Lily asked again.

"We are not meant to be together. I don't suit you" Sam said softly.

"Because I got raped so?" Lily murmured in tears.

"Wilson didn't do anything with you! It's just a plan to make you feel it" Sam spelt out the truth.


"The drug is to make you unconscious and I was the one who undressed you. Manik just wanted to hurt you but making you feel it. The bruises on your are out of dragging you. If you change for good we will let you go and now we trust you"

"Nandini? Is she fine!" Lily asked in her shaking tone.

"Some far, she lost her voice. We just hope she gets well soon."

"Her baby?"

"He is pretty well than his mom" Sam smiled. She changed into a new outfit and Sam drove her home.

Outside Lily's Mansion,

Lily was lost in thoughts, she didn't even realise it. Sam opened the door.

"Tell Manik and Nandini that I'm sorry" lily whispered in guilt and turned on walking away.

"Where are you going, no atleast bye?" Sam asked looking at Lily who is walking off.

"It's time to sleep for me." She whispered making him confused a little. He just nodded she ran back to him and hugged him in tears.

"I'm sorry for ruining your future. Manik is right Sasha deserves you. If I ever get a life again I wish to win your love. Sorry!" Lily cried hugging him tightly. He stood neutral in surprise.

She has broken the hug and ran inside her home as Sam drove off.

On other hand, Manik planned to get her voice back by accident. He poured some oil on the stairs to make it live and fell off the stairs.

"Manikkk" Nandini screamed aloud seeing him falling. Manik was overwhelmed hearing his name from her for the first time after three months.

"Manikkk! Can't you see and walk, look your bleeding" Nandini scolded as he slipped down the staircase his forehead is bleeding a little but a cut.

"How can I see something else when my beautiful wife is beside" Manik chuckled.

"Don't flirt now I already fell for you long ago" she scolded helping him to get up.

"Someone get the first aid box" Nandini yelled. Johnson walked out of his room for the first time after three months just hearing Nandini's tone. Manik didn't believed when his mom told him, but looking at him he felt it was true. His hair was dry white messy with full of breed on his chin grown grey with a little black hair, dressed. His dad smiled looking at Nandini who is busy scolding Manik for being careless. But soon his eyes fell on Manik who is looking at him. Making his way he returned to his room.
Mrs Johnson helped them with first aid.

"Baby your talking" Manik smiled.

"If not me who is scolding, useless" she scolded. She has bitten her tongue in joy realizing the fact that her voice is back.

"Manik!" She murmured to hearing out herself.

"Mayan" She jumped in joy overhearing her voice and hugged Manik happy.

"My lioness is back" Manik screamed so happily taking her over him.

"I love you, hubby" Nandini smiled kissing his cheeks.

"Loving you too, wifey"

"I'm so happy, we had our family" Manik smiled swinging Mayan's cradle. Nandini smiled resting her head on his shoulder.

His happiness was disturbed by a phone call from Sam. He moved aside picking up the call as Nandini is breastfeeding Mayan.

"Hey buddy, want to hear your sister" Manik chuckled in joy.

"L...lilyyy?" Sam cried

"Lily? what she did?"

"She committed suicide"

"What!! But you told she knows everything?"

"Oh man it's just drama I told you drop her home"

"It's not, I dropped her morning itself. I just got the call from her maid that she had cut her both wrists and lying inside her bathtub. I'm just getting her to hospital please come" Sam cried hanging up the call.

"What happened?" Nandini asked confused.

"Something important, you rest I should leave" Manik said rushing to the hospital.

"Sasha.." Sam called out holding her hand as she walked out ignoring him.

"How is she?" Manik asked.

"She will not live, Manik. I'm sorry, she decided to die. We treated her and she got a little consciousness but she pulled away the oxygen tube. She is bleeding again. If this happens she may live an hour or less. Already her blood flowed out and her heartbeat is falling. Tell your friend to convince her orelse just watch her dying. Neither way I had no deal."

Sam ran to the ICU and was shocked to see her tied to the bed with a tap from moving up and lily is struggling to get free

"What are you doing Lily?"

"Let me die, Sam. Please, I c...can't live, please let me die."

"But why, you have a bright future Lily none knows about anything. You can have a new life. Don't be a coward." Sam motivated her.

"I don't deserve any future. You all have a big heart so you all forgive me, but I can't forgive myself. I don't deserve to live."

Soon Manik walked inside. Lily turned away her face not able to face him.

