Saucy Revenge

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Manik started holding in his urge and made himself busy in his business and his bundle of happiness his happy family.

His house turned like heaven seeing his son giggling paying with his cute nephew Zane. But his sexual frustration was at peak.

Nandini was observing him from a long time and she can guess everything inside his mind yet she maintained the distance to know his patience levels. Her health was full-on fine as her life was so happy.


Manik was working on his laptop preparing his new presentation and Nandini was breastfeeding Mayan. He fell asleep after filling his little tummy. Manik was exchanging his looks exploring her milky assets a little.

"Manik" she whispered looking at his eyes which are fixed on her opened nuzzle. He turned away his eyes embarrassed of getting caught.

"Can you just put him in the cradle" Nandini whispered with a soft smile. Manik got up and softly took the sleeping Mayan and placed him in his cradle putting a sheet on him. The cradle sides are safely padded.

"You too sleep darling, I will sleep later" he said pulling on the quilt.

"Wait I had something to show you"

"What is everything alright?" Manik asked worried as she unbuttoned her nighty.

"Shuu.. Don't shout just see" she whispered pulling off it completely.

He was so surprised to see her lying in her birth suit. He looked at the stitch marks of her past surgery.

"Is it paining any?" He asked in concern softly tracing her belly bottom.

"No, check yourself anything wrong with my body or did I get more fat?" She asked surprising him.

"What you are telling?" Manik asked holding his head.

"Did you get bored of me?" Nandini faked anger.


"Oh, I think you had illicit affair with someone else, how bad you are!" Nandini sobbed.

"Hey, I don't have chance to love you only your talking about another. What happened to you? Are you pregnant again or what, why this mood swings again?" Manik cried scared.

"So now you're blaming me that I had affair!"

"Oh hello, when did I say that?" He scoffed in anger.

"Just now, your away from me and asking if I got pregnant" she cried like a baby.

"I was just kidding" he whispered taking her in his embrace sitting on the bed beside her.

"No, you not" she scowled hitting him.

"Ahh... Hit slowly our baby will wake up" manik smiled.

"You're so bad"

"Ok, im bad. Tell something new"

"I hate you" she scolded with a pout.


"Because you're avoiding me so much."

"When did I avoided you?" He asked lifting her chin to face him.

"Just now, I looked at you and you just turned away."

"It's just"

"I know you're bored of me. My stupidity, I thought if lily gets settled I can have you for myself, but no! Your bad"

"Are you seriously doubting me?"

"Yeah, of course. I know you well that you cannot stay that long without touching me, but now it's 7 months your still?"

"I'm giving time for your recovery"

"I'm fine, now love me" she pouted surprising him.


"Look, I'm begging you. You're just useless... Get out!" She scolded pushing him out of the bed, as a result, he fell on the floor hurting his butt.

She smacked the nighty on his face and lay on the bed covering her naked frame with a tiny sheet.

Sitting on the floor holding her dress he proceeds all the words spoken by her. That blew his mind rosing his dirty desire back in his life.

"You useless fellow, she gave perfect chance and you ruined her mood" he scolded himself. She just waited for his moves.

He once again walked to the door and checked the lock and switched off his lights and got on the bed beside her in just his boxer.

Without uttering a word he entire her tiny sheet and cuddled her.

"I love you so much" he whispered softly kissing her neck. She didn't utter a word just enjoyed his lovely touch. He turned her on her back and softly kissed her lips. And moved on to her milky assets. He explored her valley tasting her milk.

"Umm" she moaned fisting his hair as he sucked on harder until they are empty for the night.

Taking things softly his hands drove to her wetness softly kissing her waist along the long mark.

"You can stop me any second" he whispered one last time moving to her ear.

"Then don't stop until I tell you" she whispered pecking his lips.

He took her lips in a tight passionate kiss and crawled down pulling away the sheet.

Poking in his nose on her wet folds extracting her fragrance.

"Hmm, you shouldn't tease me like this" she gushed in pleasure arching her back. He ignored her worded and softly lapped his tongue on her knot tasting out her alternatively pleasuring her while taking her to the edges.

"Ahh... You.." She couldn't hold the pleasure and came into his mouth. He closed her mouth with his plam preventing her scream from reaching his sleeping son. Once she is softened, he pushed in his thick finger kissing her lips simultaneously preventing her moans from reaching out.

"You're tight even after normal delivery" he asked surprised adding another finger.