"What's your problem, Lily?" Manik asked standing beside them. Lily didn't utter a word. She just sobbed.

"You wanted to take revenge on me still?" Manik asked with a grin for which Lily glared at him in more tears. Her banded wrists are oozing blood turning it red.

"I done Lily. I wanted to kill you for all the mess you did with my wife, but I let you go just for one reason.." His words are interpreted by a voice.

"That's my Nandini," Nandini said walking inside. Manik and Sam gulped seeing her.

", it's just we" Manik tried to block her way from seeing Lily, but Nandini softly pushed him side and sat on the stool beside softly holding her tummy.

"Don't panic hubby, you will get bp. I'm happy" Nandini smiled assuring him as Lily looked with tears.

"What you are doing here?"

"Just came to spy you on my husband. How can I trust a devil, baby? I know the range of your anger and I added my bro as my agent" Nandinj smiled, Manik glared at Sam in anger.

"Please get out all of you" Nandini said to them. Manik once again checked on Lily tied perfect and walked out dragging Sam in anger.

"Just give me five minutes, after that if you still feel to die. I will cut these plasters you can die happily ok?" Nandini smiled softly taking Lily's hair that covered her eyes.

"I'm sorry" Lily cried in guilt remembering all the things she did with her.

"No, you're not sorry. If you are really sorry why not you show us living. Dying is easy, but living is difficult. Accepting our flaws is difficult. If someone is really guilty they should correct their mistakes. They should prove to this world that they changed. I don't have any anger or fear toward you. In fact, I admire you, Lily. The stubbornness your showing on silly things should be shown to gain useful things. If you didn't don't matter us, but for your dad? Do he have any another human in his life? Have you thought about him atleast once? At the time of happy retirement, do you want to push him into pain by losing his only child? Sam will be guilty by thinking his rejection killed you and my brainless husband. You know he will think too much about everything. You have two options Lily one is to accept your mistake and rectify them. Although it's hard you have to try your best to get your love with love. It's hard to get true love and the next option is death. You are free to die, but with this decision entire world will look at you like a loser and blame your dad also. Children may not get fame to their parents, but no child should bring insults and humiliation. We all are here to support you, but ultimate you choose. Everything can be won by love and trust me everything returns just like now im getting so much love from Manik, uncle aunty, and Maya. Even you will get a family like mine. It's all about your heart Lily" Nandini smiled softly touching her plam.

"How can you be so selfless? It's disturbing me a lot" Lily cried like a baby.

"Acha, you changed so I'm giving a lecture now. If you haven't changed and still behind my hubby that I used to..." She paused looking at Lily who is so waiting to let her complete.

"Used to?"

"Pluck those eyes of yours and place them in your hands. It's ok, you look beautiful with eyes." Nandini smiled pulling her cheeks. Lily smiled for the first time seeing her affection.

Nandini called the nurse to free her, but Lily didn't struggle this time. Riya came in and did her treatment. Manik and Sam exchanged their looks in disbelief seeing Lily.

When Sam is looking at Lily Manik was lost having glimpse of his wife's breast from her casual loose outfit as she bent a little forward to help Lily to hold her pain.

His glance was followed by Sasha from behind.

"Ahem..." Sasha coughed getting him back to earth.

"Hmm... Nothing... Can I go" Manik sputtered.

"You remembered you just had a son of three months old?" Sasha remained him.

"After all you helped me in telling positions to win it" Manik giggled with a grin. Sam looked at Sasha in horror.

"I'm a gynaecologist" she remained them that sam gulped in staring at her.

"Ok, first tell me. When she will be ready for me?" Manik asked excited.

"You're just asking this, like seriously she just crossed a life threat and you wanted sex." Sasha scoffed.

"Yep of course, now it's over and also I'm so happy she don't need to go through this hell anymore. Tell Nah, I'm starving." Manik pouted.

"For what you're starving hubby. I will tell hubby, come" Nandini chuckled hearing the half conversation. Manik bite his tongue in fear of getting caught.

"Wait, even she accepts anything! No for six more months!" Sasha yelled.

"Hey, no... Such a bad doctor you are. I think I should replace my doctor." Manik chuckled out.

"Good, then shall I tell you what you're looking at a few minutes ago. Nandini, he is "

"Hey, Sasha I'm just kidding... Six months it's ok dear. You help Riya goo sister. Why ruining my peace here...go" Manik whispered pushing her away and took Nandini in his arms and carrying her out. Nandini just laughed at him wrapping her hands around his neck.

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