"Umm" she has bitten his lip harshly to hold her screams as the pleasure washed out once more.

"It's not that easy to fulfil my thirst for you." He smiled softly wiping off her mess and changing the sheet he lied beside taking her in his embrace.

"Sweetheart, you should eat more. Look how much you're panting for this " he chuckled teasing her.

"It's just lack of practice. I did everything to prevent myself from changing shape and still your so away. I felt bad" she pouted.

"Acha... Then if you get old then"

"Will you stop loving me then" she pouted like a kid making him laugh.

"Baby, I love your flawless heart not this looks. There are millions of sexy girls, but very few good-hearted girls. Appearance will be vanished by age, but true love prospers forever. You don't know how hard I was holding in my desire to take you. I want to hold you tight forever in this way. Let our Mayan grow five or six then you see how restless you get daily in my passion."

"Shameless. We are parents now don't spoil our kid like you. Anyways, won't you forgive your dad and talk to him?" She asked between her words that he got up away from her marching out of the bedroom to the balcony.

She followed him back putting on her nighty.

"He is in a pool of guilt. He regrets everything he did and I feel you should talk to him."

"He tried to kill you and our baby"

"But he is loving our Mayan now." She said confidently.

"How can you tell it?"

"I left Mayan alone with your father from past few days, when aunty is going out to pick Zane from school."

"What the hell you did!!" Manik shouted in anger shaking her.

"I was observing from my secret cam. He is loving our son truly. I have seen him so happy playing with him. He deserves a chance Manik"

"Why were you born so stupid? Can't you think about some revenge?" He scoffed pushing away her hand from him.

"I'm not cruel like you" she mocked hitting him.

"I'm cruel? You silly girl just left me for your silly reasons"

"So what... Even you came like a physico lover and fucked the hell out of me. How worst you made me? I couldn't walk well for days. You took all your anger in that lockdown fully. Ghost, vampire" she scolded pinching him.

"You deserved every bit of it"

"Then even you deserve that separation of two years. Tit for tat!" She yelled out freaking him up.

"Don't you dare remain me about that mess you made? Im getting angry" he warned one last time, but she is too lost in her argument.

"So what, everyone do mistakes and even you did many. I have forgiven you also, but can't you be good to your dad. He loves....." Before she complete the sentence he pulled her on him.

He instantly Pulled off his boxer and thrust into her wetness lifting her knee on his elbow.

"Manikkkk!" She screamed out of her lungs with his unexpected intercore.

"Sorry" he giggled with no regrets pulling out himself a little.

"Your not sorry" she scolded slapping his shoulder in anger.

"Yeah, I'm not..." He chuckled pushing himself deeper making her scream much louder.

"Heyyyy, pleaseeee slow a little let me atleast breathe onceee... It will hurt... Pleaseee" she utmost cried digging her nails in his shoulders.

"Will you ever take his side then?" He sneered with rough thrusts.

"Noo, just be gentle. We are in balcony. Someone will hear us" she cried in pleasure.

"Keep your goodness inside. If I again find you giving me lecture for stupid persons. I will make sure you forget everyone in this world except me and my son. Remember!" He warned in a serious tone, but she was too lost in his pleasure that nothing got inside her mind.

Looking her lost he pulled out and thurted again with great force that she jolted scratching his back.

"Did you got it?" He asked again.

"Ahh... Yes ss...i...wanttt.."

"Hold yourself I want it together. After all, it's our first session after getting our Mayan."

"Just do it fast" she yelled kissing his lips to hold her moans as he moved faster and the pleasure washed them out drenching them in their love.

"Hubbyy" she whispered panting on him.

"Yeah, wifey"

"I love you so much"

"Then wrap your legs around me" he giggled helping her another leg to be wrapped around him, as he carried her inside.

Once they fell on the bed he ripped off her nighy and about to squeeze her milk. When suddenly his infant son started crying waking up from his sleep.

Manik got scared seeing him crying all of sudden. He pulled out of her unknowing making her shout by the unusual pain.

"Ohhh, I'm so sorry. Love" He whispered scolding himself for hurting her.

"It's ok, don't worry. It's common, look at the clock... He is hungry" Nandini smiled wiping off his guilt.

"Time table for him also" he uttered in disbelief.

"Stupid, do he have big hands and teeth like you to have food his own. He gets hungry as he consumes less. Just go and get him" she scolded. He went to the cradle and took his little Mayan in his arms and placed her beside Nandini.

Mayan instantly stopped crying having his share of milk. Manik looked at them thinking out something. Suddenly he went to nandini and squeezed out her breast which was breastfeeding his son.

Nandini screamed as it caused her immense pain as her glands are sore and sensitive. She pulled away from her baby's mouth from choking up with a mouth full of milk.

Manik got scared as nandini hurriedly rubbing Mayan to let the milk flow down his throat safely.

She took a deep breath of relief as her baby gulped in milk.

"Sorry, I was just helping him" Manik mumbled with guilt.

"What help you're doing?" She scoffed in anger hitting him with the pillow.

"I'm just checking... Sorry" she glared in anger but he was checking her milk pots where drops of milk were dropping out.

"What you're watching! Shameless" she pulled up the blanket and started feeding her baby again.

"Nature baby" he giggled shamelessly.


"Nature is you and you are nature" he chuckled.

"Acha tell again.." She sneered.

"I mean nature is your mom, my mom every mother in this world is nature. Happy mother's day right!"

"Then go straight wish your mom happy mothers day then come to wish me " she smiled.

"Hey, she is Maya's mom, not mine. You might forget it darling" he reminded her once more.

"She may not gave you birth, but she gave you life and she deserves every right of your mother. She loved you more than her daughter. You tell me, did she ever treated you like a stepmother?"

"No, but... It's so awkward. I never do such things."

"I know, but... Her life is just very small. You, maya and uncle. She never even had any outings as we all went of aboard trips. She sacrificed all her happiness being a mother. She searched for her happiness in you both. It's your responsibility to give her happy life again. Free her from these responsibilities, declare her retirement too."

"Will she accept!" He asked doubtfully.

"She will if... Now sleep... I will tell screenplay morning"

"Not this side... Sleep beside Mayan. I don't want you to steal my baby food." She warned covering herself fully and slept. He slept pouting.


"You don't have office today?" Nandini asked dressing up Mayan.

"No, I just changed some plans" he uttered seeing him dressed in casual shorts and tee.

"What plans you had? First did you wished mom?"

"I will after breakfast"

"Ok then, take care of him. I will help mom in arranging breakfast" she said forwarding Mayan.

After a while, they all settled around the table to have their breakfast.

"Tell her" Nandini whispered in his ear.

"Will say when she is alone"

"Shut up and tell. It's just us" she scolded him which was observed by Mrs Johnson.

"Anything needed, manik? Didn't you like today's breakfast? Shall I cook something else" Mrs Johnson asked with love. Manik didn't utter a word thinking.

"No, he just wanted to tell you something" Nandini smiled signing Manik to tell, but he was too shy to express. She pinched his thigh getting him out.

"Happyyy happy mothers day, mom" he said rubbing his thigh under the table. His mom was so surprised to hear it.

"Thank you" she whispered holding her happy tears.

"And thanks to you. You loved me alot just like my real mom and loved me equal to your daughter. Thank you so much, mom." He confessed with love.

His mom softly patted his head with tears.

"Your the best mother" he smiled kissing her hand.

"You made me mother, manik. I still remembered the time when I married your dad. I walked in like a girl, but from the second I entered this house you made me your mother. Even before maya, always your my first child. My son!" Mrs Johnson whimpered with happy tears.

"See... My mom is crying all because of you" Manik pouted looking at Nandini.

"I'm not crying, these tears are out of happiness. I always have an insecurity that you never accepted me as your mother, but today you did. You don't know manik from how long I'm starving to hear this. You're my child. I may not gave you birth, but I love you like my son. My Manu" she smiled with happy tears hugging his head.

"Yes, I'm your Son. Won't you feed me then" Manik smiled wiping off her tears.

Johnson who looked at the scenario was happy and walked back to his room with tears which was observed by Nandini.

Nandini left to her room along with Mayan giving them mother and son time. She thought for a while to unite this father and son and create a happy family.

Nandini dialled Sam and informed him something.

"Thanks, love, she is so happy" Manik smiled in relief falling on the bed.

"Not so fully."

"What more" he pouted.

"You should get uncle out of this guilt. Forgive him and forget the past. Please"

"I can't talk to him."

"Ok, I thought if you made it we can have a session afternoon too. But it's ok as you are not interested. I will sleep" she uttered tying her hair in a bun. As she lifted her hands higher Manik got a glimpse of her navel. He just gulped in silently. She moved to another side and placed her sleeping baby in the cradle.

"We can do this way also" Manik grinned walking to her, before he wrap his hands around her waist, she kicked him back with her elbow.

"Too much happened Manik, now I won't let you touch me this way."

"What happened love, it's all about us" Manik tried to explain.

"No, it's just about you. Whatever he did is with me. Everyone do mistakes and he did and he was guilty about it. Can't you see his state is declining with every passing day? Whatever, Manik. He loved you. It's been almost seven months since he stepped out of this house. Did you atleast seen his face once in these seven months? You love me extreme no doubt about that, just like you can do anything for me your dad will also do anything for you. When your love is love his love is also love. Enough of punishing him Manik. I want a happy family. Our son wants his grandfather's love. Just give him one chance, just a chance" Nandini clarified to him with love.

"Ask him to talk to me, I didn't keep any limits " Manik spoke.

"Don't use your smart brain in front of me. Go straight, don't utter anything. Just go and ask him to join you for your salon visit. First change looks then go to a mall and shop some gift for mom." She explained her plan.

"Will he agree?"

"Did he ever said no to you?" She questioned back.


"Wait, why not we have a round and then this plan?" He smirked taking her in a hug.

"No, I have to help aunty and later your naughty son will wake up. You both go now, once you return I will definitely set your mood" she smiled pushing him out of the room.

He knocked at the door and was surprised to see his dad with full of grey hair, eyes were red swollen and like a complete old man. He just remembered his dad's past attire.

"Your mom is in the kitchen," Johnson said not meeting his eyes.

"I know, I came for you" Manik smiled.


"Are there any files I should sign?" He asked surprised.

"Yep, an important work. Just change this outfit, we have to leave now" he chuckled.

Johnson changed and both left for the salon.

"Work?" He asked surprised.

"Yes, after our makeover. Our Mayan didn't like your grown-up breed" manik chuckled settling on the chair beside his.

After a haircut and clean trimming, they went on shopping and Johnson selected a beautiful saree for his wife. Where us Manik brought a beautiful flower pot to gift his sweet wifey.

He halted the car infront of his mansion. Manik has broken the silence filling it with words. n

"I don't have any anger on you dad. Don't live in guilt. Nandini likes you so much and we all want you to start your second yearnings. Start enjoying your life with mom. Both go on trips around and spend quality time with her and your grandchildren. Gift this saree to mom. We will live together forever happily" Manik smiled holding his hand.

"I'm so sorry my son" Johnson cried in guilty.

"I'm your son, dad. We all love you so much that's the reason we got hurt. My dad should always be top, not this loser types. We are happy that you accepted our love." Manik smiled.

As they both entered Manik saw Nandini who was sitting in the living room playing with her little boy on the cradle. He just remembered his wife's offer after the reunion.

"Dad! Will you do me a help? Please " he begged like an excited kid.

"Yes, tell me"

"I heard that you are good at taking care of Mayan. I just have some work with Nandini. Can you guard him for a while?"

"Sure, but do your work closing the door, not in the balcony" his dad chuckled.

"Means you"

"Your mom also... We just heard not seen. Go... Spend some time with her. I will take care of my grandson" Johnson cheered.

"Thanks, dad and Maya will return tomorrow. Maya will take rest and Nandini will join the office from next month. Is this ok?"

"But Mayan is too young still?" Nandini asked hearing it.

"We can take him too. It's our private chamber... I will make arrangements. I'm sorry wifey I badly need your help"


"Now!!" Manik added with a grin. She sighed him not now.

"He just needed some file editing, you can help him. I will play with Mayan and soon my wife will return from playschool taking Zane." Johnson assured.

Manik took her happily, pinning her to the wall he kissed her furiously.

"You get so excited even after four years of marriage." She scoffed playfully hitting him.

"Of course, I had Saucy wife to take my sexy revenge. Love you so much wifey, happy?" He asked placing her on the bed.

"Very happy, my hubby" she giggled pulling him into a deep kiss of love while exploring each other.

Few months later,

Maya and Jack were blessed with a baby girl named as Zara and doctor Sasha married to her co doctor who is her one side lover since her college.

Sam proposed to Lily and soon they are going to get married.

Manik and Nandini are happy in love and blessed with a happy family. His parents are enjoying their retirement while travelling around and spending with their grandchildren.

And the story ends on a happy note celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Johnson.

Screen frozen of the family selfie with loads of smiles.

The end

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